Bolle Tempest Sunglasses Lenses - Modulator Brown Emerald

Bolle Tempest Sunglasses Lenses

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  • Lenses Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings
  • Compatibility Replacement lenses fit the Bolle Tempest and Bolt frames
  • Accessories Includes microfibre lens pouch for cleaning and storage

Our View

Maximise the potential of your Bolle Tempest sunglasses and stay on top of the weather by picking up one of these replacement lenses. Available in a variety of tints and finishes.

Bolle Prescription Lenses - Modulator Brown Emerald
Modulator Brown Emerald
A photochromic, green-mirrored lens adjusting its tint based on natutral light levels. Changes from amber in low light to dark brown in bright light.
Low: 27%High: 9%
Very Bright Light

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