Dragon DX3 OTG Ski Goggles - Blueberry / Lumalens Blue Ion

Dragon DX3 OTG Ski Goggles

SKU: 40494-420

RRP: £55.00


  • Large, cylindrical lens design capable of housing eyeglasses
  • Lumalens colour optimized lens line-up for excellent vision
  • Super Anti Fog Coating: 200% stronger than the previous formula
  • Dual-layer face foam with a micro-fleece foam lining for a comfortable fit
  • Suits a large adult fit, includes microfibre goggle bag

Our View: The new DX3 OTG goggles feature clean style and modern lines while offering comfort and premium quality. The Lumalens Colour Optimization and OTG compatibility bring the clarity to the next level and Super Anti-Fog Coating seal the deal.

Dragon Goggles Lenses - Lumalens Blue Ion
Lumalens Blue Ion
Contrast-boosting base tint designed for use in medium to bright light conditions. Reflective blue mirror fine-tunes contrast and dampens intense light for enhanced visual definition.
Medium to Bright Light

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