Electric EGG Ski Goggles Replacement Lens - Brose Red Chrome

Electric EGG Ski Goggles Replacement Lens

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  • Replacement lenses compatible with Electric EGG ski goggles
  • Hard coating on outer lens - creates a proper seal against the elements and a barrier against scratching
  • Anti-reflective coating helps to reduce glare and enhance eye comfort
  • Super Anti-Fog coating - specifically designed for oversized lenses

Our View: We stock a selection of lenses for the Electric EGG ski goggles. Whatever your demands, you should be able to find a lens tint to suit any light conditions you'll find on the snow.

Electric Goggles Lenses - Brose Red Chrome
Brose Red Chrome
Dark rose-bronze base lens tint with a red mirror finish to cut glare and reduce eye fatigue in brighter conditions.
Medium to Bright Light

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