adidas Zonyk Aero Lenses - Grey with Blue Mirror

adidas Zonyk Aero Lenses

SKU: ad05 SOG 144/531


  • Replacement shield lenses for adidas Zonyk Aero and Zonyk Aero Pro sunglasses
  • Compatible SKUs: Large - ad03, ad05 (L); Small - ad04, ad06 (S)
  • Vision Advantage polycarbonate lens ensures 100% UV protection and blue light protection up to 400nm
  • Lightweight and impact resistant lenses suitable for sport
  • Includes microfibre lens bag for cleaning and safe storage

Our View: Buy a replacement shield lens for your adidas Zonyk Aero sunglasses. Price includes a single shield lens, available in a wide range of lens tints and finishes for practically any light condition or sporting purpose.

adidas Sunglasses Lenses - Grey with Blue Mirror
Grey with Blue Mirror
Grey lens preserves natural colours and protects with a cooling effect in bright light conditions. Blue mirror finish dampens glare.
Medium to Bright Light

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