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Oakley Prescription Goggles

We also offer a range of Oakley prescription ski goggles, which work with a prescription insert. This removes the need to wedge spectacles inside your goggles, or battling with contact lenses in a cold environment.

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Authenticity is earned, and Oakley's heritage of snow goggle innovation goes back 30 years. Ever since Jim Jannard first produced the first Oakley goggle in 1980, decades of engineering have focused on a single, unwavering goal: to provide snow athletes with the absolute highest level of optical clarity and protection. Snowsports' elite wear Oakley because they want a piece of a tried, tested and time-honoured success story. Oakley goggles are a winning fusion of iconoclastic style, cutting-edge technology and superior build quality.


To read a list of Oakley's affiliated athletes would be like leafing through a Who's Who of winter sports. To name a few, Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Jake Blauvelt, Gretchen Bleiler and Tanner Hall can all be seen sporting this exceptional eyewear.


Oakley set their standards higher than other manufactuers. This means that technical features you may only find in the flagship models of other brands are found throughout the Oakley range, creating a quality offering from top to bottom.


Oakley have massively diversified their offering in recent years, with rimmed and rimless shapes now available in varying configurations. From understated to eyecatching, their are straps and liveries for every taste and preference.

Snowsports' elite wear Oakley because they want a piece of a tried, tested and time-honoured success story. Oakley goggles are a winning fusion of iconoclastic style, cutting-edge technology and superior build quality. Here you can find a summary of the things that make Oakley great. If you thought the best tech came at the expense of comfort, reconsider. Oakley's ski goggles range are thoughtfully constructed using the finest materials to give you the best of both worlds.


We hope you agree that when it comes to snow goggles, Oakley lead the way. This season Oakley have looked to build on the success of an already brilliant range, and you can find some new names in the family including Airbrake XL and Line Miner.

Tired of anti-fog coatings and lens treatments letting you down when you need them most? For the ultimate in fog reduction, Prizm Inferno can solve your problems with the simple push of a button. Not convinced? Read on down to learn more.

The changes don’t stop there; the introduction of a new Prizm lens tint gives our skiiers and boarders yet another weapon in the armoury against the hostile light conditions faced on the mountain.

Finally, if you’re after a new lid to match your Oakleys, these guys have got you covered with their spanking new range of protective wear. Check it out.


We're sure that by now you’ve heard it all - ventilation systems, special wipes, revolutionary lens coatings - they can help to reduce fogging but can often let you down when you need them to work most.

Oakley couldn’t help but go one better for you. Having determined the ideal lens temperature to combat fogging, they have developed a lens that gently heats to eliminate condensation. Prizm Inferno works by the press of a button - hit the switch and haptic feedback will keep you up to date on the progress of the lens heating cycle. In the meantime, enjoy the view!

Prizm Inferno can be found exclusively in the all-new cylindrical Line Miner model. This technology has let Oakley design goggles that sit closer to the eyes and give better panoramic views than ever before.


Prizm has been a total game-changer since its landing two years past. For those of you yet to sample this technology, let us break it down: Prizm is a bioengineered lens technology, using the latest in colour science to provide better views over a wider range of light conditions than traditional snow lenses. What does this mean? Less time spent switching out when the weather changes, and more fun doing your thing outdoors!

As you can see below, different Prizm lenses are optimised for different light conditions. The latest addition to the family, Prizm HI Pink Iridium, goes a step further than Prizm Rose in helping you see through the most difficult conditions in whiteout, heavy cloud cover or fog.

Oakley Prizm Lenses

Oakley Prizm Lenses

Oakley Prizm Lenses

Oakley Goggles - A Frame 2.0


Last but not least, we wanted to let you in on Oakley’s other big reveal this winter season. If you have spent past winters aching for an Oakley helmet to match your goggles, your wait is over! Oakley have released their own range of helmets utilising a unique technology that means all Oakley goggles in the range will perfectly pair up - no gaps! Interested? Learn more here!

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Oakley's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightThe key is to look for Iridium (mirror) coated lenses, which cut through brightness, reduce glare and minimise eye fatigue. Prizm revolutionised bluebird lenses, with maximum contrast no matter how bright it gets.

Fire IridiumFire Iridium

Fire IridiumPrizm Black Iridium

Prizm Sapphire IridiumPrizm Sapphire Iridium

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightLook for rose-based tints, which offer contrast enhancement without over-cooking the brightness. A light flash mirror is then used to manage harsh light. Prizm turns all-rounders into all-stars.

Prizm Jade IridiumPrizm Jade Iridium

Prizm Torch IridiumPrizm Torch Iridium

VR50 Pink IridiumVR50 Pink Iridium

Low Light

Low LightRose lenses are still in play, and growing in popularity, with Prizm adding its legendary magic! Also look out for old school yellow and orange based options, which still rock!

HI YellowHI Yellow

Prizm RosePrizm Rose