Perfect Eyewear For Cricket

The cricket season is well and truly upon us. We’re already looking forward to England v Pakistan at Lord’s on May 24th. It might be a little sad, but there’s nothing we enjoy more (apart from actually watching the match of course), then trying to spot who’s wearing what sunglasses.

There has always been a favourite frame type amongst cricketers and that’s the wraparound/ shield style. Why? Two key reasons, they provide an uninterrupted field of vision whilst offering maximum protection.

Stumped For Choice?

Here’s some of our favourite sunglasses for both the players and the fans. Look great whatever you’re doing…

Sunglasses For The Players

Radar EV Pitch

Oakley Radar EV Pitch (with Prizm Field lens)

The Oakley Radar EV Pitch sunglasses are a sport performance model designed for use in a wide range of environments. The Pitch lens shape maximises coverage of the upper face. Interchangeable, Unobtainium® coated nosepieces help to customise the fit of this lightweight and durable frame.

Oakley Radar EV Pitch – starting at £123.99

Oakley EVZero Stride

Oakley EVZero Stride (with Prizm Field lens)

The EVZero is the lightest frame in the Oakley range. The frame front was removed to not only optimise weight but maximise the peripheral views offered by the design. The Stride lens shape offers this iconic frame but in a size that is more suited to smaller faces.

Oakley Radar EVZero Stride – starting at £111.99

Smith Pivlock Arena

Smith Pivlock Arena

Smith’s Pivlock Arena Max is designed to be the ultimate in sports eyewear. Using the unique Pivlock lens replacement mechanism you can adapt to changing light and weather quickly and simply using the extra shield lens included with this frame. This variant of the Pivlock Arena has a taller lens providing maximised coverage of the eye area and upper face.

Smith Pivlock Arena – starting at £129.99


adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

The adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro takes all the great qualities of the adidas Evil Eye and adidas Evil Eye Halfrim and improves on them with a lighter, more aerodynamic SPX™ frame. There are 3 sizes available allowing for a perfect custom fit. Halfrim style sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular, and have been worn by England’s last two captains no less. They minimise weight, so they are good option for prolonged periods in the field.

adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro – starting at £159.99

Bolle Vortex

Bolle Vortex

The Bolle Vortex sunglasses lie in the performance range, designed with adjustable nose pads for a custom fit..

Bolle Vortex – starting at £70.99

Sunglasses For The FansOakley Frogskins

Oakley Frogskins

A rare classic, Oakley Frogskins first burst onto the scene back in the 80’s, when Run DMC ruled the charts and Terminator ruled the screens. Relive that pop culture golden era with re-vamped Oakley Frogskins!

Oakley Frogskins – starting at £67.99

Rudy Project SpinhawkRudy Project Spinhawk

The Rudy Project Spinhawk offers you a pair of lifestyle sunglasses with a sporty, technical edge. This model has been seen on the face of many sporting stars when they’re not competing, likes of Cal Crutchlow, the elite Moto GP rider is a prime example.

Rudy Project Spinhawk – starting at £51.99

Smith Lowdown

Smith Lowdown

Show ultimate style with the Smith Lowdown. The shape of the frame and lenses are classic and eye catching, and provide a superior fit due to the megol nose pads. Renewably-sourced Evolve frame material keeps the Lowdown feeling feather light, perfect for roaming the streets to wearing out on those active adventures.

Smith Lowdown – starting at £94.99


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The F1 season is back!

It’s that time of year again… The new cars have been revealed, new technologies and rules introduced and the anticipation of who’s going to come out on top is starting to brew.

Exciting things to look for in 2018

New season, new logo…

F1 Logo New and OldThe logo was launched at the end of 2017 and has been dividing fans ever since. The new F1 logo has been met with an unsure reaction. The previous iconic design has been replaced by a new sleeker, tighter structure, that Liberty Media claim is to represent ‘the start of a new era’. We’re still unsure, but feel it will grow on us as the season progresses. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Introducing Halo…

F1 Halo

It’s a device mounted above the cockpit designed to protect the driver’s head from impact. Clearly, something was needed but there is no denying the halo is a function of safety rather than a triumph of aesthetics. Or that it is almost-universally disliked by the fans. One big issue many are raising is in regards to visibility, not for the driver, but for the fans. How easy will it be for them to spot their drivers helmet and therefore tell them apart at speed from their team mate? Maybe the Halo’s could carry a livery similar to the drivers helmet?

Three drivers on the cusp of hitting 100 podiums

It’s innevitable that Sebastian Vettel will hit his 100th (needing only 1 more) podium in 2018, but the question is… will Fernando Alonso (only needs 3 more) or Kimi Raikkonen (needs 9 more) hit this milestone too? Only time will tell… They could all join the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher.

Fans will be watching Alonso’s Renault-powered car closely to see if it packs the power needed to be competing at the top end of the grid. With 21 races this season, the milestone is certainly achievable for all 3 drivers.

Alonso hitting 300 race starts

2018 should be the year that Fernando Alonso hits 300 race starts, making him only the fourth driver to do so. Could he join Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button.

Will the newly Renault-powered car provide Alonso with everything he needs this season? Alonso has already admitted that during winter testing he felt the car was not ready to compete with Ferrari or Mercedes, but that it could well be in a few races time… We wait and watch with anticipation.

Could Hamilton or Vettel making it five championship titles?

By Morio - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Juan Manuel Fangio’s record of five world titles stood untouched for 45 years, that was until Michael Schumacher came along. Schumacher hit five world titles back in 2002 before raising the bar yet further in ‘03 and ‘04. Could 2018 be the year that another driver joins the duo in the exclusive ‘five titles or more club’? Both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are only one title away and judging by Mercedes and Ferrari’s respective pre-season showing, both should be in the mix for world championship contention once again this year.

Could Mercedes win five years in a row

Mercedes have set the benchmark since F1 switched to V6 turbo hybrid engines in 2014, winning four consecutive drivers’ champions, and four constructors’ titles.. This is something three other teams have achieved previously, but if they can achieve a fifth, they join a club that currently has only one member… Ferrari.

Eyewear In F1

Oakley were one of the first brands to truly break into the F1 market and start appearing throughout the paddocks, Ray-Ban were hot to follow. Ray-Ban are one of Ferrari’s most prominent livery sponsors to this day. This being said, we stock a huge range of glasses that we feel would look perfectly at home on any race-day grid…


Break the winter blues!

It’s December and in the draw up to Christmas, everyone seems to let their guard and fitness down just that little bit!

Former GB Olympic Triathlon coach and TriLiving founder, Richard Hobson, has some helpful tips on how to get you through to the new year in fine fettle!


“Both as a Coach and athlete I find this time of the year and particularly December a challenge when it comes to training, planning training, keeping the motivation and at the same time enjoying the festive season the way it should be enjoyed.

There are many reasons December is a tough one:

  • Its cold and Dark
  • Everyone seems to get sick
  • The season is over and the next one seems a long way off
  • Routines get disrupted because of work / social events
  • But I think the biggest killer is that Athletes have had some down time and are now trying to get back into training so everything feels hard and slow!

It all sounds a bit doom and gloom which is a shame as really this is suppose to be “the season to be jolly”!

But don’t worry! Help is at hand. Here are my top tips to turning what is often a negative time into something positive.

  • Use it as a time for planning!
    1. Set your 2018 goals and race calendar
    2. Plan the best way to achieve these goals
      1. Nothing better to boost your motivation then to have some big goals on the horizon
    3. Plan your winter training camp (if you can).
      1. For me, just knowing that I am going to Lanzarote for some weeks at the worst time of the winter makes a massive difference. It makes the winter seem short, it gives light at the end of the tunnel, its only 8 weeks until I can get some sun and some great training instead of 4 months!
  • A good chance to work on and address some technical areas of weakness especially in the swim.
  • Forget about technology and just train how you feel
    1. Nothing worse than having loads of input telling you how unfit and slowly you are going! So forget heart rate, pace, power, and everything else and just go to how you feel.
      1. Think of it like this – If you are fit in December and winning all your training sessions then you will not be fit when you actually need to be! So, unless the Christmas turkey 10km is your key race be happy to be unfit.

  • Take yourself out your comfort zone!
    1. In the off season I like to ride cycle cross races, they are tough, exciting and great for bike skills but also I am rubbish at them so I have to real expectations and no pressure to perform but my improvement from race to race is significant just because its still all new.
  • Be consistent but flexible and relaxed
    1. So consistent means try to keep the training ticking over and not days without doing anything
    2. Flexible to move things around to cater for changes in plans, the weather, how you feel, unexpected work or social etc
    3. Relaxed that If you miss a session then just forget it and move on. The odd missed session in December will have no effect on your key race latter in the year. Also it is ok to stop for coffee and cake – I actually schedule this into athletes training!

Your aim for December should be to enjoy it. Then you will hit January fresh both mentally and physically but fit enough to really start to knuckle down to some good training.”

Triathlon has been part of Richard’s life for over 30 years and his passion for the sport has taken him all over the world.

As an athlete, Richard won 5 national titles and a World Championships team gold and has endured the grueling Kona triathlon on more than one occasion! Turning his passion for the sport into a career, Richard coached at Bath University and then went on to be GB Triathlon coach at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Since then, Richard and his family, who are all keen athletes, reside in France to run training camps and welcome families on holidays.

After a helpful tip-off from one of his customers, Richard came to us with various eyewear related questions! Since then, we have hit it off big time and look forward to supporting Richard and TriLiving well into 2018! Everyone knows you’ve got to look good as an athlete, so sunglasses and triathlon go hand in hand, it’s a match made in heaven!

Want to know more or fancy some Triathlon coaching? Check out their website –

Your Sporting Weekend

Sport is always a big part of everyone’s weekend and this weekend it’s no different! With a variety of sporting events taking place across the globe, RxSport cuts to the chase about whats on!

The Premier League starts tonight, the IAAF World Athletics Championships continues in London, the USPGA Championship is taking place across the pond and the ATP Rogers Cup is in full swing; with Roger Federer looking back to his imperious best!

RxSport are here to guide you what you can see this weekend and, as always, what sunglasses might be on show!

What better place to start than the beginning of the Premier League!

Less than 12 weeks after the final weekend of the season, the best footballers in the country are back plying their trade on sunny Saturdays across the country.

For the first time in Premier League history, the season begins with a Friday night fixture. One time overachievers and everyone’s favourite underdog; Leicester City travel to London to tackle Wenger’s Arsenal.

With the beginning of the season comes football pitches across the land bathed in August sunshine and plenty of fans sporting their fresh new sunglasses that the beginning of summer has given them.

The beginning of the season has put a smile back on plenty of faces and the football shaped void in people’s summers is about to be filled! Unless, like myself, you’re a Yeovil fan in which case being in the headlines at the start of the season for all the wrong reasons wasn’t ideal..!

So, what sunnies might you in the crowd when the camera pans around to sun drenched footie fans?

Oakley Frogskins

As consistent as an in form Stoke side on a wet and windy Tuesday night, Frogskins are a classic. Throwing style back to the 80s with very little to argue about!

2017 saw Oakley refresh their iconic frames with Prizm lenses, perfect for late evening sun in the capital!

Bolle Recoil

Great quality at a budget price. You’d be almost forgiven likening the Recoil to Manchester City’s purchase of Vincent Kompany! The Recoil offers everything you would need for a good casual pair of sunglasses, quality frames, quality lenses and a great choice of frame colours; one to match even the most garish of replica kits!

2017 World Athletics Championship

The British public haven’t had too much to cheer about with the World Athletics Championships this last week or so… King Mo won us our only medal to date and the legend that is; Usain Bolt, couldn’t continue his sprinting dominance, being beaten into Bronze by two Americans.

Can GB get some more medals on home soil? Will Mo use his Quorn power to run to Gold in the 5000m? Lets hope so!

Athletics is often a sport that is overlooked by the British public; that is until the BBC airs competitions on the world stage, then we all turn to pro athletes!

Even on a wet and windy day in East London, athletes still turn up with their trusty sunglasses!

Here’s a selection of what we’ve seen on the track this week…

adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

Something of a legend in the sports eyewear world! The Evil Eye Halfrim Pro is often associated with the world of cycling, not necessarily athletics! However it is the go to sunglass for a few athletes that we saw in London this week!

Ireland’s Brian Greegan showed off his patriotic green Evil Eye Halfrim Pro’s in London! 

Nike Vaporwing 

Worn by King Mo himself, the Vaporwing is the ultimate in running eyewear. The aerodynamic frame is partnered with cutting edge Zeiss optics for extraordinary optical clarity.

2 years of research and development went into perfecting these glasses and now they are available to those on the world stage and those of us in awe of the talent of professional athletes!

2017 USPGA Championship

Golf is one of our favourite sports for sunnies spotting! With golfers having some of the most lucrative sponsorships in the world of sport, it’s no coincidence the big players in eyewear budge their way in!

This week the USPGA Championship got underway at Quail Hollow in North Carolina with Jordan Spieth looking for his career grand slam! Brits Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey have started well so British success could be on the cards!

Pre-tournament favourite McIlroy is looking for a first championship win of the season after faltering in previous majors. Can he claw back to win this weekend?

We’ve written blogs before all about what sunglasses you are likely to see during a golf major, check that out here – U.S Open 2017, Who wore what?

Oakley Radarlock Path

An old favourite and potentially one of Oakley’s greatest ever frames. The Radarlock keeps it stake in the world of professional sport and is often seen being worn by Hideki Matsuyama, recently ranked #2 in the world after his impressive showing at the US Open.

The versatility offered by the Switchlock technology combined with Prizm lenses and an ultra lightweight frame makes them the go to choice for professionals. It can’t be doing Hideki too much harm either as this season has seen him win three tour titles.

Oakley Flak Draft

Bubba Watson has provided Oakley a platform on which to spread the word about these new frames. He can often be seen posing for new photoshoots with the Flak Draft in tow.

The Flak Draft use trigger release lenses which lock the lenses in place during exercise. Drawing on the success of previous Flak models, the Draft is once again the pinnacle in sports eyewear; at least for another season until Oakley bring out a new model..!

ATP Rogers Cup Tennis

We love Roger Federer here at RxSport, a true gent and a giant of his game. Being one of the most successful sportsmen ever to have graced the playing field, Roger is once again back to winning titles thanks to his Wimbledon triumph.

This week; the Rogers Cup in Montreal is hosting a prestigious tennis event. With Rafa Nadal out and Djokovic injured, a brave man would bet against Roger to win yet another title!

Tennis and sunglasses often go hand in hand but it isn’t the saturated market that you would expect! Bolle have elbowed their way in by introducing a tennis specific lens – Competivision. A lens designed to enhance the yellow ball against a variety of backgrounds.

Bolle Bolt

A truly versatile model, thanks to it’s lightweight frame and extended lens coverage. The Bolle Bolt provides a perfect frame for tennis thanks to lightweight and impact resistant B-Clear lenses available in Competivision.

adidas Kumacross Halfrim

The adidas Kumacross Halfrim offers great views and optical protection in a lightweight and flexible package. Being able to withstand an active lifestyle is crucial for a pair of tennis sunglasses and the Kumacross Halfrim does just that.

Combine the Kumacross Halfrim with adidas’ award winning Vario lens for a pair of sunglasses that can be worn in any condition. From inside and under lights to bright sunny days out on grass courts, the Kumacross Halfrim covers the ground like an in-form Andy Murray!

That’s it from us for this week, I’m sure there is plenty of sport and sunglasses to get your teeth into there! 

Remember, we’re on social media for all your pictures of weekend adventures!




RE Ranger Shooting Eyewear

We have been searching far and wide to find a specific brand of shooting eyewear to suit us here at RxSport.

And finally, after much deliberation, we hit the jackpot with RE Ranger..!

Developed from the world renowned Randolph Engineering company, RE Ranger glasses apply years of success and experience to the world of shooting sunglasses, and through collaboration with industry leaders and experienced professionals, the result is shooting eyewear that is the choice of champions.

So, who are Randolph Engineering?

  • This family-run, New England-based business began in the early 1990s, with help from the shooting industry’s leading optical experts.
  • Randolph Engineering pride themselves on being the only remaining metal eyewear manufacturer in the USA.
  • Their RE Ranger project converged years of research and development with their knowledge of ballistics to provide world class shooting eyewear.
  • After 3 generations Randolph remains a family-owned and operated company. Their sunglasses are now sold in more than 50 countries.

Why are their glasses so special?

Developing frames and in collaboration with some of the leading athletes in the field has it’s perks! When performing at Olympic levels, athletes need the best possible protection and quality. RE Ranger provide this through their partnership with the Zeiss Optical lab; an industry leader in the world of optics.

RE Ranger’s proprietary NexPC™ lenses can withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. These lenses are five to six times more impact-resistant than the standard industry lens.

Randolph has been a big hitter in the world of military eyewear over the years. Their flagship model; the Aviator, has been standard-issue to U.S. military pilots since the 1980s. As you would expect, military specifications for eyewear aren’t easy to meet and Randolph took on a 20 page document to create their iconic Aviator frames.

Perhaps Randolphs crowning achievement during their illustrious time in the industry is winning a contract to make 70,000 optical inserts per year during the Gulf War. A contract that saw them working tirelessly to produce over 200,000 inserts; none of which were returned for quality issues!

Shooting sunglasses, what do I need for what?

With five different shooting-specific models to choose from you can find a frame that fits your needs perfectly. Choose from traditional designs, full shields and adaptable clip-on style models.

We offer each frame with a selection of RE Ranger’s most popular lens tint colours, meaning you’ll be able to find a lens tint and caters to your exact demands whatever your shooting discipline.

With a range of styles to choose from, you’ll find one to suit you and wherever your sport takes you. RxSport have hand picked a choice of lens tints that perfectly suits our customers and their needs. It really plugs a hole in the market for us and opens up a wide range of opportunities!

Trap Shooting

Our recommendation would be the Ranger Classic. The original RE Ranger frame, designed to push the boundaries in shooting eyewear. It’s classic shape and lightweight feel provides all day comfort whilst the large lenses give great coverage to help you pick out the clays from the trap house.

Team the Ranger Classic with a Vermillion lens for a truly brilliant frame for a variety of conditions. Vermillion lenses help to highlight the orange of the clays in front of countryside backgrounds by neutralising greens.

Sporting Clays

With the variety of positions a shooter has to stand and the variety of conditions and stances faced, Sporting Clay shooters should look for the Ranger Falcon Sport. RE Ranger’s most advanced frame yet really combines everything a shooter in this discipline would need. With a wider field of view and no distractions from a small nose piece; the Falcon Sport is the pinnacle in shooting eyewear.

The Falcon Sport is a perfect match with the CMT lens for bright conditions. Colormag Technology increases contrast between target and background, delivering up to 250% more orange colour than standard lenses.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting provides a shooter with the perfect opportunity to test the waters with their eyewear. This brings the Ranger XLW into play. This model was designed from the ground up by Ranger’s team of experienced optical engineers, and is the industry’s first shooting-specific 8-base wrapped frame.


Use the HD Medium lens with the XLW for enhanced definition in duller light and woodland areas. The HD Medium lens gives you a crisp view of the target, perfect for Skeet Shooting with the differing speed and angles of the clays.

Hunting and Wingshooting

RE Ranger glasses have been specifically developed to be used on the range but their ballistics protection and high quality lenses make them a brilliant choice for days out in the field. The RE Ranger Edge would be a ideal for this discipline. With a wrapped frameless design giving you great protection and coverage combined with curved temple tips for comfortable prolonged wear, the Ranger Edge is the go to choice for a variety of shooting disciplines.

Partner the Edge with the Medium Yellow lens for brilliant contrast enhancement on those dull British winter days. Bring out the detail in the countryside in overcast conditions to help pick out the game birds.

Are RE Ranger Sunglasses available in prescription?

YES! We have recently added the Sporter and XLW to our prescription range! With great versatility and a variety of options, you’ll be sure to find a product that suits you and your shooting style!

Oakley Prizm Everyday – all you need to know

2017 has seen Oakley release some iconic frames and re-invent some classics with a modern twist. However their biggest release of the season is the upgraded Prizm Everyday tints, designed to optimise your experience on a day to day basis.

By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM™ sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye. – Oakley

In 2014, Prizm was released to the world and since then has been a landmark in sports optics. Their 15 year engineering task hit new heights in visual clarity and performance. Originally designed for Oakley’s snow goggles, the tech was quickly transferred to some more of Oakley’s biggest sports – cycling and golf. From there, Prizm Road, Prizm Trail and Prizm Golf were born and revolutionised the world of sports performance eyewear.

A reformation in the market then started to take place. All other brands tried to match Oakley’s impressive quality but none come close! Oakley continued their domination in this field by releasing yet more tints; including polarised lenses and their now iconic Prizm Daily Polarised lens.

Prizm Everyday, how does it work?

Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine tune individual colors, making everything vivid and vibrant, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. Some of our top selling lens colors are now available with Prizm technology. Each of these Prizm lens colors are also available with HDPolarized® – Oakley

Prizm Daily enhances all colors — with the same Prizm performance technology used for sports, but is balanced to create an enhanced visual experience with vibrant colors.

Oakley spent years researching and testing light transmission and colour science to come up with their Prizm tints. It was discovered that ordinary tints contrast one colour to another, causing a compromise and dulling down certain colours. Prizm lenses changed the game forever by minimising the compromise caused by contrasting colours against each other.

Being able to measure the light spectrum in precise environments, Oakley established that there is a possibility to filter specific spectral peaks, in particular, spectral peaks that the eye is most sensitive too.

Oakley’s Prizm lenses absorb specific spectral peaks and specific colours rather than wide light spectrums, helping you pick out more detail due to the eye being able to focus on certain wavelengths of colour. The development of this science started with Prizm Snow lenses where it was understood that the eye is sensitive to a specific wavelength of light in the blue and orange spectrum, Prizm lenses therefore accentuate these wavelengths and filters other colours out in order to channel your focus to the important detail.

So, what have Oakley released this summer…

The Prizm everyday range has been given a face lift with all of Oakley’s popular lens tints getting the Prizm upgrade.

All the new lenses have the Prizm Daily tint, offering a light rose base with striking mirrors to provide that classic Oakley look.

The Prizm Refresh series is also available with Oakley’s legendary HD Polarised lenses. Combining this with their Prizm technology to offer what is widely thought as the best lens on the market.

Perhaps our favourite is the Sapphire Fade collection with the Prizm Sapphire Polarised lenses, they look awesome, check it out!

Oakley Trillbe X – Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarised – £119.99

Fancy going a bit more under the radar, then have a look at the Prizm Black Iridium lens!

Oakley Frogskins – Polished Black / Prizm Black Iridium – £83.99

Some lenses just go hand in hand with frame colours. Introducing the Woodgrain Collection; partnered with Prizm Daily Polarised lenses for a classy and understated style with Oakley’s flagship everyday lens.

Oakley Latch – Woodgrain Collection / Prizm Daily Polarised – £135.99

Find out more about Oakley Prizm Everyday lenses on the Oakley YouTube channel.




Dirty Dog Competition – Treasure Hunt!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media platforms over the last week or so you may have noticed that we have teamed up with Dirty Dog for an epic competition.

We’ve taken inspiration from a well known cycling magazine and hidden a Dirty Dog sunglasses case on a popular road cycling route in the Northamptonshire countryside!

To be in with your chance of winning, find the case, call us or drop in to RxSport HQ with the code and send us your winners grin on social media.

We’ve liaised with Dirty Dog to create an RxSport cycling jersey and also thrown in a Dirty Dog Helmet, a Dirty Dog cap and some Polarised sunglasses; a prize package worth nearly £200!

So, time for your first clue…

Not ringing any bells? How about this..?

Congratulations to Rob Paul who found the booty and won the competition after just 2 clues! Here’s his winning selfie!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, we may be holding another one!







Sunglasses for the Petrolhead

The British Motorsport Showpiece is upon us, the British Grand Prix.

After a week of ups and downs; Lewis Hamilton not turning up to a drivers event and Silverstone calling it quits on their time hosting the F1. The British public are now hoping for Lewis Hamilton’s fortunes to change this weekend.

Sponsorship is the name of the game with motorsport and currently nothing is more prominent in F1 than Ray-Ban’s partnership with Ferrari.

Vettel and Raikkonen can often be seen strolling the paddock in their Ray-Ban’s.

This partnership comes after Oakley had broken the ice for eyewear companies in the glamour and glitz of F1 and produced some of the most iconic sunglasses ever.

Although now discontinued, the Carbon Blade paved the way for the use of Carbon Fibre as a frame material; strong, lightweight and durable.

The Sliver is one of Oakley’s favourite casual frames. With a squared lens shape and a keyhole bridge, it proves very popular! The colour combination of Black and Red resonates with Ferrari fans.

Inspired by the world famous X Metal’s collection, the Badman shows what is possible when designers are allowed a free reign of what to create. It is a masterpiece in itself, combining 21st century tech with a retro X Metal style.

Find out more about how Oakley created their legendary Ferrari Collection

Perhaps one of the biggest names in F1 still rocking his Oakley’s is Fernando Alonso. The two time World Champion hasn’t had the easiest of years but at least his sunglasses don’t give up on him, unlike his engines!

Moto GP is also a big hitter in the world of sunglasses and sponsorships. The biggest names in the sport are supported by the biggest names in the eyewear world. From Valentino Rossi and his Oakley collection to Cal Crutchlow wearing Rudy Project glasses.

Again, Oakley are paving the way this season. After sponsoring the Mugello GP and having three of their sponsored riders; Maverick Vinales, Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez finishing in the top 10, it was a good weekend for the eyewear powerhouse!

Oakley have used Valentino Rossi as one of their greatest ever marketing assets across all of their social media platforms; he even has his own signature VR46 range, check it out below!

The Oakley Latch is one of 2017’s most popular frames and can be seen on professional athletes all across the globe; this special edition model features a classy paint job and the VR46 etching on the lens.

2017 has also seen the addition of the Sliver R, Moto GP edition with Oakley. Combining the specially etched lens with their revolutionary new Prizm lifestyle tints, the Sliver R is a perfect ally for racers and fans alike.

Rudy Project has always had a presence in the Moto GP world; starting with Cal Crutchlow bringing the Spinhawk to prominence to the new crop of riders such as Jack Miller and Jonas Folger. Rudy Project now has 5 ambassadors on the Moto GP starting grid; the ideal place to showcase their latest models.

Jack Miller partnered Cal Crutchlow at the beginning of his promising Moto GP career, perhaps explaining his link with Rudy Project!

Miller is a promising rider in the field and claimed his first Moto GP victory in Assen back in 2016. At the age of 22, that’s not too bad! Miller has established himself as being a regular top 10 finisher this season so it won’t be long until he is snapped up by one of the bigger teams.

Are you heading to Silverstone this weekend? Share you pictures with us on our social media!





Cricket Sunglasses in 2017

England got off to a flyer in the first test at Lord’s and started Joe Root’s tenure in charge with a convincing victory against South Africa.

With the start of a summer of test cricket in the UK and the sun finally shining, brands get to showcase their latest sunglasses and the big names all take centre stage; adidas, Oakley, Rudy Project and many more.

If you keep a close eye on a cricket field over summer, you’ll notice more and more players wearing Oakley’s, they are taking over! From Ben Stokes in his Racing Jacket’s to Faf Du Plessis sporting the casual Latch; Oakley is hitting the cricket market for six, and with good reason!

A lot like the England Cricket team, the Oakley Racing Jacket has had a resurgence this year, with some brand new colours released and flying off the shelves. Partially helped by exposure from high profile athletes such as Ben Stokes and cycling royalty, Geraint Thomas but mainly due to their legendary style and quality.

Oakley’s frames really cut it out on the cricket field; versatile, lightweight, durable, quality and most of all, stylish! One of the most popular frames out there at the moment is the is the ever popular and timeless Radarlock, worn by players such as Joe Root, Jimmy Anderson, JP Duminy and Faf Du Plessis.

The EVZero sunglasses are a popular option with cricketers due to their extremely lightweight frame construction. Morne Morkel and Jason Roy can be seen sporting Oakley’s lightest ever sports frame. Complete with a full shield style for a truly unobstructed view, perfect for picking out all that goes on during a day’s play. The addition of Oakley’s Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepieces keeps the glasses in place and adds extra comfort. Coming from someone who has worn these glasses, after about 5 minutes of wearing them, you completely forget you have them on!

Yes, that picture above isn’t Jimmy Anderson in his Oakley’s, but England’s most prolific wicket taker used to don the adidas Evil Eye Evo sunglasses. Sunglasses that were spotted at the home of cricket being worn by both Liam Dawson and Stuart Broad.

Adidas have established themselves as one of the best in the business, chancing their arm against the Oakley powerhouse and matching them! The Evil Eye Evo Pro and Evil Eye Halfrim Pro have hit the ground running and have really proved themselves as a front runner in the world of sports specific sunglasses. The adjustable temples and nosepads found in the Evil Eye series gives them an edge over their competitors and their lenses are brilliant, perfect for long sunny days out on the cricket field. More importantly, they look very smart in both the halfrim and fullrim style.

Liam Dawson made quite the impression with the ball in his first test on home soil, taking 2-34 in the second innings, including the dangerous wicket of Hashim Amla. It didn’t go as well with the bat, with Dawson falling for a duck in both innings.

Some of you more eagle eyed viewers out there would have spotted a lot of the South Africans wearing Rudy Project sunglasses. Not something often associated with cricket but a great option for something slightly different!

From temporary skipper Dean Elgar in his custom Agon’s to Temba Bavuma in a pair of Tralyx glasses, Rudy Project offer everything needed for a pair of world class sports sunglasses. Lightweight and well ventilated frames combine with incredibly clear optics and almost unbreakable lenses to create a pair of glasses more than at home on the world stage.

Cricket isn’t something often associated with Rudy Project and it has surprised us somewhat! Usually Rudy Project is focused on their two wheeled exploits, with plenty of Tour de France riders wearing their legendary sunglasses. Rudy Project has been a big supplier for South African cricketers for years and it stems from their domestic 20/20 league where Rudy Project made their big breakthrough and they have gone on since then. Despite the much more popular Oakley and adidas sunglasses being in their way, Rudy Project still manage to push through onto the world stage, getting the likes of Hashim Amla, one of the worlds best batsmen on board as they go.

So there you have it, a comprehensive round up of what you might have seen at the Home of Cricket over the weekend!

The second test starts on Friday at Trent Bridge, Nottingham with Joe Root’s men looking to take a commanding 2-0 series lead.

Heading to the cricket over the summer? Send us in your pictures! Like this one from sunny Lord’s!




Zeal Optics 2017, All you need to know!

Around this time of year, brands get busy releasing new models and treating us to new tech and cool styles.

Zeal are no exception and after last week’s blog about Maui Jim; Zeal’s sister company, why not follow up with what Zeal have been up to!

Zeal are a brand who like to keep things simple and quality. They like to aim their products to the more adventurous of us, with lenses being polarised as standard they offer great protection in a wide range of conditions.

The option of a Polarised Photochromic lens is something that really makes Zeal stand out from the crowd.

Not many companies offer this tech and Zeal offer it as a non-prescription product on models such as the Big Timber and Decoy; frames perfectly suited to long days battling mother nature. A contrast enhancing yellow base tint is coupled with Zeal’s photochromic technology and a Polarised filter helps to protect against reflected glare to help focus your vision on what matters. This covers you for pretty much everything for a long day outside.

Zeal Big Timber – Matte Black / Automatic Polarised Photochromic – £139.99

Perhaps Zeal’s best party piece is their Ellume lens. Made from plant based materials for higher purity.

Zeal are certainly a company who love the outdoors. From the revolutionary Zeal Ace which has a frame made entirely from cotton, making it bio-degradable to their Ellume Polarised lenses, they are certainly taking care of our friend Mr. Polar Bear and his ice cap!

“While other lenses use a petroleum-based polymer, ellume is constructed of plant-based materials allowing for higher purity. This results in a lighter finished lens for comfort and all day performance.” – Zeal Optics

For 2017, RxSport offers a wider range of Zeal sunglasses in prescription than ever before. The addition of 8 new models gives the range a total refresh and provides an option for whatever or wherever your adventures will take you.

Here’s a few of our picks from the new collection




With a wide array of styles, Zeal offers a frame for any occasion. Check out the full range of Zeal prescription sunglasses here.


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