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May 2020

Sport and fashion is the name of the game here at RxSport & Tortoise+Black.

Have you visited our sister site, Tortoise+Black yet? If so, maybe you’ll have seen this weeks showcase of some sports lifestyle crossovers on their social media channels.

It’s a well known fact that we like our big oversized sports frames here at RxSport but the T+B team have raised us their Gucci’s and Stella McCartney frames as excellent alternatives!

The Crossover

Big oversized sports frames have an awful lot of similarities with some of the frames developed from the worlds leading fashion houses. Recent fashion trends have really shown this and some of our favourite sports frames have been worn by some of the biggest names in fashion.

Here you’ll find some of our picks for frames that look as good off the bike as they do on it. People want to stand out so what better way to do so than with a bold statement from your eyewear!

Sutro and gucci | 1

The Oakley Sutro has been one of the best selling frames of 2020 and for good reason! It is one of our favourite sports frames but it has more in common with the Gucci GG067S than we might think!

RxSport’s Top Picks

As selected by the guys in the office, here’s our picks of sports lifestyle crossover frames for this season from our huge range of sports brands!


100% Glendale – Shop Now

Glendale 3 | 2Glendale 1 1 | 3

Oakley EVZero Blades – Shop Now
Blades 2 | 4 Blades 1 | 5
Smith Wildcat – Shop Now

Wildcat 2 | 6 Wildcat 1 | 7

Tortoise+Black’s Top Picks

The hot debate rages on, the T+B team have had their input and this is what they have come up with from some of the leading names in fashion!


Gucci GG0663S – Shop Now

Gucci 1 | 8Gucci 2 | 9

Versace VE2140 – Shop Now

Versace 1 | 10Versace 2 | 11

Stella McCartney SC0196S – Shop Now

Stella 1 | 12 Stella 2 | 13

Take a look at our entire range of sunglasses on both of our sites – RxSport & Tortoise+Black 

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