Beat The Weather And Stay On The Bike – Top Cycling Photochromic Sunglasses

October 2015

In these colder months you can’t depend on the sun beating the cloud every day, but you can count on getting caught out by early sunsets, leaden skies, fog, rain or even sleet and snow! Photochromic lenses can help prepare you for a massive range of light conditions, adjusting their tint based on the level of natural light present. Take a look at RxSport’s five recommendations for light-adjusting cycling shades this season.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ – Grey Smoke / Clear Black Iridium Photochromic

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The best-selling Flak Jacket XLJ fitted with a photochromic lens utilising market-leading Transitions technology. Performs well in light conditions ranging from dull to direct sunshine and everything in-between. An Iridium mirror coating dampens glare when the sun does manage to creep out.

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Tifosi Pro Escalate HS – Silver & Gunmetal / Light Night Fototec + Smoke + Smoke Fototec

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This model landed on our shelves in the summer and revolutionises sports optics with its interchangeable frame capacity. Choose from the halfrim or shield shapes, and the Light Night Fototec (best from dawn or dusk to overcast) or Smoke Fototec (dull to bright light) lenses, and be on your way!

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Rudy Project Rydon – Black Gloss & Red / ImpactX 2 Photochromic Laser Red

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ImpactX 2 technology boasts some of the highest performing photochromic lenses around, with a wider VLT range, higher transition speeds, better performance at extreme temperatures and functionality behind car windshields. The Laser Red tint equipped here is perfect for cycling on the road.

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Bolle Vortex – Shiny Black / Photo Rose Gun + Clear Blog-5

The Bolle Vortex was made for cyclists, and its shield-type lens provides unobstructed peripheral views and great protection from the elements. The Modulator Rose Gun lens boosts contrast on the road and is good for conditions ranging from flat light to bright sunshine. An additional clear lens can be swapped in for riding by night.

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Oakley Radarlock Path – Infrared / Clear Black Iridium Photochromic Vented

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Oakley’s Radarlock is an iconic multi-sports frame, but it really excels on the road. Unobtainium components keep the fit secure, and a mix of frame and lens ventilation channels eliminate the risk of lens fogging. Switchlock technology allows you to swap out the lens, but the Clear to Black Iridium lens fitted here will see you through dawn to dusk in these drearier months!

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