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A Guide To Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses

September 2018

The latest lenses released by Oakley for their snow goggles utilise their Prizm technology. Prizm technology has allowed Oakley to tailor each lens to specific sports and environments/ conditions, ensuring the wearer gets the best possible visibility and level of contrast, bringing them the best possible experience. You’ll honestly see like never before with Prizm Snow.

With several choices when it comes to Prizm Snow lenses from Oakley, which one do you go for? In this blog we’ll break down the key lens tints for you and explain where and when they should be used.

Prizm Hi-Pink

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Currently the highest contrast goggle made by Oakley. Prizm Hi-Pink is designed for use on overcast/ snowy days. It was designed solely to combat poor visibility in complete whiteout situations. Scope out the terrain and see clearly even in the most severe conditions. So if you’re looking for a pair of goggles that will maximize depth perception capability in pure whiteout conditions, the Oakley Prizm Hi-Pink will be the best choice.

Light transmission 35-40% with increased contrast.

Prizm Rose

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Similar in some aspects to Hi-Pink, Oakley PRIZM Rose works well when it is overcast, dark, and cloudy.  If you’re planning to head out in a whiteout, but the sun breaks, this lens has you covered. Therefore if you’re looking for a happy medium, the Oakley PRIZM Rose will be the better option between the two.

Light transmission 25-28% with increased contrast.

Prizm Torch Iridium, Jade Iridium and Sapphire Iridium

You may wonder why we’ve combined these three together? It’s for simplicity. They are all quite similar in functionality, so just differ in the colour that others see. So your choice is simply dependant on whether you want a red, green or blue mirror to your lens. The three lenses are perfect for sun/ light cloud conditions.

Light transmission 17-20% with increased contrast.

Prizm Black Iridium

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Perfect for sunny days. Built with a base colour designed for bright conditions, this lens will have you covered even on the sunniest of days.

Light transmission 10-13% with increased contrast.

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