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    SPY Galactic MIPS Ski Helmet

    6 colours
  • Sorry, this product is unsuitable for your prescription.

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    SPY Lil Galactic MIPS Ski Helmet

    4 colours

For over two decades SPY have been delivering optical joy unto the masses. Based in Southern California and carrying an inimitable carefree swag that could only be held by those drenched in surf culture, SPY’s collection of team-designed and tested helmets combine revolutionary patented technology with flavourful personality.


Born and bred in North County San Diego, SPY’s heritage is deeply rooted in action sports. Nearby mountains make their backyard the definitive product testing ground for our employees and world class athletes.


Incorporating a range of high-emd technology, SPY helmets are market leaders in snow sports protection. MIPS protection can be found across the range and keep an eye out for bonus brims to switch up and customise your style!


Designed to fit seamlessly with SPY’s iconic line of goggles, these helmets are ready to ‘Protect Ya Head’. Out-of-this-world dome protection is paired with epic colourways for a full SPY look from the neck up.

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