We understand how prescription sunglasses can enhance your vision and your performance. Whether your sport of choice is tennis, cycling or hiking, we can help you take it to the next level. This useful prescription sunglasses guide has been created by our in-house dispensing opticians to help you find your perfect match.

Prescription Sunglasses

Everyone is different and has different prescription needs. It could be that your vision needs help with seeing the upcoming terrain or perhaps your close-up vision needs sharpening for puncture repairs. Either way, our prescription lenses are specifically built from impact-resistant polycarbonate and use optical solutions that are best suited to your lifestyle.

Directly Glazed

The streamlined and stylish option

For full functionality without any fuss, our directly glazed prescription sunglasses are a great place to start. Due to the design of these lenses, you have an unobstructed view and you will not lose any of your peripheral vision. The directly glazed option offers you ultimate corrective vision but without having to compromise on that classic sunglasses appearance.

Clip-On Prescription Inserts

The flexible and functional solution

Our clip-on inserts are great for multiple sports or frequently changing conditions. Your frame will come with a clip-on prescription insert and it is important to note that we do offer specialised lens types depending on your prescription. A benefit of these is that you can purchase other plano lenses, so if your conditions change, you can quickly change your inserts to suit.

Shield Implant Technology

A prescription solution to shields

Shield sunglasses are often worn by professional athletes and are incredibly popular amongst runners and cyclists. For a prescription solution to shield sunglasses, implant technology is a great choice. We laser cut two holes in the shield so we can implant a prescription lens for each eye, leaving you with professional-looking eyewear.

What are the different frame designs?

Similar to standard glasses, sunglasses also have a variety of frame designs. The frame that suits you will be dependent on your lifestyle or sport.

The Full Frame

A hybrid frame for both sport and daily wear

The full frame design is split into two different styles: sports and lifestyle. You will find hybrid full-frame sunglasses that not only look good but can also be worn for some sports, plus sporting frames which are specifically designed for high-impact activities. Full frames offer unbeatable durability and protection, plus they are a great option for supporting thicker prescription lenses.

The Half Rim

Lightweight eyewear for high-paced environments

Ideal for a wide variety of sports. Half rim frames offer you unobstructed views of the terrain and potential hazards. Their design makes them a great choice for prescriptions and quick-change lenses. You also have the benefit of being able to customise your frames by switching out the lenses depending on what sport or situation you are in – keeping you looking fresh and functional.

The Shield

Maximum coverage for maximum visibility

Shield sunglasses are popular in many types of sports due to the larger lenses. From running to hiking, these high-tech sports sunglasses work to provide you with optimal protection and improved peripheral vision. They are well-suited to cyclists as their taller frame sits higher to bridge the gap between the helmet, giving you maximum visibility when you are on the drops.

Lens Technology

We know that if you are browsing our lenses there are plenty of packages to choose from. Firstly you can opt for a standard lens or something more technical like a photochromic lens. Then you will be able to choose a tint. Our tints offer different percentages of visible light transmission (VLT) and are better suited to certain weather conditions. For more information, please read below.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses perfectly blend fashion with functionality. They are popular with people who enjoy outdoor sports as the lenses work to reduce harsh light and deter glare. Another benefit of mirrored sports sunglasses is that you can personalise the tint to match your kit or favourite colour.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are often popular with those who enjoy fishing, paddleboarding or watersports. This is because they are more likely to experience glares of light from flat surfaces, such as water. Our polarised lenses work to reduce exposure to light and minimise eye strain and fatigue.

Photochromic Lenses

If you enjoy your sport from dusk to dawn, photochromic lenses could be a solid solution for you. These lenses use molecules that react to UV light. The molecules change the tint of the lenses depending on the lighting, making them a great option for activities before and after work.

Lens Terminology

As you are browsing our prescription sunglasses, you may notice some optical terms that you are unfamiliar with. To help you understand them, we have listed some of our most common terms below. If you are still unsure about another phrase, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our eyewear experts.


These lightweight lenses are an affordable alternative to polycarbonate and offer good optical clarity.


Polycarbonate lenses can be significantly thinner than standard lenses and are great at blending vision with performance.


Trivex (NXT) technology was developed for the military and offers you durability, clarity and protection.


Mineral glass provides you with excellent optical clarity that is often found in luxury designer frames.

Our Lenses

For over 15 years, we have been one of the leading optical experts in Europe. This is not only because of our knowledge but also our partnerships with some of the largest names in eyewear. We are proud to be able to offer these lens packages and guarantee you a quality finish.

Shamir is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance lenses with over 50 years of experience. They use innovative technology to deliver top-quality vision.

With over 170 years of optical experience, Essilor is one of the industry-leading glazing labs that are always at the forefront of technological advancement.

Oakley frames can be fitted with authentic Oakley lenses that have been glazed directly at their prestigious lab. Each lens will be laser etched with the Oakley “O”.

Ray-Ban produces its prescription lenses at its world-leading glazing lab. The lenses will be etched with the iconic RB logo for authenticity and quality.

Bolle prescription lenses use B-Thin Active Design technology to optimise your vision. They offer a vast range of prescription lenses for an array of frames.

The VARIODRIVE Thin Design Rx programme from Serengeti uses optical technologies, such as NXT Trivex lenses and Serengeti’s Spectral Control technology.

Maui Jim
With decades of experience in eyewear, the MauiPassport prescription program offers you authentic custom sunglasses that will help correct your vision.

Prioritising new visual experiences, Julbo offers you greater precision and responsiveness. You can guarantee a great pair of prescription sports sunglasses.

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