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Finding the perfect pair of goggles is vital when it comes to enjoying the day’s activities. We have been riding and shredding for years and we have arguably become the UK’s experts in ski goggles, rest assured we can guide you through what to choose and why.

Lens Shapes

Goggle lenses can be Spherical, Cylindrical, or Toric and the shape of the lens can have a huge impact on the performance of the goggle. Not only does the shape of the lens affect your look on the slopes, it also has an influence on the optical clarity, anti-fog capability, and peripheral views.


Curved both horizontally and vertically.

A spherical goggle has a rounded, bubble-like appearance. Spherical lenses mimic the curvature of the eye to provide an excellent level of optical clarity. The shape of spherical lenses helps to reduce glare and provides added volume inside the goggle to help mitigate fogging.


Only curved horizontally

A cylindrical goggle is vertically flat and offers a lower profile shape. Cylindrical lenses are the original goggle lens shape and offer great optical clarity and wall-to-wall vision. The stylish flatter shape stays close to the face to minimise distortion.


Curved horizontally and shallow vertically

Toric lenses offer the best of both worlds with enhanced peripheral vision and vertical field of view. This shape maximizes the goggles vent volume for ultimate optical clarity and performance.

Lens Technology

One of the most crucial aspects of a good day on the mountain is choosing the right lens. Lenses are the only barrier for protection against harsh glare and are pivotal on whiteout days when contrast enhancement is key.

Mirrored Lenses

Designed to offer protection against bright light and harsh glare, mirrored lenses help to reduce eye fatigue and refine colour perception.


Applied to the inside of lenses, anti-fog coatings are a saviour during long days on the slopes! Helping to disperse moisture and reducing the chance of your goggle from fogging up.

Dual-Layered Lenses

Bonding two lenses together creates a thermal barrier between the lenses. Dual-layer lenses are optically correct and help to insulate the goggle canopy to reduce the risk of lens fogging by keeping an air space between the lenses.

Frame Technology

Goggles are packed full of technology to make your days on the slopes more comfortable. Keep an eye out for these features which make a massive difference to the performance of your goggles.



Often built into the goggle the outriggers are perfect to provide seamless compatibility with ski helmets. Designed to reduce pressure across your face and helping to create a perfect seal.



Ultimate versatility and comfort, these silicone linings offer added grip, meaning you can wear the goggles with or without, on top or under a helmet and be sure to stay secure and stay put.

Quick Change

Quick Change

Magnets are one of the most popular methods for a quick change lens to offer a simple and secure system while the use of clips, levers and locks have long been the go-to design for quick changes.

Face Foam

Face Foam

Ensure all-day comfort and a snug feel with various options. Top of the range goggles feature triple-layer multiple density foam with a micro-fleece lining for ultimate performance while others have a single or double layer of moisture-wicking foam.



Keeping lenses fog-free is vital so airflow through the goggle canopy is crucial. All goggles feature breathable foam venting across the top of the frame, around the sides and beneath the lens while some goggles have vents in the lenses to minimise moisture build-up.

OTG Goggles

OTG Goggles

OTG (Over The Glasses) designs have discreet notches cut into the frame which allow for a prescription eyeglass frame to be comfortably worn under the goggles. OTG provides a great solution for those who wear glasses while skiing.

Prescription Insert Technology

Custom made prescription inserts fit into the goggle to provide ultimate corrective vision on the slopes. Unfortunately the technology isn’t there for directly-glazed ski goggles right now but prescription inserts are the perfect solution!

What is the Prescription Insert?

The key feature in prescription goggles is the use of prescription inserts, this is a separate frame that fits into the framework of the goggle.

It’s all about inserts for goggles. We often get asked about directly glazed goggles, but although the technology is being developed as we speak, it’s just not there yet. Prescription inserts are the best solution but don’t worry, with the right lens in place when you’re out on the slopes, the inserts are hardly visible.

What are the benefits?

The insert doesn’t change the functionality of the goggle frame itself, meaning you can still take full advantage of any lens interchange system your goggle uses. The spring-loaded insert is easily mounted and removed from the frame, making it easy to clean.

Prescription inserts sit further away from your face than regular glasses which enables more airflow through the goggle. They offer a large lens coverage for greater corrective peripheral vision and can be glazed with anti-fog lenses to help limit the chance of fogging out on the slopes.

What are the prescription options?

We have teamed up with Essilor and Shamir, two of the UK’s leading optical labs, to offer a selection of high-quality lens packages:


CR39 plastic lenses offer great value for money and is the go-to choice for lenses from high street opticians.


1.59 polycarbonate lenses are the most popular for sports use. Our tough package is 20% thinner and lighter than the Essential lenses and feature a hard coating.


30% thinner and lighter than the Essential package, 1.67 high index lenses are the best choice for those with higher prescriptions. Complete with Essilor’s Crizal Easy anti-reflection coating.


Sports grade 1.59 polycarbonate lenses are applied with a premium Shamir Glacier Plus anti-fog treatment on the back surface. Also includes a front surface anti-reflection coating.


Tough 1.59 hard coated polycarbonate lenses have a large distance area with a small reading segment at the bottom, perfect for reading piste maps.

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