Varifocal Guide

Almost all of our prescription sunglasses and everyday glasses are available with varifocal lenses. Simply place your order online, or call our friendly customer care team on 01780 783932 if you prefer.

How do you take my measurements?

Just like at your local opticians, we will need some extra measurements. To do this our in-house dispensing opticians have created the following method to ensure your new varifocals are set up correctly.

1. After you have placed your order for varifocals, we will send you a ‘dummy frame’ and useful guide – you only need a camera.

2. Hold your camera at arm’s length and make sure that it is at eye level. Look directly into the lens and take your photo.

3. Once you are happy with your photo, email the full-size image to our dispensing opticians at [email protected]. Be sure to quote both your name and order number as a reference.

Sport-Enhancing Varifocals

For many sports, you may only need distance correction, however, for certain sports varifocals are a fantastic way to take your performance to the next level.

Ensure that your vision performs to its best when you are out on your next ride. From quickly navigating a puncture repair to browsing a cafe menu, our varifocal lenses make it simple.


Whether you are checking a route on your Sat-Nav or keeping your eyes peeled for sharp bends, varifocals are great at helping you focus your vision on more than just the road.


Varifocal lenses will give you the flexibility to keep your eyes focused when up close attaching your hookbaits but they also offer you clear vision when casting a line.


No matter if you are working up close tying bowline knots or looking out reading the texture of the water, you need clear visibility at sea and varifocals offer you just that and more.

The Science Behind Varifocals

Once you reach your forties, your eyes start to change as the muscles start to get weaker. This causes fatigue and normal deterioration of your close sight. A simple solution for this is to wear a pair of varifocal lenses.

Varifocal lenses work by combining your distance, intermediate and near vision so you have the ability to see all distances with one lens. The very top of the lens allows you to see clearly into the distance, while the middle incorporates your intermediate vision. The bottom of the lens has been specifically designed to help you with near-vision tasks such as reading. Unlike bifocals, varifocal lenses offer your vision a far more natural experience and are seamlessly integrated to look like single-vision lenses.

Our Lenses

We always want to offer you the best optical experience This is why we offer fantastic varifocal packages from prestigious brands. To find out more about our varifocal designs, please see below:

Our Essilor Varilux Comfort Max package offers you clear and concise vision at any distance. We believe this is the best combination package for those who value sporting performance but also want sharp daily vision.

The Oakley Authentic Prescription package is an excellent choice for performance-optimised eyewear. They use high-quality materials and innovative technology that is well-suited to sports and glasses.

For high-impact sports, our Shamir Attitude III Sport package is a super solution. These lenses are designed for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. They are a fantastic choice for wrapped sports frames.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss an alternative varifocal package, please get in touch with our in-house optical experts who are on hand to assist you.

Share your sport

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