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Pit Viper build functional, fun-loving gear that is serious about taking things less seriously. The Pit Viper foundation is creating eyewear that can take a beating. The aim is to always deliver the optimal blend of style and performance.

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    Pit Viper The Gogglés Goggles

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Pit Viper was founded on a simple principle – sunglasses that can take a beating. In the spring of 2012, Chuck Mumford started to develop a rugged product that could be shot at, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and still maintain their sun and wind bucking ability.


Originally designed to block champagne spray from the eyes of World Champions, Gogglés may also be repurposed for all sport applications such as: skiing, snowboarding, skijoring, mountain biking, dog walking, sailing, ball stuff, surfboarding, inline, snowblower, aerobic competition, sex.


Although the sun assaults from above, wind penetrates from all angles. Traditional Pit Vipers buck wind speeds up to 420 kph, but some Pit Viper owners say they need to go faster. For real speeders, we present our first full face-cupping pair of Pit Vipers, the foam lined, strap-on, Gogglés.

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