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March 2019

VARiO™ Lens Technology from adidas Sport eyewear

  • Superb lens clarity with VARiO™ + LST™ + mirror filter options
  • New LST™ bright VARiO purple mirror filter option, combining eye fatigue reducing LST™ technology with photochromic lens tint.

With the VARiO™ and VARiO™ Tuned lenses from adidas Sport eyewear, say good-bye to manually swapping out lenses in order to adapt to different lighting conditions. The photochromic VARiO™ lenses have the ability to automatically change from crystal clear to dark within 20 seconds. A transmission range from 0 to 92%, or category 0 to category 3, allows the VARiO™ lens to transform from fully translucent to its grey lens tint according to lighting conditions. In other words, from leisurely outdoor adventures under fair and sunny skies to heading out for the after work run in the evenings, VARiO™ lenses are always the right choice for optimum vision and performance.

Evil eye evo pro a193 6058 vario highlight | 1

Evil eye evo pro a193 6058 vario highlight | 2

The latest LST™ VARiO Tuned lenses provides optimum protection and comfort, adapting to light conditions. Light Stablizing Technology™ intensifies contrasts and harmonises light fluctuations, reducing eye fatigue and improving concentration. With the introduction of the LST™ bright VARiO™ purple mirror filter, all of these benefits combine in a single lens to deliver next-generation adaptability, versatility and clarity for ultimate confidence, whatever your sport.

Available with prescription solutions in our best-selling models, please contact us for more information.

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