Dirty Dog Sport Edge – Wideopen Magazine Review!

October 2016

We sent a pair of Dirty Dog Sport Edge sunglasses on their holidays to the guys at Wideopen Magazine. After putting the Dirty Dog’s through their paces, they published a great review on their site! 

“With summer leaving town faster than a wig in a hurricane it might seem odd to feature sun glasses” – We agree but you protecting your eyes from the harsh winter wind, rain and grit is still hugely important!

“The Dirty Dog Edge brings together a plenty of to-be-expected features but is most interesting because of its photochromic lens option.” 

Jamie at Wideopen mag tested the Smoke Photochromic DD Sport Edge – “When the trails get darker, the lens loses its tint. When the sun shines, the lens tints.”

Photochromic lenses are a cyclists best friend when it comes to changing weather, they are a good compromise that will work for every season, in all weathers!

“The frame is also light and comfortable, there’s a rubber nose-bridge to hold them in place in crappy conditions and the lens is shatterproof and scratch resistant.”  – Even at such a reasonable price you would be buying a comfortable lightweight frame.

“In practice we’ve found the Dirty Dog Edge to work really well. An evening ride up into the Llangollen hills above the British Downhill Series treated us to a bright, low end-of-the-summer sun and lots of jetting in and out of dark trees from dark to light to dark.” – THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

“The lens never goes totally clear in the light but brightens up well enough for all but the darkest of woods” – The Smoke Photochromic lens will transition from 47% at its lightest down to 14% at its darkest.

“Dirty Dog might not be the most on-trend name on the track – but if you want good value and comfortable optics that will keep your eyes safe in changing light, these will do the job” – THEY HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD.

If you fancy your own pair of Dirty Dog sunnies then click here

Thank you to Jamie at Wideopen Magazine, we loved your review!


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