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Sheild Sunglasses


The purist's choice. Allows an uninterrupted field of vision, and maximises the amount of lens coverage. We recommend models with a nose-piece that sits separate from the top brow. This means you will not lose your line of sight as you track a target across your field of view.

Semi-Rimless Sunglasses


The open-lens design ensures frame distraction is minimised. This design opens up greater options for prescription wearers, without sacrificing many of the benefits of a standard shield.

Tech Features

Frame & Lenses

Impact Standards

ANSI Z87.1 - A pre-requisite for all of the glasses re recommend for shooting. This US standard tests the glasses for high impact and high velocity.

MIL-PRF-31013 - The Military Fragment Test involves having projectiles shot at the lenses to prove their level of protection. This ballistic test is the ultimate test for military grade glasses.
Golf Tech

Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for shooting.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
GREY - A neutral lens, ideal for bright sunny conditions.
BROWN - A medium-bright light lens, with added contrast enhancement. Mutes blue light effectively, so ideal for clay shooting on sunny days. The RxSport pick for bright conditions.
VERMILLION / ROSE - Enhances contrast and improves depth perception on changeable/intermediate days. Good for shooting in green environments, good at enhancing orange clays.
ORANGE / PERSIMMON - For low-medium light conditions, orange sharpens contrast and brightens the field of vision. Another strong choice for clay shooting in lower light conditions.
YELLOW - Best suited for very low light/dull conditions, yellow lenses enhance contrast and improve brightness.

Recommended Products

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