POC Orb Clarity Prescription Ski Goggles

POC Orb Clarity Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Prescription Price includes clip-on goggle insert made to your prescription
  • Frame Dual compound, large fitting goggle with triple layer face foam
  • Accessories Includes microfibre goggle bag
  • Lenses Anti-fog treated spherical dual-layer lens with Clarity lenses by Zeiss
  • Fit Suits a large adult fit, featuring dual-adjustable goggle strap

Our View

The new Orb Clarity introduces a new level of optical performance thanks to Zeiss and the new Clarity lens. Crystal clear views are complemented by an innovative frame construction to offer you maximum vision. Combined with triple layer fleece foam for ultimate comfort and a super quick lens changing system this really is the go to goggle this season.

Orb Clarity introduces a new level of optical performance thanks to unique lenses produced in collaboration with industry leaders, Carl Zeiss. Integrated with the grilamid Orb frame, which has a maximised field of view and a simple and quick lens changing system, the result is unparalleled vision and performance whatever the weather. - POC

  • Ripel - Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens treatment
  • Spherical shape for a wider field of view
  • Unique Spektris mirror coating
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap
  • Clarity lens base tint
  • Durable Grilamid and flexible TPU frame
  • Simple and quick lens changing system

  • POC Goggles - Prescription Technology

    POC Prescription Goggles

    Salice Universal Prescription Insert

    This POC model is fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice. Note that this insert is not a POC product.

    This insert uses a spring-loaded fitting technique, the fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.

    Salice Prescription Insert

    POC Goggles Technology - POC Clarity Technology

    POC Clarity Technology

    POC Clarity introduces a new highpoint in optical performance, thanks to unique lenses made in collaboration with industry leaders ZEISS. POC Clarity lenses have been developed for all day, all mountain use.

    Highly advanced tints are designed to enhance vision by significantly improving contrast and light in differing weather conditions. By maximising vision, performance and the ability to react to hazards are boosted.

    POC Goggles Technology - POC Clarity Lenses

    POC Clarity

    A new level of optical performance, made in collaboration with ZEISS

    POC Goggles Technology - POC Clarity Detail

    POC Clarity lenses are frequency-tuned in to the needs of skiers and snowboarders who need all-day precision and performance. Lenses for sunny and partly sunny weather are enhanced with specific mirror coatings.

    By combining POC Clarity lenses with Spektris mirror coatings, base tint and mirror can work in synch to enhance colour and contrast while protecting the eyes from fatigue and glare.

    POC Goggles Technology - Goggle Features

    POC Goggles Technology

    POC Goggles Technology - Maximised Field of View

    Maximised Field of View

    The sleek frameless construction removes excess material from the canopy to offer uncompromised fields of view and peripheral vision.

    POC Goggles Technology - Triple Layer Foam

    Triple Layer Foam

    Three layers of face foam cushion the fit, create a perfect seal between face and goggles and wicks moisture from the face to reduce fogging.

    POC Goggles Technology - Polyurethane Frame

    Polyurethane Frame

    Soft-coated and flexible polyurethane frame for a comfortable fit and to spread the energy in case of an impact.

    POC Goggles Technology - Dual Layer Lens

    Dual Layer Lens

    A combination of a cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens and polycarbonate (PC) outer lens delivers superior clarity and impact resistance.

    POC Goggles Technology - Silicone Grip

    Silicone Grip

    Silicone grip on the inside of the strap keeps the goggles in situ without slipping across the helmet surface and compromising fit.

    POC Goggles Technology - Seamless Fit

    Seamless Fit

    All POC goggles are designed to fit seamlessly with POC helmets, optimising ventilation and delivering a better look.