Prescription Goggle Inserts

Prescription Goggle Inserts

  • Fuss-free, clip-in inserts compatible with a wide range of ski goggles
  • Inserts are made to order and glazed with lenses made to your prescription
  • Choose from four different lens packages, including thin and bifocal lenses
  • Inserts available from brands including Salice, Inland, Bolle, Smith and adidas
  • Buying inserts separately is perfect if you already have goggles (and know it fits!)

 If you need corrective vision on the mountain then clip-in goggle inserts are the ideal solution. These inserts are spring-loaded and fit securely into the goggle canopy, keeping the lenses at the ideal distance from the eyes. Want to buy the full package including a pair of goggles? Start shopping here!

Ever wondered how prescription ski goggles work? Want to know what to expect when you buy some prescription ski goggles? This page aims to answer any questions you may have about our prescription goggle inserts.

The Insert: How It Works

A ski goggle with a prescription insert fitted inside the frame

Effective Corrective Vision on Snow

Goggle lenses are too large and sit too far from the eyes to deliver effective corrective vision. Your prescription also requires two lenses, one for each eye, which isn't possible with a single, large goggle lens.

The solution is a spring-loaded insert which sits snug within the goggle canopy. The lenses of the insert are glazed to your prescription. Inserts are a much less cumbersome solution than OTG goggles.

Prescription Lens Options

We offer four different lens options which cater to the varying demands of our prescription wearers. Here's a summary of each of the available options.


If your prescription is only mild and you're not one for misting up lenses, our Essential package will tick your boxes just fine without breaking the bank! Essential lenses are made with CR39, with an optical clarity rivalling that of glass.


For those with higher prescriptions, our Tough lens is made from Polycarbonate, up to 20% thinner and lighter than Essential. These are given a front and back anti-scratch coating and are double layered for protection from abrasion, helping to keep that premium finish.


We accommodate more demanding prescriptions with the Thin lens. These 1.67 High Index lenses are up to 30% thinner and lighter than Essential and include an anti-reflection coat as standard to boost clarity, reduce back-surface glare and enhance cosmetic appearance.


Struggle to read ski maps or use your phone out on the snow? We offer bifocal reader lenses to help you see the finer detail with ease. Our bifocal lenses for goggle inserts use the Tough lens package with a small reading segment at the bottom of the lens.

The Finished Product: How It Looks

Ski goggle inserts put some people off because they worry that the insert will be visible from the outside. If you've just shelled out for one of the hottest looks of the season, we can't blame you for staying style-conscious! You may take your finished product out of the box and balk at the sight of a garish insert through the lens. To put your mind at ease we've tried to illustrate how your goggles' lens will look different depending on whether and where it's worn.

Out of the Box: Unworn, Indoors

Ski Goggle Prescription Inserts - Indoors Demo

The first sight of your goggles will be as you unbox them indoors. When the goggle is unworn light is able to shine through from the inside of the goggle, diminishing the effect of the mirror finish, possibly to the point that it can't be seen at all!

Ski Goggle Prescription Inserts - Indoors Demo

In Its Element: Worn, Outdoors

Ski Goggle Prescription Inserts - Outdoors Demo

In brighter, natural light mirrors can come into their own. By wearing the goggles light is unable to pass through via the inner surface, making the mirror finish much more intense and obscuring anything within the canopy, such as an insert.

Ski Goggle Prescription Inserts - Outdoors Demo

Note that this effect will only apply to mirrored lenses. Standard fixed tints will only hide the insert to a limited extent regardless of ambient conditions. In these cases we will always recommend darker tints to do a better job. Don't expect to ride stealthy-chic rocking a yellow lens!