adidas Prescription Goggles

adidas Prescription Goggles

Developing from their bold progression in sports eyewear over recent years, adidas have applied the same technology and groundbreaking features to their snow goggles to bring the range to life. All model in the new range are seamlessly compatible with adidas' proprietary a747 insert, helping to deliver corrective vision within your goggles!


Boasting nearly seven decades of experience in the production of performance sports equipment, adidas have channeled their knowledge into creating quality eyewear, worn by some of the world's biggest names in a breadth of sporting disciplines.


All adidas goggles in this range are fully compatible with adidas' proprietary a747 prescription goggle insert. Like a miniature pair of eyeglasses without the clutter, the insert simply fits within the goggle canopy to deliver secure corrective vision when on the snow.


adidas have gone down the route of oversized lenses for maximum peripheral views and a low profile look. The spectacular rimless design of the ad80 Backland is sure to draw eyes with its range of eyecatching mirrored lenses.

With award-winning designs such as the Progressor Pro Pack and the stylish Backland Spherical in the lineup, adidas Sport Eyewear is launching into the winter season of 2018-19 with a bang! With a variety of colours and performance lens tints to choose from it's easy to bridge the gap between style and technological advancements


Every model in the new range is compatible with adidas’ prescription inserts, meaning you don’t need to miss out if you have corrective vision.

The insert clips into the goggle canopy for seamless integration and clutter-free convenience.

RxSport offer a wide range of lens options for adidas goggle inserts with a range of lens materials featuring super-thin lenses for high prescriptions and performance lenses with anti-fog treatments for those who push themselves the hardest on the mountain.

We also offer a ski goggle-specific bifocal lens. This is perfect for those who need a bit of help to read the piste map, but do not want to lose all the benefits of a ski goggle.

adidas goggles tech

adidas Goggles

New season, new lineup

adidas aim to be a leading light in snowsport eyewear for yet another season. This year sees the return of popular names and the introduction of a new one, the ad86 Backland Spherical, hitching a ride on the success of the best-selling original ad80 Backland.

From the spectacular style of the Backland and Backland Spherical to the revolutionary Lens Pod system on the ad83 Progressor Pro Pack, adidas have winter covered. Applying tech from their sunglasses into goggles gives adidas that extra edge.

Goggles to suit a variety of styles, functions and performance; the Progressors are the big hitting family in adidas' snow lineup. Offering riders a choice of cylindrical (ad81 Progressor C) or spherical (ad82 Progressor S) lenses are its party piece.

By offering a spherical or cylindrical lenspod and by utilising high quality materials, the Progressor delivers perfect fit and highest comfort in every situation on the mountain. Developed with athletes, for athletes, to deliver exactly what you need on the hill.

adidas Progressor

Progressive Vision

Introducing the Progressor Collection

adidas goggles tech

LST Lenses

Light Stabilising Technology

adidas have unveiled LST lens tech designed specifically for the snowy environment. Including the ever popular LST Active Silver and the low-light specific LST Bright Blue Mirror, you'll be able to pick and choose the perfect lens for your needs.

LST lenses equalise colour, enhancing the perception of primary colors resulting in high contrast vision. By filtering specific wavelengths of light, LST lenses pick out more detail in the snow. Elevate your performance and gain that added edge with an LST lens, only by adidas!