Prescription Sunglasses


View our range of prescription sunglasses by the following leading brands. Choose between directly glazed in-frame sunglasses by Oakley and Bolle, or models that work with prescription inserts, such as adidas and Rudy Project. We are confident that we offer both the most extensive range of prescription sunglasses as well as the best prices on the web. With a member of the UK Sports Vision board on hand to help, we also feel that we offer expertise unrivalled online or on the high street. For more prescription information, check out our Prescription Guide.

When choosing prescription sunglasses for sport, there are two groups of eyewear available. With positives and negatives to both prescription options, you will probably have a fairly clear opinion about which route you want to take, but here is a brief overview:

Direct in-frame prescription lenses

Exactly the same as a pair of glasses you would buy from an optician, but with the perfect tint and optimum protection. However, because most sports eyewear is highly wrapped, it is impossible to glaze high prescriptions - why not use our prescription filter to find out exactly what is available for your prescription? Simply select 'My Prescription' in the taskbar above.

Prescription inserts/Optical adaptors/Clip-ins

Prescription lenses clip in behind sunglasses or goggles. They ensure that you do not have to compromise your vision to have the frame of your choice, either to optimise protection or purely for style. Plus, they allow contact lens wearers the flexibility to choose when they wear their contacts, should the conditions dry them out for example. Prices INCLUDE lenses, insert and glazing - no hidden extra costs.