Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Julbo's products are designed to meet all needs and bring comfort and convenience to you whatever your lifestyle. Aimed at not only providing excellent protection from the elements but also offering a diverse range of lenses to enhance your performance.


The Jura department of France had been home to a thriving spectacles industry for centuries. In 1888 Jules Baud opened his business, supplying sunglasses to the crystal hunters of Chamonix who need protection from harsh glare.


Reactiv photochromic lenses are designed to react quickly so not to impede performance and in addition to lens materials Julbo adds high-tech coatings to improve performance in accordance to the conditions they are used under.


Designed not only for performance but to look great, with flash finishes giving a mirror finish and a splash of colour on some of the lenses and frames designed to match you'll be sure to look the part in any of their models.

Julbo design and manufacture eyewear and protection products for outdoor sports enthusiasts, from extreme disciplines to everyday life.

Julbo Camino Prescription Sunglasses
Julbo Prescription Sunglasses
Julbo Cycling Prescription Sunglasses
Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Julbo's goal is to constantly push the performance of their vision and protection products, and to invite all of you to live and share the ultimate in outdoor experiences.



Original and iconic throwback style, featuring leather shields and adjustable temple tips for a secure fit.



Designed for endurance, Outline is the embodiment of Julbo's expertise in technical excellence and style.

Race 2.0

Race 2.0

A wrapped sports frame allows for a wide view over the horizon. Aerated lenses ensure excellent ventilation.



Designed for fans of intense effort, these glasses are uncompromising when it comes to performance and comfort.


Julbo Rx Lab Logo

The RX LAB range features the best of Julbo's vision technologies, including their REACTIV photochromic lenses, and combines them with a collection of frames for all faces and all sports.

Julbo Prescription Lens Programme

Performance 100% adapted to your vision

From high-performance Reactiv Photochromic technology to more affordable polycarbonate lenses, the Julbo prescription sunglasses programme offers the widest choice of lenses based on the wearer's sporting discipline, correction and budget.

Designed for dedicated athletes on all types of terrain and in all conditions, Reactiv technology immediately adapts lenses to the ambient light for ultra-accurate vision, whatever the weather. Reactiv lenses are the best photochromics on the market.

Field of Vision

Field of Vision

Featuring a wide range of iconic styles and designs, including wrapped active-lifesyle and sports frames.



Ultra-lightweight prescription lenses, available in NXT or Polycarbonate lens material for exceptional optical clarity.

Optical Correction

Optical Correction

Choose from a wide range of lens tints and finishes for all conditions in both Single Vision and Varifocal.

Julbo Rx Clip Logo

Julbo is revolutionising the optical clip. The innovative RX Clip provides optimum visual comfort on all terrains for all sports. Opticlip and can be used on a selection of Julbo's sports and performance frames.

Julbo Prescription Lens Programme

Prescription sports eyewear in a clip

A great choice for contact lens wearers, clip-on inserts fit into a range of Julbo's performance frames and represent excellent versatility and value for money. Inserts still allow the outer lenses of the sunglasses to be changed so you can adapt to changing conditions on the fly

Compatible with a the Aero, Aerospeed, Aerolite, Outline and Race 2.0; Julbo's Rx Clip range provides an option for a range of sports or activities for those with higher prescriptions or contact lens wearers.

Julbo Reactiv Lens Technology

Available directly-glazed through Julbo's in-house glazing lab, Reactiv is Julbo's flagship line of performance lenses. Made from practically unbreakable NXT material, Reactiv lenses adjust their tint in response to natural light to deliver condition-specific vision no matter the weather.

Reactiv Performance Demonstration

Reactiv Performance Icon

Total Performance, Night and Day

Reactiv Performance 0-3 is recommended for endurance sports played out in all light conditions, from nighttime to full sun.

Reactiv High Mountain Demonstration

Reactiv High Mountain Icon

From One Extreme to the Other

Outstanding protection, glare management and adaptation, Reactiv High Mountain is the benchmark lens for climbers, mountaineers, skiers and hikers.

Reactiv Nautic Demonstration

Reactiv Nautic Icon

A Clear View in All Weathers

Specially designed water-repellent photochromic lenses, Reactiv Nautic defends against wind and spray and adapts to changing conditions.