Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Through the twentieth century and beyond Julbo have been supplying mountaineers, hikers, skiers, sailors, trail runners and even para-gliders with eyewear of the highest quality. The prescription programme doesn't compromise on quality and supplies outstanding products matching the quality of a standard pair of Julbo sunglasses.

In 2010 Julbo revolutionized prescription sunglasses with the launch of RX Trem, a Silmo Gold Award winning process ensuring maximum vision and clarity with minimal distortion over the whole lens. Julbo are unique as their prescription lab is on the company's premises, with an entirely in house production process to ensure outstanding results.


By 1888, the commune of Morez in the Jura department of France had been home to a thriving spectacles industry for centuries. It was then that Jules Baud opened his business. By the turn of the century he was supplying sunglasses to the crystal hunters of Chamonix who required optical protection during their Alpine excursions.


NXT lenses are designed for ultimate performance. Lightweight, fast transitioning, non heat sensitive photochromic lenses and polarised options ensure you get the very best out of your eyewear in all conditions. Polycarbonate lenses offer essential protection, available in a range of tints to so you can customise your sunglasses to suit your needs.


Wrap-around shapes and large deep lenses offer a broad vision spectrum for maximum vision and protection. Designed not only for performance but to look great, frames ergonomically designed to suit your lifestyle as well a being available in different colours to ensure you'll look the part in any of their models.

Julbo’s prescription programme offers the widest possible field of distortion-free vision by using the revolutionary RX Trem techology. This ensures clear vision no matter which direction you look in. Designed to be lightweight and ultra tough for optimum durability and resistance.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - NXT Lenses

NXT lenses are extrememly lightweight and are made from Trivex to offer optimal clarity as well as been ultra tough. Stronger than Polycarbonate they are designed to be impact resitant and withstand repeated stresses, perfect for an active and demanding lifestyle.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Octopus

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Octopus tint

Polarised photochromic lens optimised for use on the open water.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Cameleon

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Cameleon Tint

Polarised photochromic lens optimised for use at high altitude.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Zebra

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Zebra Tint

Photochromic lens designed for all-terrain uses such as trail running.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Polycarbonate

A light yet tough lens offering the essitial protection required for outdoor activities. Impact resistant and with hard coatings as standard they offer good all round protection from the elements. Choose from a range of tints to suit your individual needs.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Polarised 3

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Polarised 3 tint

Polarised lens available in three colours - green, brown and grey.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Spectron 3

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Spectron 3 tint

Contrast-boosting brown lens designed for all-purpose use in sun.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Mountain


Eyewear by the high-altitude masters

For Julbo the mountains are where it all began. From the first sunglasses designed for Chamonix crystal hunter, to the incredible speed-climbing exploits of the legendary Ueli Steck.

Combining performance frames and lenses means you can take on the most challenging peaks with improved safety and comfort. Providing ultimate clarity so not to impede vision and performance.

Thanks to the blend of technology from Julbo’s wrapped frames and its polarised photochromic lenses, boundary-pushing sunglasses for the open water have been developed.

Take to the seas with total confidence and unbeatable visual performance with the Octopus lens. Its polarised filter blocks reflected glare, and the adjustable tint helps to reduce eye fatigue.

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Nautic


Performance you can depend on

Julbo Prescription Sunglasses - Speed


For those that live their sport to the limit

Trail runners and mountain bikers need look no further! Radical, robust and reliable, these sunglasses are designed for those who live their sports to the absolute max.

The speed demons within you will love the options on offer, with ultra-light frames combined with the versatility of photochromic lenses meaning you can perform at your best from dawn till dusk.