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Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

Founded in northern Italian city of Treviso in 1985 by Rudy Barbazza, Rudy Project have always existed on the crest of a wave, constantly innovating and reinventing to produce some of the world's finest eyewear for competitive spirits. Under the "Technically Cool" philosophy, Rudy Project eyewear is defined by its distinctive style and raft of technical features designed to enhance vision, comfort and performance.


With three decades of experience in sports optics Rudy Project have rapidly expanded to provide eyewear to every corner of the world, and to some of the greatest pro athletes. Every piece of eyewear is 100% made in Italy using quality components.


Signature elements of Rudy Project frames include their fully adjustable temple tips and nose pads, and lightweight materials including Grilamid and Kynetium. Most models are available both with prescription clip-on inserts or with directly glazed lenses.


The wrap-around shape is a defining Rudy Project feature, with both full-rim, half-rim and rimless designs all playing their part in the range. Frame colours vary from the understated to the outright wild, with something to satisfy every taste.

Crafted using the finest materials with a cutting-edge design philosophy, Rudy Project sunglasses are the prime choice of all manner of athletes, from seasoned professionals to passionate amateurs. Here is an introduction to the range of features you can find in sunglasses of the Rudy Project range.

Rudy Project Sunglasses - Prescription Technology

With Rudy Project's prescription programme you have the freedom to choose how your corrective vision is delivered. Most models are available with directly glazed lenses, produced in collaboration Shamir, a laboratory renowned for their exceptional sports-specific corrective lenses. The alternative option, available on almost all models of the Rudy Project range is the use of a clip-on prescription insert which can easily be attached or detached from the frame.


Directly Glazed Lenses: Selected models are available in directly glazed form. The prescription lenses are glazed by Shamir, using FreeForm technology. This cutting edge technology ensures excellent optics, and is proving extremely popular on these sports sunglasses. This is the ideal solution for clutter-free optics.


Clip-On Prescription Insert: Most Rudy Project sunglasses work with clip-on prescription inserts. The insert can be integrated easily and rapidly into the sunglasses without interfering with their functionality. Inserts are a great choice for those who want the freedom to wear their prescription when they choose.

Rudy Project - Advanced Materials for Sport

Rudy Project eyewear is unmistakeable by its elegant, wrap-around style. While these frames may look delicate, they are anything but. Quality components and rigid construction ensure that every Rudy Project frame will stand up to punishment thrown at it by practically any sport.

Rudy Project Materials Guide

1// Kynetium™

A magnesium, silicon and titanium aerospace aluminium, conceived in order to create ultra-light, versatile sunglasses with unmistakeable performance.

2// Grilamid®

Used to make frame fronts, this is a shock-resistant, hypoallergenic and lightweight thermoplastic renowned for its stability, flexibility and durability.

3// Adjustable Temples and Nose Piece

Nosepads and temple tips on selected models are fully adjustable to customise the fit. Coated in a hydrophilic material, these elements help maintain grip.

Rudy Project - Quickchange

Stay on top of conditions with Quick Change™! Rudy Project have designed their frames to allow for the quick and simple switching of lenses, meaning adapting to changing light or weather when on the go couldn't be easier.

With a wealth of lens options at hand, Quick Change means you'll never need to be caught out by failing light, unexpected showers or whiteouts!

Rudy Project - Quickchange Demo

Rudy Project - TCS (Total Control System)

Selected Rudy Project models feature adjustable temples for a fully-customised fit with perfect grip. With a simple application of pressure you can twist and contort the temples into any direction. This also makes Rudy Project frames brilliantly compatible with cycle helmets!

The Ergo IV Nosepiece provides an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system can be used to adjust the height of the sunglasses and their distance from the face to reduce the risk of misting.

Rudy Project - Adjustable Temple Tips

Rudy Project - Safety Project

Rudy Project - Safety Project Diagram

All Rudy Project sunglasses are designed with sport in mind. With Safety Project, these frames are designed to reduce the risk of facial injury in the unlikely event of a fall. At key strategic points on the frame such as the hinges, the frame is rounded into a soft curve to ensure there are no harmful sharp edges. Grilamid® frame front material is also extremely flexible under stress which further reduces any potential risk.

Rudy Project - Integrated Air Conditioning

Rudy Project - Air Conditioning Diagram

Specific air channels crafted into the inner side of each temple allow air flow coming from the lens intakes to reduce thermal shock - preventing lens fogging. The Venturi effect conveys air throughout the frame, ensuring perfect vision and comfortable ventilation without disturbing vision.