Wiley X Wave Prescription Sunglasses

Wiley X Wave Prescription Sunglasses

  • Prescription Price includes authentic Wiley X prescription lenses
  • Frame Lightweight 8 base wrapped frame with removable facial cavity seal
  • Use Ideally suited for outdoor adventure and high speed action sports
  • Lenses Fitted with lenses meeting EN.166 S impact protection standards
  • Fit Unisex design, suits a small to medium adult fit
  • Accessories Includes a zip-up case, microfibre bag and elastic strap

Our View

Packed full of Wiley X's unique tech into a smaller size. The Wiley X Wave features all the components needed to keep you protected whatever your adventures. The removable facial cavity seal helps to keep the elements out and vision clear.

Wiley X's View

Tough enough to endure any outdoor activity, the Wiley X Wave was made for those living on the rough edge of performance. The wrap-around shape combined with removable foam gasket offer total protection from the elements, with impact-resistant lenses delivering exceptional eye defence.

Wiley X Wave Sunglasses


  • Price includes authentic prescription lenses
  • Lightweight and flexible frame
  • Removable Facial Cavity Seal
  • Includes Wiley X elastic strap
  • Rubber temple tips and nosepads
  • 8 base curved frame
  • Suits a small to medium adult fit
  • Certification: EN.166 S
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Includes hard case
  • Facial Cavity Seal Technology

    Extreme Eye Protection

    Fine dust, pollen and wind can cause eye irritation. Peripheral light can also diminish optical clarity. Removable soft foam Facial Cavity Seals combined with the Top Down Ventilation System block out irritants and peripheral light, protecting the eyes and allowing all lenses to perform at peak levels.

    Dry Eye Sydrome

    Dry eyes are a result of reduced tear production or a change in the tear film’s consistency resulting in tears evaporating more quickly.

    Protecting the eyes during activities that expose you to wind, dust and debris is crucial in preventing dry eyes that can result in Dry Eye Syndrome. The Wiley X Facial Cavity Seal and the base curve of all Wiley X frames help minimize the airflow around the eye, allowing the user to focus on the challenge at hand.

    Wiley X Facial Cavity Seal Technology

    Prescription Technology

    Authentic Wiley X Prescription Lenses

    Authentic Wiley X Prescription Lenses

    Wiley X have chosen Shamir as their professional prescription lens partner. Their Attitude lenses have been specifically developed for Wiley X's 8-base curve frames.

    The result is customised lenses that offer crystal clear vision in any given situation, while providing the same crucial protection as the non-prescription lenses developed by Wiley X.

    Wiley X Prescription Technology - Rx Ready Frame

    Rx Ready Frame

    This frame is fitted with authentic Wiley X prescription lenses. When you buy you can be assured of receiving quality eyewear designed to meet essential impact protection standards. An anti-scratch treatment is included as standard.

    Wiley X Prescription Technology - Lenses by Shamir

    Lenses by Shamir

    Wiley X have teamed up with Shamir, whose Attitude lens collection was developed especially for wraparound frames. All prescription lenses are made from tough polycarbonate, making them perfect for sport and active lifestyles.

    Wiley X Prescription Technology - Certified Impact Resistance

    Certified Impact Resistance

    This Wiley X frame and lenses meet EN.166 S impact resistance standards. Frame and lens must withstand the impact of a 22mm steel ball weighing 43g dropped from 1.3m at a speed of 18km/h.

    Dimensions for the Wiley X Wave are as follows:

    Lens Width
    Lens Height