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adidas Prescription Sunglasses

Designed to meet the needs of various sports and lifestyles, adidas Eyewear products ensure the best combination of next-generation frame and lens technologies. adidas' range of prescription eyewear is designed to provide sportsmen and women with clear and undistorted vision. Built to face anything, this eyewear will provide the best performance even in extreme situations, which can be adjusted to individual preferences and sports. The addition of adidas' revolutionary official glazing programme now gives you a wider range of sports performance lenses to cover any activity.


Boasting nearly seven decades of experience in the production of performance sports equipment, adidas have channeled their knowledge into creating quality eyewear, worn by some of the world's biggest names in a breadth of sporting disciplines.


Enjoy the freedom of choice with adidas, whether through a clip-on insert which can be easily attached or removed as and when you need it, or through a set of made-to-order, directly glazed prescription lenses produced by the official adidas glazing programme.


adidas specialise in extremely wrapped eyewear, providing total protection of the ocular area. Contrast-boosting, polarised and photochromic lenses, and a huge selection of frame accessories, make these models unbelievably versatile.

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