Bolle Goggles

Bolle Prescription Insert

Bolle Prescription Goggles

We also offer a range of Bolle prescription ski goggles, which work with a prescription insert. This removes the need to wedge spectacles inside your goggles, or battling with contact lenses in a cold environment.

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Since 1960 Bolle have imagined, designed, tested and produced goggles to help you get out there no matter what the conditions may be. A stylish, understated brand, Bolle have kept true to their European roots. Enviable build quality has been allied with intuitive tech features. Highlights of the Bolle range include their Modulator lenses, which pioneered photochromic lens technology for ski goggles, Equalizer ventilation which allows lenses to breathe and impressively wide fields of view. Worn by Olympic gold medalists from Anna Veith to Pierre Vaultier to Seth Wescott, you can't argue with Bolle's snow pedigree!


Founded in Oyonnax, France in 1888, Bolle were pioneers of moulding methods. This led to their first ski goggles being marketed in 1960, with the company becoming renowned as one of the world's most prominent manufacturers of premium eyewear.


Bolle pride themselves on quality optics. P80+ anti-fog technology can be found on the inner surface of every Bolle goggle lens. Added perks like photochromic Modulator™ technology, lens polarisation and Carbo-Glas coatings take the visual quality even further.


Bolle are known for their iconic, tried-and-trusted shapes and liveries. If you're after something large, small, spherical or cylindrical you will find it in this eclectic range. With a massive range of eyecatching colourways, Bolle offer something for everyone!

Bolle are driven by their passion for the outdoors. Hailing from the gateway to the French Alps, their heritage is firmly rooted in the snow. Bolle specialise in straightforward product that does the basics especially well. Expect comfortable frames fitted with lenses with incredible clarity and the use of premium materials throughout. Read on the learn more about this year's offering from Bolle, and browse through products to discover some more of the key features!

Bolle Goggles

Delivering alpine performance for all ages

Bolle's proud tradition of superior snow eyewear continues for another season. This year sees a refined range with new technologies enhancing exceptional product even further.

These goggles get the basics right with no-fuss function provided in a premium package. Men, women and kids of all experiences levels and tastes need look no further than Bolle!

Men's Goggles

The Tsar leads the way with its form-fitting b-Flex frame technology. The Emperor is a mainstay of the range. If you have a taste for retro style, head towards the Nova II!

Women's Goggles

Duchess delivers premium technology optimised for a feminine fit. The Scarlett sports a cylindrical shape, while the Sierra is perfect for a stylish look on a budget!

Kids' Goggles

The Volt has been designed for kids aged six and over, while the Amp is for those finding their feet on the snow for the first time, aged between three and six years old.

Introducing the next generation of light-adjusting lens technology, all of Bolle's photochromic Modulator lenses are now available in tough, lightweight and optically-superior NXT material!

Featuring new Low Temperature Sensitivity (LTS) technology, means these lenses darken and lighten faster regardless of the temperatures, meaning you can take to the snow no matter the weather!

Modulator Lenses

The leading photochromic lens whatever the conditions

Modulator 2.0 Light Control features a polarised filter to block reflected glare

Modulator 2.0 Vermillion Blue is a rose-based lens with a reflective blue mirror

Modulator 2.0 Green Emerald is a brown-based lens with a reflective green mirror

Modulator 2.0 Citrus Gun is an amber lens with a reflective orange mirror finish.

Double Up

Bolle helmets now available at RxSport!

Strength and comfort is the cornerstone of Bolle's protective engineering, the same principle applies to their range of ski helmets. For the perfect counterpart to your Bolle goggles, look no further!

Bolle helmets make their return to RxSport after several years, and with them come a raft of technical features putting them amongst the finest on the market. Head over to Bolle Helmets and browse the range now!

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Bolle's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightAlmost all Bolle lenses are designed to be worn in varied conditions, but some lean more to brighter conditions. Amber and vermilion bases are combined with mirrors to suit every taste.

Citrus GoldCitrus Gold

Green EmeraldGreen Emerald

Polarised AuroraPolarised Aurora

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightLargely shunning the trend for interchangeable lenses, Bolle prefer to produce all condition tints. Their photochromic Modulator lenses are a cut above, adapting to perfectly match the weather.

Modulator Light ControlModulator Light Control

Modulator Vermilion BlueModulator Vermilion Blue


Low Light

Low LightAgain, due their focus on all-day performance the Bolle low-lighters would qualify as low-medium lenses for almost any other brand. For pure flat light, stick to their classic Lemon options.


Lemon GunLemon Gun

Rose GoldRose Gold