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Scott Goggles

Scott Goggles


Scott has never been a brand for egos. For over half a century they've quietly set about creating all manner of ski equipment for dedicated enthusiasts and professionals alike, without pretence or showboating. Scott make equipment for purists simply living for the experience. Scott goggles help you see clearly on the snow no matter the conditions, whether you're zooming down freshly groomed piste or trudging through harsh backcountry. These guys are happy to let the product speak for itself, so pick up some Scott ski goggles today and sample what they best in the industry have to offer!


In 1958 talented engineer and ski racer Ed Scott created the first tapered aluminium ski pole. That invention launched a new brand, SCOTT, and fundamentally positioned Scott as a technical product leader in the skiing market.


From top to bottom of the range Scott goggles feature Amplifier lens technology, developed to help you see better on the snow. For skiers that need to head out fully prepared, the LCG and LCG Compact feature a unique lens change system for quick and simple adaptation.


Not a brand for overcomplication, Scott specialise in unfussy and clean paint jobs and strap designs that will coordinate with the rest of your gear without fail. Try maxing out your style points by pairing these goggles with a Scott helmet!

Every component of the Scott goggle is designed with consideration to maximise function. From straps to frames to lenses, here you can find a rundown of everything that makes Scott goggles some of the most reputable winter sports eyewear on the market.

Scott Ski Goggles - Introduction

Scott Goggles

Amplify Your Vision

Scott Sports have been pushing the limits of innovation, technology and design since 1958. From the very first ski goggles to the industry-leading technology of the LCG and LCG Compact, Scott make great goggles because they've been doing it for five decades.

We welcome a bunch of new faces into this range for 2018/19. The Faze II and Unlimited II OTG are new designs for the men's line. For women the Muse and Muse Pro are new introductions, while for kids there are two all-new designs in the Jr Agent and Jr Witty.

Scott Goggles - Amplifier Lens Technology

Amplifier Lens Technology

Featuring as standard on all of Scott goggle lenses, Amplifier lens technology utilises a unique light transmission curve to optimise colour contrast and clarity across a range of light conditions in the snowy environment.

Amplifier lenses optimise the transmission of three specific wavelengths of light - blue, orange and red - the most important ranges of light for the human eye to enhance contrast and clarity. This filters visible light to emphasise detail you need the most when on the snow.

Scott Goggles - Amplifier Lens Graphic

Available in a wide range of different tints and mirror finishes, and utilising technologies including light-sensitive photochromic tints, Amplifier lenses are capable of providing superior vision on the snow across practically any light conditions you may encounter when on the snow.

Scott Amplifier Lenses - Light Sensitive

Light Sensitive | CAT: S1-3

Scott Amplifier Lenses - Illuminator

Illuminator | CAT: S1

Scott Amplifier Lenses - Enhancer

Enhancer | CAT: S2

Scott Amplifier Lenses - Solar Blocker

Solar Blocker | CAT: S3

Scott Goggles Product Summary

Scott Goggles Product Summary

Scott Mens Goggles Recommendations

Men's Goggles

Leading the way is the LCG with its convenient lens change system. The new Unlimited II OTG is perfect for eyeglass wearers, while the Fact is great for skiers on a budget!

Scott Womens Goggles Recommendations

Women's Goggles

The scaled-down LCG Compact offers the convenience of lens swapping, while the Muse and Muse Pro deliver spec-heavy style and plush comfort at an excellent price point.

Scott Kids Goggles Recommendations

Kids' Goggles

For the youngest skiers we welcome the Jr Agent, perfect for children enjoying their first days on the snow. For older kids the Jr Witty is a safe bet with its clean styling.

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Scott's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightBluebird days call for a Solar lens. These are the darkest options in Scott's lineup and are perfectly suited to taking to edge off harsh glare and intense light for great eye comfort throughout the day!

Solar Green ChromeSolar Green Chrome

Solar Red ChromeSolar Red Chrome

Solar Blue ChromeSolar Blue Chrome

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightFor middling conditions when the weather can't make its mind up, the Enhancer line of tints come to the fore. Available with coloured mirror finishes including Teal, Yellow and Silver, Enhancer tints are perfect for conditions ranging from moderately bright to mucky!

Enhancer Teal ChromeEnhancer Teal Chrome

Enhancer Yellow ChromeEnhancer Yellow Chrome

Enhancer Silver ChromeEnhancer Silver Chrome

Low Light

Low LightWhen the sun is definitely not coming out to play we suggest riding with an Illuminator lens. Designed to transmit the greatest amount of light possible, these lenses perform best in poor, low-light conditions.

Illuminator Blue ChromeIlluminator Blue Chrome

Illuminator Red ChromeIlluminator Red Chrome


Black / Grey / Silver
Purple / Violet
Rose / Pink
All Weather
Overcast / Cloudy
Snow / Flat Light
Bonus Lens
Quick Lens Change