Scott Goggles

As one of RxSport's latest winter range additions, Scott goggles continue to be an unmatched industry standard for innovation, comfort and performance, turning the focus to fun. With the top of the range award-winning LCG making a return, Scott make lens switching quick and simple when out on the snow. Fit System technology can be found on selected models making for excellently wearable and comfortable eyewear. Eyecatching and quality woven straps make these goggles stylish as well as functional. With offerings for kids, adults, men and women you won't be left out on a limb by this Scott range. This is a company which goes the extra mile to ensure you receive sport-ready products of the highest quality. No Shortcuts.


In 1958 talented engineer and ski racer Ed Scott created the first tapered aluminium ski pole. That invention launched a new brand, SCOTT, and fundamentally positioned Scott as a technical product leader in the skiing market.


The LCG features one of the simplest lens change systems around. Fit System can be found on selected models, and can be adjusted between four positions for a customised face and nose fit. Light Sensitive lenses adjust their tint based on ambient light.


Maximise your style points by pairing these goggles with a Scott helmet. The Fix has been revamped with new articulating outriggers for better fitting. For the toddler market, Scott offer the Agent Junior as the perfect choice for budding snow lovers.

Every component of the Scott goggle is designed with consideration to maximise function. From straps to frames to lenses, here you can find a rundown of everything that makes Scott goggles some of the most reputable winter sports eyewear on the market.


Scott has been pushing the limits of innovation, technology and design since 1958. From the first goggles to the industry-leading technology of the LCG, Scott make great goggles because they’ve been doing it for nearly 50 years.

The 2016/17 season at RxSport sees the return of familiar Scott styles such as the flagship LCG design with its quick and simple Lens Change System. New models include the all-new Fix, Fact and Buzz with the return of the women’s specific Dana and Mia designs.

Scott strive to make goggles that riders of all skill levels and styles will love. These goggles have a clear vision of the future. Take a look.


The only dependable thing about weather on the mountain is its changeability. Having to stop your ride to swap out lenses is a real drag, so Scott developed their own range of Light Sensitive lenses to help you adapt, fuss-free.

These lenses react to light changes and within seconds the lens will darken when the brightness gets stronger or lighten when the sunlight gets weaker. An innovative lens construction guarantees no influence from cold temperatures on the photochromic efficiency.

Available in two lens tints and mirror finishes, specially suited to different light ranges, Scott’s Light Sensitive lenses can be found in the LCG, Fix, Dana and Notice OTG models.


For the most dedicated riders, one lens tint just won’t do. If you want to be in complete control no matter the light conditions then Scott’s Lens Change System offers fast and simple interchange even when you’re wearing gloves.

This technology finds its way into Scott’s flagship model, the LCG. Raising the bar of performance and innovation, these goggles come with two lenses as standard - one for bright light and one for lower light - so you will never be caught out.

Throw in the added perk of a thermoformed low-profile, pocket-friendly lens case and you can bring your extra lens along for the ride with minimal clutter and no fear of scratches!


Scott have got winter protectives covered. With a great range of goggles and helmets on offer, why not go for both?

Ventilation systems in Scott’s helmets and goggles are designed to pair up seamlessly, meaning you can depend on the best ventilation for your goggles and a reduced likelihood of fog buildup on the inner lens.

You’ll also be able to rely on one of the most comfortable fits around, and absolutely no gaps! Cast your eye over Scott’s 2016-17 helmets here.