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Scott Helmets

Scott Helmets


For more than three decades Scott Sports have developed ski helmets in an effort to increase the safety of their athletes and enthusiasts when on the mountain. This effort continues to bear fruit as we enter the 2018/19 season, with Scott unveiling a line of helmets going even further to protect your head than any previous generation. Thoughtfully designed in close collaboration with a dedicated team of pros, Scott ski helmets tick all the boxes for performance, protection and style, merging perfectly with their line of goggles for completely synchronous functionality.


In 1958 talented engineer and ski racer Ed Scott created the first tapered aluminium ski pole. That invention launched a new brand, SCOTT, and fundamentally positioned Scott as a technical product leader in the skiing market.


New for 2018/19 is the flagship Symbol 2 Plus D MIPS, with an all-new impact-absorbent liner. Across the range you'll find more MIPS integration, adjustable fit systems, maximised ventilation and unique sound-maximising earpads for situational awareness.


Scott produce clean, functional designs featuring subtle peaks that work with practically any outfit. We offer our range of Scott helmets in popular solid matte colours, so you'll have no troule coordinating with the rest of your gear.

Here you can find a summary of features contained within helmets of the Scott range.

Scott Ski Helmets - Scott Symbol 2 Plus D MIPS

Get Your Head In The Game

The new Scott Symbol 2 Plus D MIPS

Scott are proud to unveil the Symbol 2 Plus D MIPS as the safest helmet they've ever created. Representing a leap forward in technology, this design excels in performance, comfort and safety to fully prepare you for whatever you face in the challenging mountain environment.

New D3O impact-absorbing material is strategically placed within the shell where the head is most vulnerable to most-efficiently dissipate impact energy, reducing the risk of concussion in low-speed impacts and brain injury in low to mid-speed impacts.

Beyond the Symbol 2 Plus D MIPS, here's a summary of the other key designs in Scott's 2018/19 ski helmet range:

Scott Ski Helmets - Scott Chase 2 MIPS


The Scott Chase 2 Plus comes with MIPS and 360° Pure Sound technology as well as an active venting system. It is perfect for everyday skiing, offering great protection and comfort.

• In-Mold shell w/EPS liner
• Integrated MIPS technology as standard
• WRAS 2 adjustable fit system
• Active Venting System
• 360° Pure Sound Technology

Scott Ski Helmets - Scott Apic Plus MIPS


An RxSport best-seller, the Scott Apic Plus is a durable helmet with a hardshell construction. This design is lightweight, comfortable, and offers a higher level of protection thanks to the inclusion of MIPS technology.

• ABS Hardshell w/EPS liner
• Integrated MIPS technology (non-MIPS available)
• MRAS adjustable fit system
• Passive Venting System

Scott Ski Helmets - Scott Keeper 2 Plus MIPS


The Scott Keeper 2 Plus lives up to the same safety standard and design as the Chase 2 Plus. It also comes with MIPS technology, perfect to keep the heads of all the little shredders out there safe.

• In-Mold shell w/EPS liner
• Integrated MIPS technology (non-MIPS available)
• JRAS adjustable fit system
• Passive Venting System

On the mountain safety is paramount, and being able to hear what is happening around you can save lives. Scott have invested in research and development to develop 360° Pure Sound technology, taking a step forward to maximise hearing capability while wearing a Scott helmet.

With their optimised design, the 360° Pure Sound ear pads are perfectly integrated. The only thing you’ll notice is better, clearer hearing. Micro perforations and specific sound-transparent fabric construction results in better hearing capabilities than standard helmets.

Scott Ski Helmets - 360 Pure Sound Earpads

360° Pure Sound

Maximise your hearing capacity on the mountain

Scott Ski Goggles

Engineered Synchrony

Seamlessly compatible with Scott Goggles

Scott ski helmets are designed to pair up perfectly with Scott ski goggles. Passive goggle ventilation channels in selected helmets pair up perfectly with goggle ventilation, creating a slick airflow that exhausts fog-causing air from the goggle canopy for clear vision on the move.

Explore our range of Scott goggles and sample the benefits of technologies including rapid lens interchange on the Scott LCG and LCG Compact, photochromic Light Sensitive lenses and contrast-boosting Amplifier lens technology as standard across all models.

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