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Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle is driven by the need to explore the limits of performance. Constantly innovating to deliver exciting, progressive products, perfect for those leading active lifestyles and performing on the competitive edge.


The Bolle story began in France in 1888. After WW2, Bolle were pioneers in the art of moulding nylon material. A cutting-edge range of safety eyewear and ski goggles soon followed. Today Bolle boasts an expansive product line.


Phantom photochromic lenses are Bolle's latest innovation, redefining the way you see your environment when playing sport. Also available across the range are glare-blocking HD Polarised lenses in a wide range of colours.


Bolle are specialists in wrapped sports eyewear, so if you're a fan of sleek and aerodynamic shapes then you'll feel right at home. Bolle offer models for the active lifestyle use which dail in to the latest eyewear trends.

Designed to help you perform to your best no matter the activity, Bolle eyewear is a success story 130 years in the making.

Bolle Golf Sunglasses
Bolle Cycling Sunglasses
Bolle Polarised Sunglasses

Whether your passion is on the road, the golf course, at sea or beyond, Bolle cover every sport with purpose-built performance.

Bolle Chronoshield Sunglasses


Based on an iconic shape from the 80s, Chronoshield makes no compromises in terms of vision or comfort.

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses


These sunglasses were designed for cycling, golf, or tennis and the Bolt meets every demand of those sports.

Bolle Graphite Sunglasses


Bolle brings mountaineering back to the range with Graphite. Comfort, ventilation, protection, and glacier style.

Bolle Kayman Floatable Sunglasses


Now available with floating technology, Brecken Floatable is the dream product for water-based activities.


Bolle Phantom Lens Technology

Improved vision means improved confidence. Phantom lens technology – developed in partnership with Essilor Sun Solution – redefines how you see the environment. Industry leading optical clarity and light-adaptive lens technology allows you to reveal the invisible whatever the light conditions.

Bolle Phantom Photochromic Lenses

Phantom photochromic lenses have been engineered to excel in specific conditions encountered when playing sport. Here are some of the examples of how Phantom Light Adaptive Lens Technology can give you the edge.

Two cyclists wearing Bolle sunglasses

Phantom Vermillon Gun is designed to enhance contrast to bring out detail in the road surface, with a light-adjusting tint delivering precise vision specific to light conditions in the moment.

A tennis player using a Bolle Phantom Court lens

Being able to see the ball clearly at high speed will give you the advantage to return serve or prepare your forehand shot. Phantom Court enhances contrasts to highlight white and yellow colors on every court.

A golfer wearing Bolle sunglasses

Developed to boost contrast of green hues and enhance depth perception, Phantom Brown Gun lens is the ultimate golfers' lens. Clearly differentiate between greens and fairways, and elevate your game to a whole new level.

Frame Technology


Wearing Bolle’s ultimate lenses is key to enhancing your vision of the world, yet it is not enough. Bolle give extra attention to details and technology while creating their frames in order to ensure you get the most comfortable and reliable eyewear for your active life.

Bolle Sunglasses Teardown

Adjustable Temples

Temples on select frames can be adjusted which offers a truly tailored fit and the ultimate in comfort.

Removable Side Shields

Removable side shields available on the Graphite and Cobalt offer extra side protection from extreme conditions.

Nylon Frames

Bolle uses only the finest grade nylon, resulting in frames that are exceedingly strong, yet lightweight and flexible.

Adjustable Nosepiece

The shape and angle of the multiplane nosepiece can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a truly custom fit.