Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley’s reputation of being the best in the world is upheld year after year with endless releases of timeless classics and quality modern styles. Its immense variety perfectly complements the diverse market that their products are aimed at, from the sleek and stealthy Gauge 8 to the hardcore Jawbreaker; a benchmark in Oakley’s excellence in sports performance eyewear.


Since founder Jim Jannard created the Eyeshades in 1984 Oakley has become the definitive supplier of performance eyewear for professional athletes. The Oakley range is now extremely diverse, offering frames and lenses for practically any application.


Innovation is something that, year upon year, Oakley excels in. Revolutionary Plutonite lens material combined with Oakley’s unparalleled Prizm technology gives you an edge over rivals on the sports field and sharpens up your vision on a daily basis.


Style across the board is a trademark for Oakley. From the true versatility of the Crossrange; a model that really pinpoints Oakley’s current viewpoint of adaptability to the cutting-edge Radar Pace, a frame born out of ingenuity and years of development.

Decades of research, development, trial and error has led Oakley to where they are now, a true market leader. This is thanks to its collaborations with the world's top athletes; from Mark Cavendish competing in the Olympic Games to Masters Champion Bubba Watson, the desire to meet the demands of their extreme adventures has guided Oakley on the path to perfection. Focusing on their needs as athletes and in everyday life, Oakley has developed lenses and frames that keep you on top of your game.

Oakley Sunglasses - Frame Technology

“Engineering breakthroughs in structural materials allow Oakley to produce lightweight, high-performance frames that maintain superior protection and comfort.” - Oakley

Oakley Sunglasses - Frame Materials - O Matter

O Matter

The pinnacle of Oakley’s frame development. O Matter is lightweight, durable and flexible, perfect for crafting sports and lifestyle frames.

Oakley Sunglasses - Frame Materials - C5 Alloy

C-5 Alloy

Created through a fusion of five metallic compounds, C-5 Alloy provides the framework for Oakley’s timeless wire frames.

Oakley Sunglasses - Frame Materials - Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre

A frame material at the cutting edge of science. Carbon Fibre frames ooze class and provide a feather light feel to your sunglasses.

Oakley Sunglasses - Three Point Fit

Three Point Fit

Keeping lenses in precise optical alignment is another method Oakley use to get the best possible vision. Aligning lenses correctly helps to prevent distortion that can occur during use. The Three-Point Fit system also maximises protection by ensuring only 3 components of the frame are in contact with your face; the bridge of the nose and at the end of each temple.

Three-Point Fit helps to eliminate and reduce discomfort that some frames can give you when not fitting correctly. Sunglasses sit around some of the most sensitive parts of the human body and close to some pressure points, relieving any tension on these areas gives a much more comfortable experience.

Oakley Sunglasses - Lens Technology

“Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses optimize safety and performance to meet the uncompromising demands of professional athletes who settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision.” - Oakley

Oakley Sunglasses - Oakley Lenses

Oakley Lenses

Using Oakley’s HDO lenses gives you an edge over competitors. Oakley lenses help you focus on the target to offer clearer, sharper and more accurate vision. Making sure you don’t settle for anything less than perfection when any distortion in your lens can throw you off your game.

Oakley Sunglasses - Non-Oakley Lenses

Non-Oakley Lenses

Regular lenses distort images by not providing an accurate focal point, meaning images become blurry and sometimes seem magnified. Oakley lenses meet or exceed the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute to offer much better protection than other lenses.

Plutonite Lenses

Superior to standard polycarbonate lens material, Oakley’s proprietary blend of elements gives remarkable clarity and strength.

Every Oakley lens exceeds the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for high-mass and high-velocity impacts. This means your eyes can enjoy protection worthy of professional athletes.

Oakley Sunglasses - Plutonite Lenses

Oakley Sunglasses - HD Polarised

Oakley HD Polarised Lenses

Oakley’s HD Polarised lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare. This means you can enjoy clearer, more comfortable views for longer without feeling eyestrain or fatigue.

With a reduction in glare comes enhanced clarity. Colours will appear rich rather than washed out, so you get the truest picture of your surroundings.

From road cycling to fishing; Oakley's HD Polarised lenses provide undeniably sharp vision by cutting through glare to help you focus on what matters.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Technology

“PRIZM™ is a new Oakley lens technology that fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments.” - Oakley

See What You’ve Been Missing

Prizm lenses fine tune individual colours, making everything vivid and vibrant, enhancing detail for an optimized experience.

Certain colours that can be lost in different environments and brought to life and detail is enhanced. Immerse yourself into a new world of colour and see what you’ve been missing.

RxSport offers a wide range of Oakley Prizm sunglasses. From Tour de France special edition sport sunglasses to frames that suit your everyday needs with Oakley's Prizm Lifestyle range. Get yours here!

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Sport

Prizm Sport

Vision fine tuned to suit your sport. Prizm lens technology enhances your vision to pick out more detail, helping you focus on what matters in a variety of sporting environments.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Lifestyle

Prizm Everyday

Born through sport, developed for every day. A wider range of Prizm lenses are available than ever before to suit you in everyday life. Fine tuning & enhancing detail to optimise your experience.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Polarised

Prizm Polarised

Prizm is available in HD Polarised. Ideal for use around water; cutting out reflective glare on extremely bright days. Improved visual acuity combined with glare reduction for truer views.

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Oakley's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightThe key is to look for Iridium (mirror) coated lenses, which cut through brightness, reduce glare and minimise eye fatigue. Grey base tints will provide true colour perception and comfortable vision meaning your eyes won't tire.

Jade IridiumJade Iridium

Black IridiumBlack Iridium

Fire IridiumFire Iridium

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightConsider going for one of the new Prizm tints, contrast-tuned specifically for certain environments, and excellent all-rounders. Bronze performs well in intermittent light, such as moving in and out of tree cover.

Prizm GolfPrizm Golf


Prizm TrailPrizm Trail

Low Light

Low LightOn those really grim days yellow and persimmon give your vision a much-needed contrast boost. If you're heading out for a night ride, clear is the way to go for maximised light transmission.




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Oakley Latch
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