Red Bull SPECT Pace Sunglasses

Red Bull SPECT Pace Sunglasses

  • Frame Flexible TR90 frame with patented floating lens technology
  • Lenses Robust polycarbonate lenses with complete UV protection as standard
  • Fit Unisex design, suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Accessories Includes zip-up hard case, bonus lens and microfibre cleaning cloth

Our View

A scaled up lens compared to its sister; Flow. The Red Bull SPECT Pace incorporates cutting edge floating lens technology for a featherweight feel and stylish look. Featuring adjustable nosepads and temple tips, the Pace glasses are fully customisable and ready for action.

Red Bull SPECT's View

Part of a new generation of lightweight yet fully capable sports glasses, the Pace delivers solid performance during activity thanks to a floating lens which absorbs impact, offers optimum ventilation and provides unobstructed views.

Red Bull SPECT Pace Sunglasses


  • TR90 Grilamid frame construction
  • Adjustable temple tips & nosepiece
  • Oversized shield lens - offers full coverage
  • 100% UV protection
  • Fast & easy click lens change system
  • FLOW floating lens technology
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Includes zip-up hard case
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Flow floating lens technology

    Endurance sports are demanding in every aspect. So why not add some comfort? In collaboration with Red Bull and their extensive network of worldclass athletes, SPECT Eyewear is proud to introduce the FLOATING LENS SYSTEM.

    Red Bull SPECT Flow - Adjustable Nosepads

    Adjustable Nosepads

    To ensure an even more comfortable fit, the frame is highly customizable. The nose pads can easily be moved into the desired position, so the frame will leave no traces on the nose even after hours of hard workout.

    Red Bull SPECT Flow - Shock Absorbing

    Shock Absorbing

    By detaching the lens from the lower frame, a free floating lens effect is created. The elastic characteristics of the frame allow the lens to freely move up and down while being exposed to movement or shocks.

    Red Bull SPECT Flow - VMax Ventilaton

    V.Max Ventilation

    A perfect vision is key to great achievements. V°MAX optimizes airflow and reduces fogging. The air intake slots allow for air passage behind the shield to prevent fogging. The air outlets on the temples guarantee a constant circulation.

    Red Bull SPECT Flow - SLock Quick Lens

    S.Lock Quick Lens

    The ventilated lenses are easily interchangeable due to our S°LOCK quick change system. Adapt to changing weather conditions by swapping the lens in the split of a second. Flow comes with an additional clear lens for low light conditions.

    Dimensions for the Red Bull SPECT Pace are as follows:

    Shield Width
    Shield Height
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses