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Smith Sunglasses

Working from their base at Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith Optics are a market leader in eyewear for all seasons. If you like to have total control over how your sunglasses perform then Smith are your go-to. The PivLock series of sunglasses make lens replacement amazingly simple, ChromaPop lenses work to enhance contrast to give you crisper and clearer vision in more conditions than ever, and cutting-edge frame materials including the renewably-sourced Evolve provide an unmatched fitting comfort.


In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by trade, made the first ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. This revolutionised the powder skiing experience, and would make Smith Optics a worldwide brand in the years to come.


PivLock is the premier feature of Smith's sports eyewear, using a unique mechamism to quickly and easily replace lenses. ChromaPop lens technology uses the latest in colour science to provide stunning views through lightweight and impact-resistant lenses.


These sunglasses look as good as they perform. Smith offer a rich selection of shapes and sizes in a colourful range of frame colours, lens tints and mirror finishes. For retro style look no further than the Delano, a piece straight out of the Smith archives!

This goes out to those who pursue. For those that live to fly. That strive for the chase, but can take a step back to take it all in. The ones that have a passion to explore, and those that pursue the new. This is Smith's view of the future; glasses purpose built for whatever your pursuits may be. Get out there and pursue your thrill with these purpose-built frames.

Smith Sunglasses - Medium Fit

Smith Sunglasses - Zip-Up Case


Designed for performance at full speed.

This is Smith's leading-edge performance eyewear line. For athletes using eyewear as equipment for speed Velocity gives you every advantage possible. Rapid lens change technology, clarity-boosting ChromaPop lenses and highly functional designs are guaranteed.

Attack | Attack Max | Pivlock Arena | Pivlock Arena Max

Smith Sunglasses - Medium Fit

Smith Sunglasses - Zip-Up Case


Purpose built for advantage on the water.

Sunglasses as performance gear for the oceans, rivers, and flats. Smith develop eyewear that solves the specific sets of needs for life on the water. Enjoy the benefits of wide lens coverage and polarised lenses as standard across all colours for the ultimate in eye comfort.

Guide's Choice | Highwater | Barra | Challis

Smith Sunglasses - Medium Fit

Smith Sunglasses - Zip-Up Case


Crafted for all-purpose action.

Smith develop eyewear with right mix of performance features to meet the needs of versatile athletes as they transition from the streets into the mountains. This is a true blend of performance and style, utilizing key innovations to create sunglasses that move with you.

Outlier 2 | Outlier XL 2 | Outback | Eclipse

Smith Sunglasses - Medium Fit

Smith Sunglasses - Zip-Up Case


Modern classics.

Merging timeless silhouettes with iconic design, Smith have created fresh perspectives for the modern explorer. With these models you'll find recognizable and relatable eyewear with performance features wrapped in contemporary styles.

Lowdown 2 | Lowdown Slim 2 | Founder

Smith Sunglasses - Medium Fit

Smith Sunglasses - Zip-Up Case


Designed for the leading edge of outdoor style.

The future today — a brave new eyewear series where youth culture intersects with outdoor sport culture. With bold expressions and forward shapes, Smith are trailblazing tomorrow’s look for the outdoor enthusiast with these daring designs.

Range | Crusader | The Comeback

Smith Sunglasses - ChromaPop Lens Technology

ChromaPop Lens Technology

Smith's patented ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances clarity and natural colour to let you live every moment in more detail. More detail gives you the advantage needed to perform confidently and have more fun.

Smith Sunglasses - ChromaPop Spread

Through their proprietary ChromaPop™ polarised lens technology, smith help you see detail and colour beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colour confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural colour, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.

ChromaPop Comparison - Normally


The eye’s retina has trouble distinguishing between blue and green, and red and green light perception.

ChromaPop Comparison - With ChromaPop

With ChromaPop™

ChromaPop™ filters these specific crossovers, allowing greater definition, natural color, and clarity.