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The London Marathon is hitting the streets of London this weekend. It’s a 26.2 mile race, starting south of the Thames near Greenwich, passing by the Cutty Sark and Surrey Quays before it crosses over the Thames at Tower Bridge. From here it continues through central London before finishing outside Buckingham Palace.

The 2018 London Marathon is set to be the hottest on record with temperatures possibly reaching 24’c, surpassing 2007 that topped out at 22.2’c.

Why Should Runners Wear Sunglasses?

Runners often take precautions when running in the sun, be that wearing a cap, covering exposed skin with sunscreen and ensuring they stay hydrated. But many still neglect their eyes. Wearing sunglasses when running does far more than just protect your eyes from harmful rays. Wearing sunglasses can play a big part in your overall posture and therefore comfort when running. If you squint when running you’re tensing muscles in your face and neck unnecessarily, therefore putting strain on your muscles and altering your posture.

Being relaxed when running can also make breathing much easier, therefore helping to improve performance and reduce fatigue.

Top Sunglasses For Runners

Nike Vaporwing Sunglasses

The sum of nearly two years of collaborative effort between Nike and Zeiss Optics is the incredible Vaporwing – the ultimate in running eyewear. New technological ground was broken to create the unique sweeping lens on this model which minimises wind resistance while keeping the eyes fully protected from the elements.

Nike Vaporwing – Starting at – £219.99

Julbo Aero Sunglasses

The deep shield lens guarantees a wide clear field of vision and the suspended lens construction provides outstanding ventilation even in the most intense situations. The Air Link temples provide a secure and comfortable fit while remaining as light as possible.

Julbo Aero Sunglasses – Starting at – £62.99

Oakley EVZero Stride Sunglasses

The EVZero is the lightest frame in the Oakley range. The frame front was removed to not only optimise weight but maximise the peripheral views offered by the design. The Stride lens shape offers this iconic frame but in a size that is more suited to smaller faces.

Oakley EVZERO Stride – Starting at – £103.99 

Tifosi Mira Sunglasses

The Tifosi Mira is the curvier sister of the Tifosi Just. Making it yet another exceptional multi-purpose sports model. The slightly more curved lens gives it a much more refined look to the just, whilst maintaining the style and comfort. Performance is withheld due to the vented, polycarbonate lenses. A super lightweight frame means it won’t prove hassle on even the longest runs.

Tifosi Mira Sunglasses – Starting at – £39.99

Dirty Dog Sport Ecco Sunglasses

Perfect for a small to medium fit, the durable Dirty Dog Sport Ecco sunglasses combine a 100% memory frame and special vents for added performance to allow you to be the best at your game!

Dirty Dog Sport Ecco – Starting at – £39.99

Oakley Flak Draft Sunglasses

The Flak’s are forever changing and progressing. The Draft offers a quick release trigger to allow you to change lenses with ease. Performance is the name of the game with the Flak Draft, designed to give you the best of the best with Prizm lenses and Polarised options available for ultimate quality in sports optics.

Oakley Flak Draft – Starting at – Dissenter MIPS – £107.99

Bolle Bolt

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

The Bolle Bolt performs excellently as a multipurpose, multi-sport model, containing all the features which make for top performance eyewear. Industry-leading B-Clear lenses provide unbeatable impact resistance at an incredibly light weight. Thermogrip components integrated into the B88 Nylon frame keep the fit secure through any rough and tumble.

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses – Starting at – £69.99

Nike Run X2

Nike Run X2 Sunglasses

True to its name, the Nike Run X2 is excellently suited for running. With a lightweight nylon frame with adjustable temples, the Run X2 offers prolonged comfort when covering long distances.

Nike Run X2 Sunglasses – Starting at – £139.99

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