Sunglasses Guide

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for you and your sport is crucial for that extra inch of performance. Our dedicated team of experts and athletes can guide you towards the perfect style for your specific needs.

Frame Design

Different styles suit different sports and activities. Choosing the perfect frame for your sport is crucial and will make a big difference to your performance.

? RxSport recommends Full frame sunglasses are ideal for rugged environments and high-paced sports. The choice for everyday wear and we love full frame sunglasses for MTB, Sailing and Climbing.
Full Frame
The classic sunglass shape.

Provides unbeatable durability and an excellent shield from the elements. Subtle styling works for sports and everyday use. If you want a frame that stands the test of time, then this style is for you!

Half Rim
Offers excellent peripheral vision.

Your go-to frame for a variety of sports. Offering an unobstructed view and being a great option for prescriptions and for quick-change lenses. The ideal versatile design that works when life slows down too!

Half Rim
? RxSport recommends If you want a versatile sports frame with minimal frame intrusion that can be worn anytime, half rim styles are for you. Perfect for Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Running and Fishing.
? RxSport recommends Offering ultimate lens coverage and peripheral vision, perfect for fast paced sports. Shield lenses provide unbeatable protection and are a great choice for Cycling, MTB, Shooting and Cricket.
The go-to choice for high performance eyewear.

Shield lenses offer unbeatable peripheral vision in an extremely lightweight package. Often seen being worn by the pros and available in some of the most iconic frame styles.

Frame Technology

Sunglasses are packed full of technology to make sunny days more comfortable. Keep an eye out for these features which make a massive difference to the performance of your sunnies.


Hydrophilic Rubber

Hydrophilic materials provide grip for fast-paced sports and get tackier when they get wet. Usually found on the nose pads and temple tips for security at the contact points with your head and face.



Venting in the frame structure helps to improve airflow and keep warm air away from the lenses to limit the chance of fogging. Frame venting is found on sports frames and is ideal for cycling when you’re really pushing yourself.

Quick Change

Quick Change

Providing options for you to switch lenses in a matter of seconds, quick change systems help you to adapt to the conditions on the fly. Different brands have different methods, but we love the use of magnets and hinges to swap the lenses out!

Adjustable Components

Adjustable Components

Sports frames often feature adjustable temple tips or nose pieces to fine tune your sunglasses to fit seamlessly with helmets or to move them away from your face. Wire cores are coated in hydrophilic rubber to provide total flexibility and versatility.

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Lens Technology

Lenses are the most important piece of the puzzle on your sunglasses. They are your only barrier for protection against UV, glare, harsh light and brightness. Lens technology has come on a long way in recent years and this handy guide explains all.

Sunglass Lens Technology
Mirrored lens

Mirrored Lenses

Providing style and a splash of colour to any frame, mirrored lenses can help to dampen intense light but are mostly there for aesthetics. Match the tint to your kit or pick your favourite colour from a wide range of finishes.


Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses block reflected glare from flat surfaces and are ideal for use around water. They help to minimise eye strain caused by bright light and provide comfortable vision in a range of conditions.


Photochromic Lenses

Light adjusting lenses are ideal for use in the changeable conditions we have here in the UK, allowing you to have a do-it-all lens that changes with the conditions and can be used in all seasons.

They may seem like magic, but the science is simple, molecules in the lenses react to UV light to automatically change tint depending on the overhead conditions.

Optimised Lenses

Optimised lenses have been a massive hit in the world of sunglasses over the last few years and science has been at the centre of this development. Brands have worked hard to create lenses that enhance contrast, fine tune colours and improve depth perception to give you greater detail for specific sports and in a wider range of conditions than ever before. Select a brand below.

Oakley Prizm
Smith Chromapop
100% HiPer
Rudy Project
Rudy Project Polar 3FX HDR
Wiley X
Wiley X Captivate
Before After
Naked Eye
Selected Lens

Lens Materials

Lenses can be manufactured from a range of materials, each one designed for specific uses and environments. Performance, quality and price are all big factors when deciding on what lens material to go for so choose wisely!


CR39 plastic lenses offer great value for money and are a great choice if you want to keep the cost down and still have a stylish everyday sunglass frame.


The go-to choice for sunglass lenses to offer unbeatable impact protection. Most sports frames have polycarbonate lenses which offer a great balance between cost and performance.


Trivex or NXT lenses are a relatively new technology found on high-end sports frames and originally designed for military use on fighter jet windscreens. Trivex is a durable lens, much the same as polycarbonate, but the main difference is Trivex lenses offer better visual clarity and an improved visual experience.


Mineral glass lenses were the original material for sunglass lenses and are now found on luxury lifestyle frames. Glass lenses provide the best optical clarity but tend to be a lot heavier and can crack/smash easily.

Lens Coatings

Lens coatings can have a massive impact on the performance of your sunglasses. Anti-fog and anti-reflection coatings can be the difference between seeing clearly and having to deal with sub-par vision while additional tech can make your lenses easier to clean and more durable.

Anti-Reflection (AR) coatings

Applied to the inner surface of the lenses, AR coatings help to block reflected light and glare from behind. Reducing eye strain, improving clarity and blocking harmful UV.

Hydrophobic coatings

Quite simply, water resisting! The surface of the lens repels water droplets, causing them to quickly roll off the lens. Hydrophobic coatings are ideal for sports use to limit the chance of sweat and rain from causing distractions on your lenses.

Oleophobic coatings

Oleophobic coatings do much the same as Hydrophobic but resist oil deposits like fingerprints, dust and debris. Oleophobic coatings help to keep the lenses clear and smudge free and make them easier to clean.

Anti-Fog lenses absorb the moisture on the inner lens surface allowing it to be repelled. These are ideal when wearing face masks, for sports use or when moving from indoors to outdoors with big temperature changes.
Hard coatings applied to lenses help to limit the chance of them scratching. Designed to prolong the life of a lens and to reduce the chance of damage from dropping your sunglasses or cleaning them on your t-shirt!

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