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Full Frame Sunglasses


Ideal for rugged environments, so perfect for the urban warrior or MTB rider. The full-frame protects the lens, and provides the ultimate shield from the elements – mud, dust, water and light.

Half Rim / Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Half Rim / Semi-Rimless

Opens up the field of vision, offering an unobstructed view. A popular shape that is just as strong on or off the bike.

Rimless / Shield Type Sunglasses

Rimless / Shield Type

The pro choice. Lightweight and without any visual distraction, the shield is ideal for those who live for their hours on the road.

Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for different environments.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
GREY - Neutral tint, simple shading effect, so ideal for bright days.
BROWN - Again, ideal for bright days, but with a degree of contrast enhancement, which will help if the sun disappears or you hit some tree cover.
ROSE - The all rounder. Provides contrast enhancement in overcast conditions, but enough protection from brightness to still be a good option for bright days. Perfect for MTB, in and out of tree cover.
ORANGE - The lens of choice for grey days. Enhances contrast, improves depth perception, and brightens up your environment. Copes slightly better with occasional sun than a yellow lens.
YELLOW - For the serious rider/urban warrior who still needs to get out on their bike no matter what the weather. Yellow brightens everything up on overcast/rainy days, as well as for those early winter starts.
POLARISED - The polarised filter eradicates glare, which is caused by reflected light rays off a flat surface. As such, it is ideal for rides on wet road surfaces, or coastal routes.

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Sunglasses FAQS

Below you will find the most common questions we're asked about sunglasses.

How do I change my sunglasses lenses?
This depends on the manufacturer to a degree. With the growth of lens interchange systems, each brand works slightly differently. As such, we suggest checking the instructions that should have been in the sunglasses packaging. Alternatively, please contact us, and we can talk you through the process for your specific sunglasses.
Do your sunglasses provide UV protection?
All of our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.
Which size sunglasses do I need?
Most wraparound sunglasses will fit almost all head shapes and sizes. That being said, we offer sizings for all of the sunglasses we offer. Personal choice and preference over the look and how they feel in the flesh will always be key. As such, we offer a 28 day free returns service - as well as free UK delivery!
My lenses are dirty. How should I clean them?
We recommend using the cloth or microfibre bag that accompanied your glasses. If they are particularly dirty, you can use warm water, or optical cleaning sprays/solutions. Do not use any solvents!
What are photochromic lenses?
Photochromic lenses are lenses that darken on exposure to UV, in other words they become sunglasses when you go outside on a sunny day! They are also known as light-adjusting, Transitions, Reactolite, Modulator, reactive etc etc etc.
What are polarised lenses?
Polarised lenses eradicate glare, which is caused by reflected light rays. This is particularly useful around water or whilst driving.
What are gradient lenses?
These are lenses that start off darker at the top, and lighten towards the bottom of the lens. Popular for driving and fashion sunglasses!
What is the difference between contrast-enhancing and neutral lenses?
Neutral lenses provide shade from the brightness of the sun, simply by darkening the environment. Contrast enhancing lenses will darken certain colours more than others, and as a result they can make particular objects or features stand out.
Do clear lenses provide UV protection?
Yes, the UV protection comes from the lens material or a coating. It is not connected to the depth of tint of the lens.
Which lens tint do I want?
This will depend on your intended activity, and the conditions you are likely to use the glasses in. See our lens tint guide above, or visit our sports guides.

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