See Your Sport Clearly – Varifocals Guide

August 2015

As time progresses the strength of the muscles in our body deteriorates. The muscles of the eye are no exception, and this can make it more difficult to quickly alter focus. Varifocal lenses (also known as progressive lenses or no-line bifocals) are an excellent solution. Featuring a gradual transition from near to distance vision along the height of the lens, varifocals help the eyes to maintain focus at every range.

You might already be enjoying the many benefits of varifocal/progressive lenses in your everyday life (of which there are many!) but if you’re also serious about your sport, you might not have considered the competitive edge offered by varifocals.

We’ll guide you through the key benefits of varifocal lenses for some of our most popular pursuits, and show you what you’ve been missing out on all of this time!

Varifocals for Cycling

Varifocals can enhance your cycling experience greatly. The distance element of the lens is perfect for spotting detail in the oncoming terrain, identifying fellow riders in the peloton and catching sight of any oncoming traffic.

At the near distance, a varifocal lens will help you easily read the detail on a handlebar-mounted cycling computer, and being able to see objects close up and in detail will be a huge help if you find yourself needing to mend a puncture on the fly or fix a loose chain!

Buying your varifocals at RxSport means you have the freedom of choosing your own frame shape and lens tint. For cycling we would recommend a rose-coloured base tint for sunglasses which can handle a wide range of light conditions. If you’re a fan of night riding or you use your bike to commute then go for some photochromic lenses!

Varifocals on the Water

The distance element of a varifocal lens is great for line casting, boating activities and spotting detail in the distance when fishing. When sailing, the distance element will greatly assist in judging water conditions and the weather.

In the intermediate range the lens can help you to navigate the waters when wading or the deck of a boat safely. At close range the varifocal lens will be a great help when doing baiting and tying work. When sailing, the crucial tasks of map and chart reading are made much simpler. You will also find knot tying much easier!

We consider polarised lenses an essential option for use on the water. They will block a massive amount of glare from the water surface and greatly improve your comfort! For open water we recommend a grey base tint, for shallow water activities such as fishing a contrast-enhancing brown tint is the way to go.

Varifocals on the Snow

To start, your prescription options for snow sports are extremely varied. You could opt to wear an existing frame with varifocals fitted into a pair of over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles. Alternatively you could grab a clip-in insert, with lenses made to your prescription, which fits securely into the goggle canopy. For warmer weather you could even go for a standard pair of sports sunglasses.

Varifocals can help stop you hitting a black run when you meant to meander down on a blue. You’ll also have no need for a second set of reading glasses to check the piste map, or to read a menu or use a smartphone après-ski.

Unsure of which lens tint is best for the snow? Yellow and orange tints are best for dull days, rose is your go-to for changeable conditions, and save greys for the brightest bluebird days.

As part of our Awesome August promotion, all varifocals at RxSport are 10% off until midnight on the 21st of August, 2015. Enter the coupon code 10offvari at the checkout to apply the discount to your varifocals purchase.

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