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No more piste map perils! Go for our reader lenses for snow goggles

November 2015

As a new option among our excellent prescription lens packages for ski goggles, RxSport now offer special Reader lenses! Set up for skiing, these toughened lenses have a large distance area with a small reading segment for reading piste maps, checking your smartphone easily, and any other close work on the go.

Made with 1.59 index polycarbonate, our reader lenses are 20% thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses. Anti-scratch coatings on the front and back surface keep lens clarity clear and abrasion free.

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Reader lenses are for those who want to be able to take to the snow with confidence, meaning you no longer need to fear misreading the piste map and heading down that black run instead of the more forgiving blue…

Reader lenses are available as an option on our entire range of prescription snow goggles.


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