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Why RxSport is the Performance Eyewear Partner of the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo + Chrono

March 2018

Toc logoThe Tour of Cambridgeshire cycling festival on the 1st to 3rd June this year is unique in the UK. It has huge production values and works hard to deliver the best rider experience possible, in fact it aims to make everyone feel like a pro for the weekend. The impact of Tour of Cambridgeshire extends well beyond the first weekend in June. Over that last few years since its introduction it has extended its impact to Aalborg in Denmark, Perth Australia and Albi in France. These are the locations that have hosted the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships of which Tour of Cambridgeshire is one of a handful of qualifying events around the world and the only qualifying event in the UK. The time trial event at the Tour of Cambridgeshire festival is the biggest of its kind in the world, with over 850 riders on its start sheet each year. It was the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono which provided the platform for a batch of world championship medals in Albi in 2017. This is why RxSport has partnered with the Tour of Cambridgeshire, we share high customer experience values and see ourselves as being unique in our market.

Whilst the Tour of Cambridgeshire is a Gran Fondo, the only authentic Italian style Gran Fondo in the UK, it has a softer side. In addition to there being a Race at the front of the Fondo there is a sportive setting off afterwards. The sportive has equally high production and rider experience values and differentiates its self from other Sportives in the UK.
The Tour of Cambridgeshire Sportive is completely unique in the UK, whereby it’s not just one of the flattest routes you’ll find in the UK but it’s also part of the UCI global series, Gran Fondo World Series.
Toc ridersThe Sportive route at the Tour of Cambridgeshire is 79.4 miles in distance, is held on fully closed roads and has a total climb of just 587 meters in total. The route takes in scenery around the Fens, which enables you to see for miles while enjoying a day in the saddle. Not sure if you’ll manage the full route distance? You’ve got the option of the Medio route which is 56 miles.

‘We pride ourselves in saying we’re in our fourth year of Tour of Cambridgeshire and after listening to all feedback from riders taking part in previous events, we can safely say this year is going to be the best yet!’ says Jess Lockhart of Golazo Cycling the organisers.

Uci logo

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is the UK’s qualifier for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships; this series allows all riders, from those who just missed out on making it to a professional level, who have been competing for years for their club and those who are ex-pro’s, to those who are less competitive, love to get out on their bike or have just bought their first ever road bike, the chance to qualify and ride for their country at the World Championships for amateurs. There’s no other event in the UK that has this qualifier status.

Another difference is that the ToC Sportive is split into average speed start pens. This is a self-selecting option for all riders taking part, enabling riders with a similar ability to ride with one another. This allows those individuals with lots of experience or ride a lot faster to be segregated from those who may not be quite so confident or just starting out in the road cycling world.

Sportograf 98960540 | 1The Sportive maximum field is 10,000, with it selling out every year. Our maximum number is significantly smaller than many other events to ensure the highest level of experience for you as a rider. ‘We believe that increasing numbers can deter from the top quality we aspire to and can really reduce that ‘special’ feel overall’ assets Lockhart.

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is a Festival dedicated to all types of cycling, whether it be road cycling, classic, gravel, folding or even family cycling. ‘Our aim is to bring everyone together and celebrate our love and passion. We welcome every rider who’s taking part in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival with open arms, as well as ensure you have the best experience ever, whether you’re completely new to it or you’ve been taking part in events for years’ Jess Lockhart confirms.

Find out more about how to get involved in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Sportive this summer time at

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