Eye on – Phantom by Bolle

Bolle Phantom

Reveal The Invisible

Bolle have taken a big step forward with their Photochromic lens technology this season, with the development of their Phantom light-adaptive lenses. By combining four advanced technologies Bolle are revolutionising the wearers vision on snow.

1 – Lenses made with NXT® material

NXT® offers the optical clarity that you would find with mineral (glass) lenses but is very light weight and tough. Which makes it perfect for goggle lenses.

2 – Molecular photochromic filter

Phantom lens technology achieves a wide range visible light transmission, ensuring precise visual acuity in all weather conditions, including the most extreme. The lens tint changes with the light from cat.1 to cat.3 in less than 30 seconds.

3 – LTS technology (Low Temperature Sensitivity)

Bollé has advanced the performance of photochromic technology to an entirely new level. The Phantom lens with exclusive LTS Technology (Low Temperature Sensitivity), delivers improved activation, darkening or lightening whether the temperature is -10°C or 20°C.

4 – Semi-polarized film to reduce distracting glare and enhance contrast (available on Phantom +)

Polarised lenses are not always the first choice on the mountain, as they are designed to cut out reflective glare, therefore, spotting ice can bit difficult. By having a semi polarised film the lens still reduces glare and allows you to spot icy hazards.

Phantom tints available in four great tints

Phantom Green Emerald
Amber-based lens with a reflective green mirror.

Phantom Vermillion Blue
Rose-based lens with a reflective blue mirror.

Phantom Fire Red
Brown lens with a reflective orange-red mirror finish.

Features a polarised filter to block reflected glare, boosting eye comfort.

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