Little Shredders – Top Picks For Youth Helmets

Kids of all ages deserve to look cool on the slopes, that’s a given, but they also deserve the best possible protection and safety tech around. At RxSport we handpick our collections with this in mind. Below are just some of our favourite youth helmets for 2018-19.

Anon Rime

Anon designed the Rime to ensure that kids have access to great looking helmets! A tough hardshell design keeps smaller noggins safe, while the adjustable Youth Fit System means the Rime can accommodate for a little growth. Multi-season certified for all-season little park demons!

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Atomic Count Jr

The Atomic Count Jr is perfect for kids finding their feet on the mountain. An adjustable Ear Fit System works with a drawcord to keep the cold air out, plus a Strap Station to keep goggles in place and prevents them getting tangled or folded.

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Giro Crue MIPS

The Giro Crue is skate-inspired, youth specific helmet. Its tough Hard Shell construction is fused with MIPS technology to significantly reduce the risk of brain injury associated with oblique impacts. This helmet is designed to pair up perfectly with Giro’s youth sized goggles.

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Giro Launch

The easy-wearing Giro Launch helmet features Giro’s finest performance technologies in a lightweight, durable In-Mold Construction. The Launch is equipped with the In Form Fit System and offered in two youth sizes to ensure the best fit.

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POC Pocito Auric Cut Spin

The POCito Auric Cut SPIN offers superior protection for kids on the mountains. Encased within a durable ABS hard shell is POC’s patent-pending SPIN technology, designed to protect the brain in rotational impacts. Embedded LED lights in the helmet rear keep children safe and seen when on the hill, even in adverse conditions.

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Roxy Misty Girl

Roxy are a brand well known for their female specific collections. Bold in design and full of character. The Misty Girl was designed for smaller heads and complete with flash colours and funky designs, the Misty Girl helmet is perfect for the little ones out on the slopes.

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Salomon Pact

The Salomon Pact kids helmet is one of the most advanced junior helmets on the market. Double certified for both alpine and bike standards, it’s versatile, lightweight, and features the added safety of Salomon’s exclusive EPS 4D technology.


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Scott Keeper 2

The Scott Keeper 2 ski helmet is a comfortable kids helmet perfect for all day use. The In-Mold shell-constructed helmet is also lightweight, so kids won’t even notice they are wearing it whilst tearing down the slopes!

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Smith Holt Junior

The Smith Holt Junior is an excellent helmet choice for younger thrillseekers. Certified for use on snow and bike, kids will be able to get year-round use out of this sleekly-styled lid!

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Little Shredders – Top Picks For Goggles

Atomic Count Jr Cylindircal

Atomic Count Jr goggles are a youth-specific design for kids who want snow clarity in all conditions and are fans of the low-profile cylindrical look. The Count Jr is incredibly comfy thanks to Atomic’s Live Fit frame that instantly molds to the contours of your face for a barely-there feel.  Suited for a youth fit. Check out our recent video on these goggles.

Available from just £34.99

Bolle Rocket Plus 6+ (dark grey, matte pink)

The Bolle Rocket Plus ski goggles combine cool designs with superb Bolle quality. The Rocket Plus features double layer face foam for added comfort alongside a polycarbonate lens for superior impact protection. Designed for children aged 6+.

Available from just £36.99


Giro Chico Goggles

If you’re in search of winter eyewear for younger kids then the Giro Chico fits the bill. This is a finely-tuned, toddler-specific design delivering the performance required for a rider’s first few years on the snow. Suited for a small youth fit (ages 2-5).

Available from just £29.99

Oakley  O Frame 2.0 XS

The Oakley O Frame 2.0 XS combines a wide open visibility design in a sleek streamlined design for a optimal fit. The goggles also incorporate discreet notches in the frame to make them compatible with most prescription eyewear, without compromising fit. Youth specific fit.

Available from just £34.99

POC Pocito IRIS (Blue, Pink)

Small in size, big on quality! The POCito Iris has been designed for those with smaller faces without cutting any corners on tech. With all the features of the adult goggles. The deep cylindrical lens offers great views and the triple layer fleece foam is sure to offer a comfortable fit. Youth fit.

Available from just £64.99

Salomon Kiwi (blue, white)

The brand new Salomon Kiwi is a kids ski goggle that will keep the little shredders comfortable and safe from the first lift to the last. The Kiwi offers 100% UV protection and an airflow system that will prevent fogging. Suited for ages 3-6.

Available from just £21.99

Scott Jr Witty Goggles

The Scott Jr Witty is a fun, modern design ensuring the next generation of little rippers can look their best while benefiting from improved helmet integration. Suits a small to medium fit.

Available from just £26.99

Smith Rascal Goggles

Clean looks and a small fit make the Rascal perfect for kids enjoying their first times on the snow. Created for a great fit on small faces so there’s no distraction from having a blast while learning to shred! Suits a small youth fit.

Available from just £26.99

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Brand In Focus 2018 – Smith Mission & Mirage Helmets

Smith have four key considerations when producing their helmets: protection, fit, comfort and integration with their goggles. Numerous tech features have been developed around these core concepts, and the result is one of the broadest ranges of premium ski helmets around.

A truly unique technology amongst snow helmets, Smith utilise the remarkable qualities of Koroyd to create Aerocore, a superior impact-resistant shell which stands above conventional construction methods. Aerocore’s honeycomb structure not only gives exceptional impact protection, it’s also incredibly airy. With adjustable vents on models like the Vantage, it makes for the most comfortable helmets out there!

New for 2018-19 are the Mission and Mirage helmet collections from Smith. The key difference being that the Mirage has been created as a women’s specific helmet, featuring more feminine colours and increased levels in inner lining comfort.

Starting at just £119.99, these helmets deliver exceptional protection with dual Koroyd crumple zones and MIPS technology. Making them a pair of helmets that offer premium performance but at a highly affordable price.

Smith Mission MIPS

Smith’s Mission MIPS delivers exceptional protection in an understated, streamlined package and highly affordable. In-Mold construction and an Aerocore shell combine to create an exceptionally lightweight yet protective design, with the added protective aspect of MIPS.

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Smith Mirage MIPS

The Smith Mirage MIPS helmet, featuring some of Smith’s most advanced technology in a streamlined, fuss-free package. In-Mold construction and an Aerocore shell combine to create one of the best pound-for-pound lids around, with the added benefit of MIPS for protection from violent rotational forces on the brain in the event of oblique impact.

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The Latest PXV Goggles From Dragon

Brand new for this season from Dragon is the very exciting PXV goggle. The Pantotch lens shape has a unique base curvature that offers maximum views of the slopes. Combine that with a 200% stronger anti-fog coating and Lumalens lens technology and you really are going to experience the best views on the mountain.

So what makes the PXV Goggle range from Dragon so hot? Dragon themselves say the big thing is the new toric lens shape. A shape that allows for both a unique look as well as allowing for a more wrapped lens, offering unmatched levels of peripheral vision. They believe, the more you can see, the better experience you’ll have on the hill, and the more comfortable you’ll be.

Dragon PXV Goggles


  • Lumalens® Color Optimized Lens
  • Patented Frameless Technology
  • Panotech Injection Molded Toric Lens
  • Triple Layer Face Foam + Microfleece Lining
  • Armored Venting
  • Bonus Replacement Lens Included


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In these colder months you can’t depend on the sun beating the cloud every day, but you can count on getting caught out by early sunsets, leaden skies, fog, rain or even sleet and snow! Photochromic lenses can help prepare you for a massive range of light conditions, adjusting their tint based on the level of natural light present.

Take a look at RxSport’s top five recommendations for light-adjusting cycling shades this season. We’ve focused on styles that offer maximum coverage and protection, ensuring your eyes are kept safe from debris and rain.

adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

The adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro takes all the great qualities of the adidas Evil Eye and adidas Evil Eye Halfrim and improves on them with a lighter, more aerodynamic SPX™ frame. Paired with their Vario light-adjusting lens transitioning from clear to dark grey in response to natural light.

Available from £167.99 and in prescription from £209.99

Dirty Dog Sport Ecco

Looking for photochromic but on a tight budget? The Sport Ecco from Dirty Dog could be the perfect solution! Designed for a small to medium fit, the durable Dirty Dog Sport Ecco sunglasses combine a 100% memory frame and special vents for added performance to allow you to be the best at your sport!

Available from £44.99 and in prescription from £199.99


Oakley Jawbreaker

The Oakley Jawbreaker needs no introduction. Designed in partnership with Mark Cavendish it has an extended field of vision providing optimal visibility in all conditions. Paired with their photochromic lens tint that darkens in response to UV light. Suitable for indoor/night use to bright daylight.

Available from £163.99 and in prescription from £344.99


Rudy Project Tralyx

Professional cyclists demand gains made with the finest of margins. Rudy Project have taken the surgeons knife to conventional frames, leaving an aerodynamically-enhanced skeleton weighing in at a single ounce.

Paired with their grey lens transitioning from a near-clear in low light to a very dark grey in bright light.

Available from £161.99 and in prescription from £229.99


Tifosi Davos

This ultra-streamlined shape is crafted from flexible and durable TR90 frame material to maximise comfort. A sweeping shield lens gives the eyes optimal coverage, making the Davos ideal for travelling at speed and a wide range of sporting activities, at a price suited to all. Pair this frame with their multi-purpose lens tint is colour-neutral so colours are not distorted, great for bright sun.

Available from £59.99



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The Lowdown On Safety & Fit With Salomon

We recently teamed up with Salomon to create a series of videos for our YouTube channel. One key video for the 2018-19 season is our safety and fit overview video. Check this out below!

Not only did we take a look at the hottest new gear to be launched for 18-19, but we also wanted to bring you a little more information on the technology that goes into Salomon helmets. They’ve recently launched EPS 4D, their latest in advanced safety.

EPS 4D Lateral

EPS 4D has been co-developed and tested with industry-leading partners involved and recognised for their work in safety. A team of doctors, neurosurgeons and researchers have made safety their quest, leading to the development of EPS 4D technology.

EPS 4D TopEPS 4D absorbs 30% more of the impact than is required by the industry standard, and importantly, is able to absorb impact from any direction whether it be oblique or vertical.

Alongside this, the video also brings you information on their two key fitting systems, Custom Dial and Custom Air.

Custom Dial Fit System

Custom Dial

For easy and quick size adjustments. Simply turn the dial at the rear of the helmet to tweak in a personalised fit.

Custom Air Fit System

Custom Air

A pump-actuated fitting system which uses air cushioning to create perfect, form-fitting comfort for all head shapes.

You’ll see both across their range of helmets.

The two fitting systems allow you to select a helmet that provides the perfect fit for your head shape, but also at a price that is right for your budget.

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A Guide To Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses

The latest lenses released by Oakley for their snow goggles utilise their Prizm technology. Prizm technology has allowed Oakley to tailor each lens to specific sports and environments/ conditions, ensuring the wearer gets the best possible visibility and level of contrast, bringing them the best possible experience. You’ll honestly see like never before with Prizm Snow.

With several choices when it comes to Prizm Snow lenses from Oakley, which one do you go for? In this blog we’ll break down the key lens tints for you and explain where and when they should be used.

Prizm Hi-Pink

Currently the highest contrast goggle made by Oakley. Prizm Hi-Pink is designed for use on overcast/ snowy days. It was designed solely to combat poor visibility in complete whiteout situations. Scope out the terrain and see clearly even in the most severe conditions.

Light transmission 35-40% with increased contrast.

Prizm Rose

Similar in some aspects to Hi-Pink, but offering slightly more flexibility in possible conditions. If you’re planning to head out in a whiteout, but the sun breaks, this lens has you covered.

Light transmission 25-28% with increased contrast.

Prizm Torch Iridium, Jade Iridium and Sapphire Iridium

You may wonder why we’ve combined these three together? It’s for simplicity. They are all quite similar in functionality, so just differ in the colour that others see. So your choice is simply dependant on whether you want a red, green or blue mirror to your lens. The three lenses are perfect for sun/ light cloud conditions.

Light transmission 17-20% with increased contrast.

Prizm Black Iridium

Perfect for sunny days. Built with a base colour designed for bright conditions, this lens will have you covered even on the sunniest of days.

Light transmission 10-13% with increased contrast.

Already got your goggle frame but just looking for new lenses? We stock a huge range of lenses that can be found right here.

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Ryder Cup Special Edition Bolle Sunglasses

2018 marks the Ryder Cup will be the 42nd running of the competition between Europe and the United States. Held in Paris, France, Europe will be hoping to come out as champions after a 2016 defeat.

Whether you’re a Thomas Bjorn, Rory Mcilroy and Lee Westwood fan, or prefer the Stateside style of Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods or Steve Stricker, you’re in for a great tournament this year.

When it comes to golfing specific eyewear it can often feel quite daunting, but fear not, we recently published a blog that focused on the perfect golf specific sunglasses.

To mark this year’s event Bolle have released two pairs of special edition Bolt and Bolt S sunglasses, and if we’re honest, they’re their best ones yet.


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Oakley Prizm Low Light Lenses

Prizm Low Light is the latest tint to be launched by Oakley for their sunglasses collection.

As the name may suggest this lens tint is focused on enhancing visibility in low light conditions. With RxSport being in the UK we’ve already found plenty of opportunities to test these lenses. They work great as the light begins to fade in the evening, or on those early morning rides/ runs. Their contrast enhancing technology works great on the road, but also off-road. With light constantly changing under tree cover they are proving great for autumn rides.

At present the lens has only been created to fit five of Oakley’s key frame styles. These are as follows:

Oakley Radar EV Path

Oakley Prizm Low Light - Radar EV Path

See your sport with an enhanced view with the Oakley Radar EV Path. An extended view in the upper periphery, new ventilation channels and a choice of two Unobtainium®-coated nosepieces make the Radar EV a brilliantly versatile option for most sports.

Shop now for £159.99 or lens only for £54.99

Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley Prizm Low Light - Jawbreaker

The Oakley Jawbreaker provides an extended field of vision in the upper periphery. Exceptional optics help to make the Jawbreaker a pair of sunglasses that fits better, sees more clearly and helps you perform like no other.

Shop now for £131.99 or lens only for £54.99

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Prizm Low Light - Flak 2.0 XL

Introducing the Flak 2.0 XL. Oakley’s famed halfrim sports performance model has returned with enhanced performance and a new look.

Shop now for £103.99 or lens only for £54.99

Oakley EVZero Path

Oakley Prizm Low Light - EVZero Path

As Oakley’s lightest performance frame, EVZero is the perfect choice for all-day wear during any sport. Peripheral views are completely unobstructed thanks to a rimless construction, giving you the optimal view of your surroundings.

Shop now for £103.99 – not available as lens only

Oakley Flight Jacket

Oakley Prizm Low Light - Flight Jacket

Oakley’s Flight Jacket sunglasses are on the leading edge of performance eyewear design. Optimised for cyclists, the brow-less shape of the Flight Jacket maximises vision in the upper periphery, making it ideal for use when in the bike saddle.

Shop now for £156.99 – Looking for lens only? Get in touch

We will be heading out soon to record a video showing just how great these lenses are. Check back soon and we’ll add a link here once it’s live.

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Golf Eyewear – Top Picks

With more and more golfers looking for golf specific eyewear, we thought we’d give you a few hints and tips when looking for a pair of essential golf sunglasses. A quality pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but they could also enhance your performance.

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of shades or a returning customer, we’ve picked out some of our top golfing sunglasses – both old favourites and the newbies on the block!


BOLLE BOLT SUNGLASSES - SHINY BLACK / NXT MODULATOR V3 GOLFOur View: Originally designed for cycling, the Bolle Bolt performs excellently as a multipurpose model, containing all the features which make for top performance eyewear. Industry-leading B-Clear lenses provide unbeatable impact resistance at an incredibly light weight. Thermogrip components integrated into the B88 Nylon frame keep the fit secure through any rough and tumble.



Lens of choice – Modulator V3 Golf

Modulator V3 GolfA photochromic lens optimised for use on the golf course. Changes from a medium amber in low light to a dark brown in bright light. Features a silver mirror finish to dampen intense light.

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DIRTY DOG SPORT EDGE SUNGLASSES - BLACK / GREEN GOLFOur View: The Dirty Dog Sport Edge sunglasses are extremely lightweight but durable! A necessity this season, particularly for cricket and cycling and they are sure to give you that special “edge” in your game!

Lens of choice – Green Golf

Green GolfGreen lens provides balance of moderate contrast enhancement and soothing vision. Good choice for prolonged wear.

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NIKE TERMINUS SUNGLASSES - MATTE DARK GREY / MAX GOLFOur View: An excellent choice for endurance athletes, the Terminus is a lightweight made from Nylon which ensure all day comfort. A ventilated rubber nose bridge reduces fogging whilst Nike Max Optics provide precise clarity from all angles.

Lens of choice – MAX Golf

MAX GolfEnhances critical details of the fairway and green, muting unnecessary visual information and amplifying the ball to help track shots.

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OAKLEY HALF JACKET 2.0 XL SUNGLASSES - POLISHED BLACK / PRIZM GOLFOur View: The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sculpts performance, protection and comfort into a new dimension of style with an interchangeable lens design that keeps you a step ahead of changing light conditions. The perfect performance sunglasses for wherever your sport takes you!

Lens of choice – Prizm™ Golf

Prizm™ GolfGolf specific lens, with rose base tint and Iridium® coating optimising colour contrast on the course.

OR – Prizm™ Dark Golf

Prizm™ Dark GolfGolf specific lens, with rose-brown base tint optimised for use when golfing. Enhances contrast to spot finer detail in the relief of the course.

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RUDY PROJECT RYDON SUNGLASSES - CARBON / IMPACTX PHOTOCHROMIC GOLFOur View: One of the leading models in cycling sunglasses, the Rudy Project Rydon is versatile, stylish and durable. Practical for virtually any sport, the Rydon sunglasses are a timeless necessity.

Lens of choice – ImpactX Photochromic Golf

ImpactX Photochromic GolfGolf-specific photochromic lens designed to enhance contrast on the course. Transitions from a lighter green to a darker green.

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