The Open Championship starts today – Top Golf Sunglasses

The Open Championship starts today – Top Golf Sunglasses
Debates across the office have begun… Will Tiger Woods be back on form, can Shane Lowry triumph on home turf… We shall see. After the last few weeks of epic sporting showdowns, we expect nothing less from this tournament.

When it comes to golf, there’s a few frames that stand out to us above the rest.

Dirty Dog Sly

The Sly is one of Dirty Dog’s latest sports models. Thanks to its flexible thermoplastic build, the fit of this frame is feather-light and extremely comfortable. Excellently suited to golf, the halfrim shape of the Sly gives you unobstructed vision in the lower periphery, meaning you’ll have no problem addressing the ball or reading greens!
Go for either of Dirty Dogs two golf specific tints (Brown Golf or Green Golf) and you’ll benefit from their contrast enhancing technology designed for the golf course.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Seen by many as Oakley’s best halfrim sports performance model. Its O Matter® frame material makes for a light weight yet flexible and impressively durable frame. Unobtainium® components maintain grip in the most adverse conditions. Extended lens coverage in the lower periphery of the XL variant helps to block unwelcome glare and improve physical protection of the eyes.

Available with both of Oakley’s Golf specific tints – Prizm Golf and Prizm Dark Golf

Nike Maverick

Nike’s Maverick frame is an excellent golf frame that can keep pace with the most vigorous players. A full-rim nylon frame delivers top performance on or off the golf course to help you to stay on top of the action. Pair this frame with either Nikes’ Course Tint Electric Mirror lens, or their Course Tint Milky Blue Mirror depending on your tastes, and you’ll be sure to have a great pair of sunglasses for any course.

Maui Jim Ho’okipa

The Ho’okipa flaunts classic Maui Jim style. Rimless polycarbonate lenses are complemented by gloss-finished, flexible Grilamid temples for a sleek finish. Enjoy Hawaiian hospitality the Maui Jim way whilst on the course.

Adidas Kumacross Halfrim

A tough frame with the enhanced peripheral vision of a halfrim frame, the adidas Kumacross Halfrim offers great views and optical protection in a lightweight and flexible package.

Oakley Mercenery

For athletes looking to push their limits in style, Oakley Mercenary sunglasses come to the fore with a wrapped shape and large half-rim lenses featuring an aggressive cut for a uniquely rugged edge.

Available with Oakley’s Prizm Dark Golf lens tint.

Bolle Flyair

The extremely lightweight Flyair is as flexible as it is versatile. A toughened frame sports thermogrip components on the temples to keep the frames from slipping during active use. Pair this frame with Bolle’s Modulator V3 Golf lens tint and you’re onto a winning combination.

Still looking for more golf sunglasses? Head over to our Sports specific page

Oakley Launches New EVZero Ascend, EVZero Blades and Radar EV Advancer

EVZero Ascend Sunglasses

Blending function with stylish form, the Oakley EVZero Ascend offers premium sport performance to women with an ultra-light frame and large shield lens for superior comfort when on the move and excellent vision and eye protection. The frameless shied look is simultaneously sporty and elegant. As the lens is one continuous segment, the field of vision is not only maximized, but the eyeglasses are also a real eye-catcher.

Oakley EVZero Ascend Sunglasses

  • Ultra-light women’s sports frame with frameless design for maximised peripheral views
  • Ascend variant lens has sleek, curvaceous style and provides excellent eye coverage
  • Unobtainium®-coated earsocks and nosepad maintain no-slip fit even when wet
  • Impact-resistant Plutonite® lenses provide 100% UV protection
  • Suits a small to medium adult fit

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EVZero Blades Sunglasses

Oakley’s ultra-light EVZero design finds a new iteration with the EVZero Blades sunglasses. A sleek lens cut makes this one of the standout sports frames of the year, a great look on and off the road or field of play! You may notice the design is modelled off the 1980’s Oakley Razor Blade.

Oakley EVZero Blades Sunglasses

  • Frameless design minimises weight and maximises peripheral views
  • Blades variant lens sports a clean, sleek look which delivers essential coverage
  • Lightweight and tough Plutonite lenses provide 100% UV protection
  • Unobtainium-coated earsocks and nosepad maintain no-slip grip even when wet
  • Includes extra nosepad

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Radar EV Advancer Sunglasses

An evolution of one of Oakley’s best-selling sport performance frames, the Radar EV Advancer utilises Advancer Nosebridge technology to instantly reposition the frame when on the move to keep optimially blocking light while also maximising airflow to reduce the risk of lens fogging. Taking the nosebridge technology first seen in Oakley’s rather futuristic looking Flight Jacket and Field Jacket collections they’ve created a more traditional looking design with the Radar EV Advancer.

Oakley Radar EV Advancer Sunglasses

  • Adaptation of the Radar EV design with Advancer Nosebridge technology and a unique lens cut
  • Advancer nosebridge re-positions the frame to block light while opening airflow to combat fogging
  • Three-Point Fit: Comfort and performance that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Unobtanium nose pads and earsocks maintain their grip even when wet
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit

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Your Sporting Weekend

Sport is always a big part of everyone’s weekend and this weekend it’s no different! With a variety of sporting events taking place across the globe, RxSport cuts to the chase about whats on!

The Premier League starts tonight, the IAAF World Athletics Championships continues in London, the USPGA Championship is taking place across the pond and the ATP Rogers Cup is in full swing; with Roger Federer looking back to his imperious best!

RxSport are here to guide you what you can see this weekend and, as always, what sunglasses might be on show!

What better place to start than the beginning of the Premier League!

Less than 12 weeks after the final weekend of the season, the best footballers in the country are back plying their trade on sunny Saturdays across the country.

For the first time in Premier League history, the season begins with a Friday night fixture. One time overachievers and everyone’s favourite underdog; Leicester City travel to London to tackle Wenger’s Arsenal.

With the beginning of the season comes football pitches across the land bathed in August sunshine and plenty of fans sporting their fresh new sunglasses that the beginning of summer has given them.

The beginning of the season has put a smile back on plenty of faces and the football shaped void in people’s summers is about to be filled! Unless, like myself, you’re a Yeovil fan in which case being in the headlines at the start of the season for all the wrong reasons wasn’t ideal..!

So, what sunnies might you in the crowd when the camera pans around to sun drenched footie fans?

Oakley Frogskins

As consistent as an in form Stoke side on a wet and windy Tuesday night, Frogskins are a classic. Throwing style back to the 80s with very little to argue about!

2017 saw Oakley refresh their iconic frames with Prizm lenses, perfect for late evening sun in the capital!

Bolle Recoil

Great quality at a budget price. You’d be almost forgiven likening the Recoil to Manchester City’s purchase of Vincent Kompany! The Recoil offers everything you would need for a good casual pair of sunglasses, quality frames, quality lenses and a great choice of frame colours; one to match even the most garish of replica kits!

2017 World Athletics Championship

The British public haven’t had too much to cheer about with the World Athletics Championships this last week or so… King Mo won us our only medal to date and the legend that is; Usain Bolt, couldn’t continue his sprinting dominance, being beaten into Bronze by two Americans.

Can GB get some more medals on home soil? Will Mo use his Quorn power to run to Gold in the 5000m? Lets hope so!

Athletics is often a sport that is overlooked by the British public; that is until the BBC airs competitions on the world stage, then we all turn to pro athletes!

Even on a wet and windy day in East London, athletes still turn up with their trusty sunglasses!

Here’s a selection of what we’ve seen on the track this week…

adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

Something of a legend in the sports eyewear world! The Evil Eye Halfrim Pro is often associated with the world of cycling, not necessarily athletics! However it is the go to sunglass for a few athletes that we saw in London this week!

Ireland’s Brian Greegan showed off his patriotic green Evil Eye Halfrim Pro’s in London! 

Nike Vaporwing 

Worn by King Mo himself, the Vaporwing is the ultimate in running eyewear. The aerodynamic frame is partnered with cutting edge Zeiss optics for extraordinary optical clarity.

2 years of research and development went into perfecting these glasses and now they are available to those on the world stage and those of us in awe of the talent of professional athletes!

2017 USPGA Championship

Golf is one of our favourite sports for sunnies spotting! With golfers having some of the most lucrative sponsorships in the world of sport, it’s no coincidence the big players in eyewear budge their way in!

This week the USPGA Championship got underway at Quail Hollow in North Carolina with Jordan Spieth looking for his career grand slam! Brits Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey have started well so British success could be on the cards!

Pre-tournament favourite McIlroy is looking for a first championship win of the season after faltering in previous majors. Can he claw back to win this weekend?

We’ve written blogs before all about what sunglasses you are likely to see during a golf major, check that out here – U.S Open 2017, Who wore what?

Oakley Radarlock Path

An old favourite and potentially one of Oakley’s greatest ever frames. The Radarlock keeps it stake in the world of professional sport and is often seen being worn by Hideki Matsuyama, recently ranked #2 in the world after his impressive showing at the US Open.

The versatility offered by the Switchlock technology combined with Prizm lenses and an ultra lightweight frame makes them the go to choice for professionals. It can’t be doing Hideki too much harm either as this season has seen him win three tour titles.

Oakley Flak Draft

Bubba Watson has provided Oakley a platform on which to spread the word about these new frames. He can often be seen posing for new photoshoots with the Flak Draft in tow.

The Flak Draft use trigger release lenses which lock the lenses in place during exercise. Drawing on the success of previous Flak models, the Draft is once again the pinnacle in sports eyewear; at least for another season until Oakley bring out a new model..!

ATP Rogers Cup Tennis

We love Roger Federer here at RxSport, a true gent and a giant of his game. Being one of the most successful sportsmen ever to have graced the playing field, Roger is once again back to winning titles thanks to his Wimbledon triumph.

This week; the Rogers Cup in Montreal is hosting a prestigious tennis event. With Rafa Nadal out and Djokovic injured, a brave man would bet against Roger to win yet another title!

Tennis and sunglasses often go hand in hand but it isn’t the saturated market that you would expect! Bolle have elbowed their way in by introducing a tennis specific lens – Competivision. A lens designed to enhance the yellow ball against a variety of backgrounds.

Bolle Bolt

A truly versatile model, thanks to it’s lightweight frame and extended lens coverage. The Bolle Bolt provides a perfect frame for tennis thanks to lightweight and impact resistant B-Clear lenses available in Competivision.

adidas Kumacross Halfrim

The adidas Kumacross Halfrim offers great views and optical protection in a lightweight and flexible package. Being able to withstand an active lifestyle is crucial for a pair of tennis sunglasses and the Kumacross Halfrim does just that.

Combine the Kumacross Halfrim with adidas’ award winning Vario lens for a pair of sunglasses that can be worn in any condition. From inside and under lights to bright sunny days out on grass courts, the Kumacross Halfrim covers the ground like an in-form Andy Murray!

That’s it from us for this week, I’m sure there is plenty of sport and sunglasses to get your teeth into there! 

Remember, we’re on social media for all your pictures of weekend adventures!




Oakley Prizm Everyday – all you need to know

2017 has seen Oakley release some iconic frames and re-invent some classics with a modern twist. However their biggest release of the season is the upgraded Prizm Everyday tints, designed to optimise your experience on a day to day basis.

By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM™ sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye. – Oakley

In 2014, Prizm was released to the world and since then has been a landmark in sports optics. Their 15 year engineering task hit new heights in visual clarity and performance. Originally designed for Oakley’s snow goggles, the tech was quickly transferred to some more of Oakley’s biggest sports – cycling and golf. From there, Prizm Road, Prizm Trail and Prizm Golf were born and revolutionised the world of sports performance eyewear.

A reformation in the market then started to take place. All other brands tried to match Oakley’s impressive quality but none come close! Oakley continued their domination in this field by releasing yet more tints; including polarised lenses and their now iconic Prizm Daily Polarised lens.

Prizm Everyday, how does it work?

Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine tune individual colors, making everything vivid and vibrant, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. Some of our top selling lens colors are now available with Prizm technology. Each of these Prizm lens colors are also available with HDPolarized® – Oakley

Prizm Daily enhances all colors — with the same Prizm performance technology used for sports, but is balanced to create an enhanced visual experience with vibrant colors.

Oakley spent years researching and testing light transmission and colour science to come up with their Prizm tints. It was discovered that ordinary tints contrast one colour to another, causing a compromise and dulling down certain colours. Prizm lenses changed the game forever by minimising the compromise caused by contrasting colours against each other.

Being able to measure the light spectrum in precise environments, Oakley established that there is a possibility to filter specific spectral peaks, in particular, spectral peaks that the eye is most sensitive too.

Oakley’s Prizm lenses absorb specific spectral peaks and specific colours rather than wide light spectrums, helping you pick out more detail due to the eye being able to focus on certain wavelengths of colour. The development of this science started with Prizm Snow lenses where it was understood that the eye is sensitive to a specific wavelength of light in the blue and orange spectrum, Prizm lenses therefore accentuate these wavelengths and filters other colours out in order to channel your focus to the important detail.

So, what have Oakley released this summer…

The Prizm everyday range has been given a face lift with all of Oakley’s popular lens tints getting the Prizm upgrade.

All the new lenses have the Prizm Daily tint, offering a light rose base with striking mirrors to provide that classic Oakley look.

The Prizm Refresh series is also available with Oakley’s legendary HD Polarised lenses. Combining this with their Prizm technology to offer what is widely thought as the best lens on the market.

Perhaps our favourite is the Sapphire Fade collection with the Prizm Sapphire Polarised lenses, they look awesome, check it out!

Oakley Trillbe X – Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarised – £119.99

Fancy going a bit more under the radar, then have a look at the Prizm Black Iridium lens!

Oakley Frogskins – Polished Black / Prizm Black Iridium – £83.99

Some lenses just go hand in hand with frame colours. Introducing the Woodgrain Collection; partnered with Prizm Daily Polarised lenses for a classy and understated style with Oakley’s flagship everyday lens.

Oakley Latch – Woodgrain Collection / Prizm Daily Polarised – £135.99

Find out more about Oakley Prizm Everyday lenses on the Oakley YouTube channel.




U.S Open 2017, who wore what?

Erin Hills, Wisconsin hosted the hustle and bustle of the U.S Open last weekend and the English were kept interested by Tommy Fleetwood who just missed out on winning his first career major.

Now, if you’re anything like us, as soon as you see someone wearing a pair of sunglasses on TV you have to figure out what they were. RxSport are on hand to guide you through what sunnies were on show stateside at the weekend!

Hideki Matsuyama – Oakley Radarlock Path

During the 2017 U.S Open, Matsuyama wore the Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses. A firm favourite in the Oakley range due to it’s Switchlock lens changing technology and lightweight frame design. Combine this with Oakley’s Prizm lenses and you’re on to a winner! – Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses

Justin Rose – adidas Whipstart

adidas have had something of a resurgence in sports eyewear in recent years. Their addition of frames such as the Zonyk Aero Pro and the Evil Eye Evo Pro has thrown adidas straight to the top of the pile and they have picked up awards along the way! – adidas Red Dot awards 2017 

The adidas Whipstart is a great hybrid frame, one that fills a void between a real hardcore sports frame and a true casual frame. Definitely a winner in 2017! – adidas Whipstart Sunglasses

Bubba Watson – Oakley Flak Draft

Bubba Watson is Oakley’s marketing masterpiece. The unconventional style of the two times masters champion keeps people guessing. His partnership with Oakley has proved a force in the sports eyewear world, utilising his profile to spread word about the incredible Prizm Golf lens. Designed with golf in mind, the Prizm Golf lens boosts contrast and allows more detail on the course to be picked out, giving you a better chance of reading different cuts of grass and distances. – Oakley Flak Draft / Prizm Golf 

A huge range of golfing sunglasses are available, with a style and price to match anyone. Here are a few more options we sometimes see out on the course.

Bolle Bolt – Ryder Cup Edition

A frame worn by a couple of the caddies and Gregory Bourdy at the U.S Open. The Bolle Bolt with the Modulator V3 Golf is a great golfing companion. The Photochromic lens gives you great variation and is one of very few golf specific photochromic lenses out there; giving you a wider range of conditions that they cover you for. The lenses are constantly adapting to the course’s environment, so contrast and subtleties are always optimized, helping you pick out more detail in a variety of conditions.

Dirty Dog Sport Sly

Dirty Dog offer a golf specific option with a contrast enhancing Brown lens. The Sport Sly is a great option for an entry level sunglass with a flexible frame and halfrim wraparound style proving a popular choice with golfers. At just £35.99, it is a great choice for beginners looking to progress their game.

Maui Jim Backswing

Towards the other end of the pricing spectrum come Maui Jim. The Backswing is designed with golf in mind. A lightweight hybrid metal frame based around Maui Jim’s legendary SuperThin Glass lenses provide the ultimate optical clarity, perfect for judging distances and colours.

With polarised lenses as standard helping you cut through the glare to really see what matters, the Backswing is ideal for those looking to progress their game to the next level.


Getting out on the golf course? Send us your pictures on social media so we can see what you get up to!




2017 Maui Jim Release

Maui Jim are one of our favourite brands here at RxSport. We love the versatility and styling of the frames, not to mention the amazing quality of the lenses!

For 2017, Maui Jim have released a great range of new frames with some awesome new tech in both prescription and non prescription form!

One of the most eagerly awaited developments with Maui Jim is their addition to their lenses.

The big one is their release of the Maui Brilliant Lens.

Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material that features optics nearly as clear as glass with just one third of the weight. A perfect choice for prolonged use around areas where optical clarity is a must. The Maui Brilliant lenses now allow compromise to be eradicated with wonderful clarity coupled with the bonus of a lightweight lens, something that causes some drawbacks with a glass lens.

The Maui Brilliant lens is also available in prescription in selected models and to top this off, it is available with Maui Jim’s awesome Blue Hawaii Tint, A high-contrast grey lens is applied with a flash blue mirror for a balance of sharp vision and premium comfort. The blue mirror really progresses and modernises the Maui Jim prescription collection, a great option for a new generation!

The Maui Jim Baby Beach, Cliff House, Ho’okipa, Mavericks, Peahi, Red Sands, Tail Slide and Wiki Wiki are the models available with the Blue Hawaii tint and Maui Brilliant lens in prescription.

It’s not only lens tech that Maui Jim have been developing.

The Kumu is a new product that pushes the boundaries of development by introducing a hingeless design into the Maui range.

“Inspired by the excellence of Maui Jim’s most advanced prescription lens material, MauiBrilliant, Kumu is the flexible frame that any active consumer needs. Best complementing medium sized faces, Kumu’s superior lightweight frame allows for extreme comfort and superior lens coverage for all day wear.” – Maui Jim

This new tech on the Kumu makes it one of the most versatile frames around and is so flexible that it can be your ideal companion for any adventure. Not to mention the Kumu keeps styling simple and effective with Maui Jim’s signature frameless design, a firm favourite among Maui’s lifelong customers!

The Kumu is groundbreaking and also includes Maui Brilliant lenses, a truly fantastic new product available in prescription and non-prescription form.

Aimed towards a younger generation, Red Sands is a new model that has really hit the ground running.

Inspired by the iconic Red Sands beach at Kaihalulu Bay, these glasses combine legendary Maui Jim quality with modern styling to bring a new wave of customers into the Maui Jim tractor beam. Incredibly lightweight and hugely comfortable gives Red Sands a new swing on things for Maui Jim, providing the ultimate pair of summer sunglasses for 2017.

Landing straight on the fairway, Maui Jim have also released a product for golf enthusiasts everywhere.

Maui Jim Backswing is a new model that sports Maui’s party piece, SuperThin Glass lenses, which provide ultimate optical quality when out on the golf course. Combined with contrast enhancing lenses and PolarizedPlus2® technology as standard, the Backswing will be the first thing you pack in your golf bag!

Inspired by the most important movement in golf, Backswing shows that it is what happens before contact with the ball that is most important. Being able to cut through glare and see clearly is vital when golfing and Backswing certainly ticks the boxes in this regard.

Backswing is available in prescription too, so no more squinting when looking at the scorecard!

Find out more about what Maui Jim lens is best for you by clicking on the image below!


Keep it coming Maui Jim, we like your new glasses!

With Fathers Day coming up, treat him to a new pair of sunnies and 10% off all Maui Jim prescription and non-prescription products by using coupon code ‘alohadad’. 

Code available for all Maui Jim & Zeal Prescription and Non-Prescription products until 19/6/17.


Oakley Youth Fit – Everything you need to know to kit out the kids

There has always been something of a gap in the market with Oakley and their limitations on small frames, until now!

2017 has seen a brand new range of frames designed for those of us with smaller faces and for the kids.

The Quarter Jacket has long been a firm favourite among kids and adults but now there’s some new contenders!

Oakley Turbine XS

“Engineered for performance that would make a sport frame jealous, a coveted lifestyle design has been specially sized for youth, and its clean lines of lightweight O Matter™ are matched with Unobtainium® components and interchangeable icons.” – Oakley

This sleek new frame takes its inspiration from one of Oakley’s best sellers, the Turbine. A truly versatile frame that takes anything in its stride, perfect for the kids!

The size of the frame has been specially engineered to fit smaller faces while still maintaining the classic Oakley quality. The Turbine XS comes in a variety of lens tints and also includes Prizm and Polarised options, great for use around water! The variety of lens tints that the Turbine XS comes with makes it perfect for any summer activity, from Fishing to Cricket, it covers it all!

The beauty of the Turbine XS and Oakley’s youth fit range is that they aren’t specifically for kids, they also fit those of us with a smaller face. How do we know? Well look no further…

RxSport’s resident model, Freddie has been waiting for this moment since he got here so here! After trying on anything and everything under the sun, we have finally found a range that fit Freddie!

Oakley Radar EV XS Path

“A milestone in the heritage of performance is now available for youth, with sizing that brings all the breakthroughs of a revolutionary design to young athletes who need the benefits of protection and an extended field of vision in their upward view.” – Oakley

A true Oakley icon can now be found in a youth fit! Still the same quality and style, just scaled down. The Radar EV XS brings the technological excellence of the best-selling Radar EV Path and scales it down to a size suitable for youth faces. A perfect choice for young athletes including runners, cyclists and golfers.

The Radar EV XS Path is a fantastic alternative to the classic Radar EV and those who may find the shield design a bit big on their face. Be careful though, they look exactly the same, so make sure you get the right one!

Oakley have included their iconic Prizm sports lenses with the Radar EV XS, including Prizm Road, Prizm Golf and Prizm Field. Making them an ideal companion for your up and coming sports stars!

This model comes with the Path lens variant. A slightly shallower lens with a contour to follow the shape of the cheek and sit comfortably on the face, Oakley’s most popular lens shape!

Again, Freddie took this opportunity to test out the Radar EV XS, they fit pretty well and just look how happy he is!

Oakley Quarter Jacket

“Specially engineered for youth faces, Quarter Jacket™ blends the convenience of an interchangeable lens design with the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics® so the new generation of athletes can take advantage of Oakley innovation.” – Oakley

The Quarter Jacket is something of a staple in the Oakley Youth Fit collection. Featuring styling that closely resembles the best selling Flak Jacket series, the Quarter Jacket is a scaled down version of one of Oakley’s masterpieces.

The Quarter Jacket has proven popular with kids and adults alike for us here, especially in prescription! We find it a great alternative to the often larger and bulkier frames of the Flak 2.0. So if you’ve got a slightly smaller face then this might be the frame for you!

Ideal for sports and also a good looking casual frame, the Quarter Jacket provides the ultimate in versatility. A great option for your young guns on their quest for sporting excellence or just as a great quality pair of glasses for every day use!

Back to our model, the Quarter Jacket was one of the first Eureka moments we had with Freddie trying frames on! We thought it was going to be the only frame that actually fit and now Oakley bring out more, the world is his oyster!

Enjoying the early summer sun in your Oakley’s? Send us in your pics, we love seeing where in the world our sunnies go!




Introducing the Rudy Project Fotonyk

Hot off the press and straight onto our shelves. Find out everything you need to know about Rudy Project’s latest masterpiece!

For all of you fashion conscious athletes out there, the Fotonyk has removable rubber bumpers that can be chopped and changed to match even the brightest sporting attire!

Fotonyk Stats:

  • Coupled with Rudy Project’s legendary Ergonose technology to allow for superior comfort
  • Personalise your Fotonyk’s with interchangeable lenses and bumpers, colour is everything!
  • Safety is never compromised with Rudy Project; integrated hinges reduce the chance of injury from impact or crashes (it happens to the best of us!)
  • Vent controllers, combined with Rudy Project’s top quality optics & ImpactX 2 Photochromic lenses provide spectacular visual clarity

We may go on about this a lot, but the Fotonyk’s party piece is it’s customisable bumpers, which not only make it look awesome, but offer an extra level of protection when you take a knock.

The bumpers are moulded from a soft and resilient polymer, offering enhanced protection to the face during falls or impacts. They secure to the frame via a smart lock system, which also allows the bumpers to be removed to create a classic half-rim look, providing fantastic peripheral vision, especially for those nasty climbs!

The Fotonyk compliment’s it’s Rudy Project cousins very well, a pair of glasses that can be worn for pretty much any activity, without breaking the bank. From the toughest and muddiest of downhill MTB courses, to the steep inclines of worldwide road races.

The Fotonyk includes Rudy Project’s award-winning Vent Controller system, which allows better airflow around the eye area of the glasses by a simple click and adjustment of the lens. On top of this, lightness, durability and strength is maintained with the shock resistant Grilamid frame, with added air ventilation channels to vent out air, improving air flow and reducing drag. Giving you those extra seconds which come in more than useful when out on the bike!

And don’t worry, they are available in prescription too!

We can’t wait to try them out. If you beat us too it, show us what you think by tagging us in your social media pictures!




Introducing Smith Optics Sunglasses!

SMITH, a fresh new brand for RxSport this Summer!

Working from their base in Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith Optics are a market leader in eyewear for all seasons. Since 1965 their products have been driven by a passion for the outdoors and the desire for technical excellence.

What is Chromapop? 
Through our proprietary ChromaPop polarized lens technology, we help you see detail and colour beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colour confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural colour, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail. – Smith Optics 

Smith offer a rich selection of shapes and sizes in a colourful range of frames, lens tints and mirror finishes – take a peek below to see if anything takes your fancy!

Captains Choice
Ideally suited for use on the water, polarised ChromaPop lenses enhance contrast and block reflected glare for the most crisp and clear view possible. When the going gets tough, stick on the detachable leash to keep the frame close at all times!


Fashion meets function with a healthy dose of finesse. Smith’s Mastermind frame features crisp, smart styling with strategically located performance details that make this model action ready.


Pivlock Arena Max
The unique Pivlock lens replacement mechanism you can adapt to changing light and weather quickly and simply using either of the two extra shield lenses included with each frame. This variant of the Pivlock Arena has a taller lens providing maximised coverage of the eye area and upper face.


Pivlock Asana
This is one for the ladies, a sleek, feather-light design is perfect no matter what the activity. The graceful lines and minimalist temples speak to the fit and performance of this piece.

Pivlock Overdrive
The Pivlock Overdrive’s interchangeable lens system allows you to meet all of your athletic goals in any light condition. Ergonomically adjusted to maximize integration with bike helmets and running hats so you can focus on the open road or trail ahead and leave the competition behind.


RxSport’s Top Golf Picks

As the Masters 2016 is in full swing, we thought you may need a few hints and tips when looking for a pair of essential golf sunglasses. A quality pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but they could also enhance your performance.

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of shades or a returning customer, we’ve picked out some of our top golfing sunglasses – both old favourites and the newbies on the block!

Oakley Radar EV Pitch – Polished White and Prizm Golf

The Oakley Radar EV Pitch sunglasses are a sport performance model designed for use in a wide range of environments. If you struggle with cross wind on the course then this may be the answer, the Pitch lens shape maximises coverage of the upper face.

adidas Tourpro Sunglasses – Matte Black/Grey and LST Vario


The adidas TourPro sunglasses have been designed specifically for golf, but look equally at home on and off the fairway. Adidas’ lenses feature Light Stabilising Technology as standard to enhance contrast on the course and make greens easier to read than ever before

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses – Polished Black / Prizm Golf

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ

Instantly recognisable is the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ, an RxSport best-seller. Worn by a host of tour professionals, Prizm Golf lenses give this model a new lease of life. Optimised for use on the golf course, these lenses separate colour, giving more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions.

adidas Kumacross 2.0 Sunglasses – Black Matte & Green / LST Contrast Silver


Worn in previous championships by US Open-winning Justin Rose, the Kumacross 2.0 is perfectly suited to the active lifestyle. Its full-rim shape and robust construction mean it will stand up to a lot of punishment, or clumsy treatment. Great for on and off the course!

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses – Shiny Black / Photochromic V3 Golf

Bolle BoltOriginally designed for cycling, the sleek Bolle Bolt is an excellent multi-purpose sports frame. Equipped with the photochromic Modulator V3 Golf lens, you’ll find that there are few frames capable of keeping pace with the competition as well as this.