RxSport Customer Review – adidas Zonyk

Recently we ran a competition for one of you to win a pair of adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses, signed by Alex Dowsett!

The competition entailed writing a review of your Zonyk’s, the best entry won the competition and would be featured on our blog. So without further adieu, here’s our winner!

Anthony Greenwood wrote this, sometimes tongue in cheek, review of the Zonyk’s with the Purple Vario Lens.. We hope you like it!

“The Adidas Zonyk Varios have arrived. Inside the box is the case, inside the case is the bag, inside the bag are the glasses. All good so far!

I took the glasses out and inspected them. They are very well made, feel sturdy and look the part. Putting them on for the first time felt pretty good, looked in the mirror, as you do. I was immediately surprised at the size of the lenses, they are big, but big in a good way…

I took them off, put them on, off, on, off and on, shook my head all about, they stayed on thanks to the sticky rubber on the nose and arms keeping them pretty firm. They are still feeling good.

Confident in my purchase. I then sat down and read the included brochure. Hey, I discovered the adjustment options. I then started to play….

The arms have three positions, which alter the angle of the lens on your face. The nose bridge can be adjusted in two positions to fit a broad or narrow nose. The sweat bar comes on and off. With all this adjustment I could dial them into an incredible fit and maximum comfort. Loving this!

Two times out so far. First in overcast cloud, the lens cast a warm tone over pretty flat shadows. Very pleasing but nothing ground breaking. The second ride was a bright, blue sky day. I thought this would be the test. Firstly and predictably they cast a pleasingly subtle hue, but I wanted to experience the Vario working. I took my ride down a road I new would have intermittent shade from overhead trees. I rode under the trees and waited and it really didn’t take long, I noticed a small change in the lens. It was subtle but it was noticeable. Great, they worked! Now I was riding into shadow and back into the sun and the lens reacted, balancing the tonal quality. Really impressed!


During both rides, the fit and the stability of the glasses stayed true. The lens on the large pair I ordered are wide, giving a very wide field of vision. The nose piece, which gets talked about a lot, was noticeable in the short term, but quickly forgotten about.

Overall I’m really impressed. A great fit is capable by wide amounts of adjustability. The lens of the Purple Vario gives a pleasing colour and shadow definition. The Vario just works!!!! I’m happy!”

It looks like we have a happy customer there! Thank you for your entry Anthony, we hope you enjoy your new pair! Also thank you to all those who took part.

On the subject of Zonyk’s… recently arrived are replacement lenses for the adidas Zonyk and Zonyk Pro!

Anthony has the Adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses – Coal / LST Bright Vario Purple Mirror


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Stop Horsing Around! RxSport’s Equestrian Guide

With the eventing season well underway it’s time to get up to scratch with what can keep you protected when your horse is giving you the run about!

Safety first!

With safety currently being at the forefront of all equestrian sports; we thought we’d let you know a little more about the range of glasses and sunglasses on offer to help protect your eyes and keep you looking sharp!

All lenses offered in RxSport sunglasses, Prescription and Non-Prescription alike, are made out of either Polycarbonate or Trivex. Two ultra-tough materials that are both shatterproof and impact resistant, as well as being 100% UVA and UVB protective.

Why not glass? We hear you ask… Well, if you had a bit of a tumble, an impact resistant plastic lens is going to offer you a lot more protection against damage than glass. You don’t want a lens shattering around your eyes!

It is important to find a pair that fit properly. Galloping around a cross country course is hard enough, let alone having to worry that your glasses are slipping down your nose. Look out for glasses with attributes such as adjustable nose pads, gaskets, rubber temples, and even adjustable temples.

Need some help with this? Our innovative Home Trial service for Prescription Eyewear may help aid your decision! – RxSport Home Trial

Key terms & Jargon Buster

  • Hydrophilic Rubber – Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pads increase grip in response to increased moisture. keeping grip while you perspire.
  • Unobtanium – Oakley’s answer to Hydrophilic Rubber. Grip that will increase when subjected to moisture, providing all day comfort and security.
  • Foam Gaskets – When out and about in the mud, you may need a bit more protection against the elements. Foam Gaskets usually sit on the inside of the frame and provide a seal around the frame for added protection.

Lens tints

Many of you may have seen the likes of Andrew Nicholson and Caroline Powell out competing in their specs and wondered why they have tinted lenses.

Well, lenses with a rose/amber tint to them helps to increase contrast, which can benefit the rider by defining undulations in the ground and enhancing colours. Somewhat helpful additions when riding in and out of changeable conditions!

Brown lenses also boost contrast, but tend to be slightly darker for better protection in brighter sunlight.

Grey lenses offer you a dark lens to help block out light and have a neutral base tint. Usually the most popular choice for someone looking for a lens that can provide all day soothing relief from the sun.

Yellow lenses reduce blue light that can blur definition, without compromising optics in low light environments. Ideal for extreme low light conditions, like a classic British Summer’s day..!

Clear lenses are great for your prescription needs if you don’t require any tints. They still offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and can also help to shield your eyes from wind and debris.

Need a hoof in the right direction? The RxSport team have suggested some frames that will offer great protection and versatility for horse riding!

Rudy Project Rydon

The super thin temples will fit comfortably under your helmet and are also adjustable for a customised fit. A vast range of lenses can be swapped in and out to suit whatever conditions life throws at you.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Rydon, with interchangeable lenses and the option for prescription in both directly glazed and insert form.

A firm favourite with us here at RxSport!


Bolle Tempest

Style and functionality in abundance. The Bolle Tempest again has a range of lens options and some great frame colour choices. Perhaps it’s greatest party piece is the option of some quality Photochromic lenses (or Modulator as Bolle like to call them) which will adapt to changeable conditions automatically, so you can focus on the more important things!

Smith Approach Max

Wrapped frame and rubber lines temples for a secure fit, it also comes with a 3-lens package so you can wear them whatever the weather.

You may be thinking by now, ‘Why are they all the same shape?!’ Well, the Halfrim style of glasses helps to boost your peripheral vision, allowing vision to remain un-obstructed!

Oakley Crosslink MNP

This Oakley ophthalmic frame is available in clear and transitions lenses and is great for a customised fit. With four interchangeable nose pads and mouldable wire core temples with Unobtainium® components for non-slip grip.

The ultimate in ‘hybrid’ ophthalmic frames; one that can be worn for a chilled evening in front of the TV to a hack through the forest, they will stand up to anything your active lifestyle can throw at them!

If you prefer something a little bit more secure, a protective goggle may be the way to go! Available in prescription and a variety of lens tints.

Rex Specs Maxx Prescription Goggles

A close-fitting frame held in place by a thin strap that will fit comfortably under your hat.

Not quite as stylish as some of the sunglasses, but the added bonus of unbeatable impact protection. Available in either Polycarbonate or Trivex, these goggles meet the ASTM F803 Standard for Sports Protective Eyewear.

From Badminton to Burghley, get out there in your sunglasses this summer. Whether you are after some prescription glasses for an event or some stylish sunnies for spectating; check out our range so you can be hot to trot this summer!





Alternative Apres Ski

Fed up of the same old Apres activities? Here’s some inspiration from us of what sort of things can keep you busy while the slopes close for the night!

We know the feeling, the slopes are shut and skiing is over for the day, so you find your way to terra firma and make the most of some of the local watering holes. Only to find that the nightlife gets the better of you and waking up for the first lift is a tough one!

So, RxSport are here to help! Here are some ideas from the team about how to keep busy in the evenings!

Dog Sledding

More resorts than ever give you the opportunity to take to the tranquil backcountry and try your hand at dog sledding! This traditional method of transport isn’t for the feint hearted however, Huskies aren’t the greatest off-road machines, so time to get that lactic acid pumping and help push up the steeper hills! Most resorts and companies will allow you to be in charge of your own sled, with 3 to 4 dogs to keep you company and keep you on your toes. This makes it a great alternative to those who fancy a bit more adventure and want to tick something off their bucket list!

A family can be given the run around by the dogs for around £180 per person (resort depending).


Bobsled & Skeleton

Thrill seekers listen up… Speaking as someone who has been lucky enough to have thrown themselves down an icy slope on a metal tray at near 100 km/h, I can tell you, it’s the most fun you can have lying down! This unparalleled experience can only be had at select few resorts, so choose wisely. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, so channel your inner Amy Williams and settle down for the ride of your life!

Sliding doesn’t come cheap, the ‘Thunder on Ice’ experience at Whistler Sliding centre starts at $179 per person.


You’ve had a busy day out on the slopes, what better way to spend the evening than relax in the Spa? For those who like to holiday in style and comfort, a spa evening after a long day is just what the doctor ordered. Sauna, steam rooms and Jacuzzi’s, all to help rest the muscles that have taken a hammering. It is no secret that a long day skiing takes it out of you, so check out some of the best Ski-Spa resorts and hotels that can give you the ultimate evening relaxation – Telegraph Ski & Snowboard

Ice Skating

Fancy yourself as the next Jayne Torvill or Christopher Dean? Strap on your skates and head out onto the ice! A great family activity that is a fantastic apres ski alternative at most big resorts. Whether you find yourself tussling with tourists on a tailor made ice rink, or fancy braving it out with the locals on a frozen lake, there are plenty of options, especially in Europe and North America. If you’ve never been before, we would recommend you take some knee pads!

This is a great and often cheap alternative to Apres Ski. With prices from as low as £8, including skate hire. That’s about as much as a local beer in some resorts!

Night walks

A perfect alternative for all you night owls! Get the camera ready and take a stroll under the stars. If you’re lucky enough to be staying somewhere on the mountain, this is an ideal option, just wander around outside and gaze up into space! Given that ski resorts tend to be situated at higher climbs, light pollution can be reduced, giving you a great view of the stars, make sure you wrap up warm though!

If you’re venturing to Scandinavia, why not have a trek and search for the magical Northern Lights, another one to tick off the bucket list! Check out the Northern Lights forecast to see whether you might be in luck! – Aurora Forecast

The best thing about this, it’s free! All you need is a torch and your thermals (and a good sense of direction)!

Share your favourite apres ski experiences with us, by tagging us in your social media pictures!




Photochromic Lenses – Why & What should you look for?

Its nearly time for the clocks to go back an hour and the dark Winter nights start rolling in, BUT that doesn’t mean your bike or running shoes have to be hidden away!

Photochromic/transition/light reacting – it’s all the same! Photochromic lenses change tint when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun and will revert back to clear or near clear when indoors or at night.  Photochromic lenses are perfect for year round use! The brands we stock offer photochromic options in both prescription and non prescription sunglasses.

More and more brands are starting to offer their own versions of photochromic lenses, Oakley and adidas are two big names that have done just that!

The biggest selling point of most photochromic lenses is that they go clear when indoors at night time which allows the wearer to have one pair of sunglasses for everything, rather than having to carry a spare pair or spare lenses!

Check out a few of our favourite non-prescription photochromic sunglasses below!

A new release from adidas; the Zoynk Pro with their Vario lens – £151.99

  • Multipurpose sports eyewear with shield lens providing maximised eye coverage
  • New sweat bar design optimises air circulation to reduce fogging risk
  • Impact-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate lenses
  • Double-snap nose bridge technology for customised fitting
  • Includes zip-up case and microfibre bag

Oakley EVZero Range with their Clear Black Iridium Photochromic lens – £135.99

  • Frameless design minimises weight and maximises peripheral views
  • Range variant lens is taller for extended coverage
  • Plutonite® lenses provide 100% UV protection
  • Unobtainium®-coated earsocks and nosepad maintain grip even when wet
  • Includes sport-specific Oakley Soft Vault, microfibre bag and extra nosepad



Bolle 5th Element Pro with their Modulator Clear Grey lens – £124.99

  • Cycling-specific model designed to offer superior aerodynamic flow
  • B-Clear lenses provide exceptional clarity rivalling that of glass
  • Thermogrip components on brow bar, temple tips & nosepiece to maintain grip
  • Hydro & oleophobic treatments on the lenses keep your view clear
  • Includes microfibre bag and storage case with extra lens capacity5thelement

Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 with their Light Night Fototec lens – £53.99

  •     Durable and lightweight frame
  •     Lightweight material provides all day comfort
  •     Vented lenses increase airflow and prevent fogging
  •     Medium to large fit
  •     All lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation


Here at RxSport we love photochromic lenses, the technology improves year on year and brands are coming up with new and exciting designs to house the lenses and show off their capabilities.

Visit out website to explore our range of off the shelf and custom made prescription sunglasses!



Oakley Prizm™ Cricket Release!

As the Cricket season gets into full swing with the first test of the three-match series between England and Sri Lanka beginning at Headingley, Oakley have picked the perfect time to release their PRIZM™ CRICKET lenses!

Oakley have already created a storm with their immensely popular PRIZM™ Road, Golf and Trail lenses but now all you Cricket lovers can see what the fuss is about with the new PRIZM™ Cricket range!

PRIZM™ Cricket lenses are designed to finely tune every aspect of the playing field. Greens and the browns are enhanced, the ball can be tracked even easier due to the specifically engineered colour filters  and this lens will even make typical British weather look more appealing!

We have a few models in stock with the PRIZM™ lens but more are on their way, see below to see what’s here now and what’s still to come!

The successor to Oakley’s legendary M Frame is now available with a taller lens which provides enhanced views in the lower periphery and even better protection.


The Oakley Radarlock Pitch has the larger lens shape out of the Radarlock range. Oakley Switchlock Technology, means you can quickly and easily switch out the lenses.

Unobtainium®-coated nosepieces make the Radar EV a brilliantly versatile option for most sports. The Pitch lens shape maximises coverage of the upper face



Prescription Swimming Goggles

Whether you are a competitive or casual swimmer make sure you don’t settle for blurry poolside vision and let RxSport help!

Sphere-only prescription swimming goggles

Off the shelf sphere-only prescription swimming goggles are a great cost effective option for those who are just after a general improvement to their vision and aren’t in need of goggles which allow them to read or make out finer details around the pool.

Helpful hints

  1. Our Aquasee and Sutton prescription goggles can only be fitted with one prescription power for both left and right eyes.
  2. Sutton swimming goggles are available with both plus & minus powers, while Aquasee goggles are only available in minus powers, making them suitable for short sighted swimmers.
  3. Gator and Leader swimming goggles are available with different powers in each eye, making them a better choice for those with a more complex prescription.

Full prescription swimming goggles 

For a finely-tuned swimming eyewear experience which grants you excellent vision at all distances then full prescription goggles are perfect for you!
Custom made swimming goggles are produced just like a pair of glasses, correcting your full prescription.

Helpful hints

  1. Higher prescriptions would be best suited to Seavision Swimvision 2 goggles, they are a moulded one-piece design with a silicone surround and fully adjustable head-strap.
  2. If you are after a versatile tough pair of goggles the Leader XrX is made up with durable, lightweight polycarbonate lenses and cope with a wide range of prescriptions.
  3. Most of our custom made goggles are available with custom lens tints from grey to green to orange and more, making them ideal for use outdoors, especially if you are a keen open water swimmer!


aquaswim gatorswimgoggles suttonswim

What are the Invictus Games?

The Invictus games are an annual international paralympic-style event that was started in 2014 by Prince Harry. The Invictus competitors are men and women who have suffered life changing injuries whilst protecting and fighting for their countries.

The word Invictus is Latin for “unconquered” a perfectly fitting way to describe the competitors – who have not let their injuries beat them, they have overcome their personal struggles and have now achieved something that once may have seemed impossible.

This years games are in Orlando, Florida and will feature  500 competitors from 15 different nations: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The games are made up of 10 competitive events such as archery, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and field, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis.

You may have seen the following video in the lead up to the games, Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Harry, Barack and Michelle Obama have fighting words about the Invictus games – further proving how much support is behind this great event.

The event is running from the 8th-12th May, the Opening Ceremony for the games was held on Sunday night. Follow all the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtags #IAM #INVICTUSGAMES.

Alternative Summer sports!

It is time to face the cold hard truth, the ski season is over & Summer is well on its way!

Now that skiing isn’t an option, (unless you visit local dry slopes / indoor ski slopes) we thought we would give you a few ideas of alternatives sports for something else to get your teeth stuck in to

Roller Derby 
Roller derby is a contact sport played by 2 teams of 5, roller skating in the same direction around a track. Both teams nominate a player to be the “jammer” and they score points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams have to hinder and defend the opposing jammer whilst helping their own player. It is a great way to get the blood pumping and have fun doing it – you can even get into roller derby leagues!


Downhill Mountain Biking
The muddy version of downhill skiing! A continuous course is marked out by 2  two strips of tape and riders either have a single or double attempt to reach the finish line as fast as possible, whilst staying between the tape lines. Riders start at intervals going from the slowest to the fastest times – a course can take from 2-5 minutes to be completed and usually winners times are split by seconds! If you fancy being a bit of daredevil this Summer then this is for you.


Mountainboarding, a off-road road sport derived from snowboarding. Similar to a snowboard, mountainboard’s are made up of deck and bindings but with four wheels! Riders compete on specifically designed boarder-cross tracks, slope-style parks, grass hills, woodlands, gravel tracks, streets, skate parks, ski resorts, BMX courses and mountain bike trails. The boards can handle pretty much any terrain, which makes mountainboarding a very popular sport all across the world. Some crazy folk (like RxSport’s very own Filippo) take to Horseboarding as well, mountainboarding behind a galloping horse!

Filippo in action!

 Kite Surfing
IMMENSE FUN! Even if it is a bit nippy this time of year, get yourself kitted out with a decent wetsuit and jump in! Kite surfing is a hugely popular water sport which combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing and surfing. If a trip to the coast is on the cards for you this Summer then book yourself a lesson – you wont regret it and you will definitely burn calories! TIP – Cornwall is one of the best places for kite surfing in the UK.



RxSport’s favourite London Marathon costumes!

Well done everybody that took part in this years London Marathon. It is always a great event to watch, not only for the great camaraderie but also the heroes that run the full 26 miles in fancy dress!

Here are just a few of the costumes we loved…

1. An awesome T-Rex who completed the Marathon in 3:08:07!


2. A rather thirsty looking Camel, originally named Humphrey.


3. A lovely pink fairy and Bagpuss – The fairy costume weighed around 3 stone!


4. NeeeyNaww Fire Engine, these guys were attempting a Guinness world record!


5. What do we have ear?!


6. Rhino Steve running for Save the Rhino charity!


Serving Up Our Top Tennis Sunglasses

Tennis is a sport defined by narrow margins. Not just the lines of the tennis court itself, but also the physical condition and mental strength of its competitors. Focus is extremely important to tennis players, and every split second gained in reaction time counts. To help maintain this focus when the sun is at its strongest, eyewear is essential to keep vision clear and distraction free.

Here is RxSport’s choice of tennis sunglasses, picked specifically for their frame and lens performance to enhance your game!

Tifosi Radius FC Sunglasses – Gunmetal / AC Red + Clarion Blue + Clear

Tifosi Radius FC Sunglasses

The perfect entry-level frame for a true competitor, the Tifosi Radius FC has extended lens coverage to protect the eyes from bright light coming from all directions. With three lenses coming as standard with this colourway, you’ll have every light condition covered. Clear is perfect for indoor use, AC Red gives great contrast enhancement, and the Clarion Blue lens has a mirror finish for the brightest weather.

See more Radius FC

Nike Skylon Ace XV Pro Sunglasses – White & Dark Concorde / Grey w/Violet Flash

Nike Skylon Ace XV Pro

New this season, the Nike Skylon Ace XV Pro gives extended protection in the lower eye area to prevent glare from the court surface from creeping into view. With an aggressive and swift shape, this frame doesn’t just look great, its rubber grip temples and vented nosepiece mean the fit is exceptionally comfortable. Nike’s Max Optics lenses are cut from the best optical zone on the lens blank, meaning your views will be optically clear and distortion free at all angles of view.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses – Matte Black / Bronze Polarised

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

This is an excellent choice for grasscourt play. Oakley’s HDPolarized® filter blocks 99% of reflected glare from flat surfaces. On intensely bright days these lenses will eliminate discomforting glare. Unobtainium® earsocks and interchangeable nose pads sizes mean the fit of the frame will be secure and comfortable, and your frame won’t slip due to sweat!

 See more Flak 2.0 XL

Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses – Black Gloss / ImpactX 2 Photochromic Black

Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses

A couple of features make the Rudy Project Genetyk a unique choice for tennis. The first is the shield lens design. With a single, seamless shield covering the eyes your view will not be compromised by a gap at the nose bridge. The second are the fully-adjustable temple tips, which can be bent in 360° to create a unique, optimised fit for any wearer. The Photochromic Black lens seen pictured goes close-to-clear indoors or on dull days, making this model a great year-round choice.

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses – Shiny Black / Competivision Gun

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

Originally designed for cycling, Bolle’s Bolt frame actually has the makings of an excellent all-round sports model. What sets this pair apart is the equipped competivision lens. Specifically designed for tennis use, this lens makes the green ball “pop” and stand apart from the court surface, meaning you will be able to more easily spot the ball in flight to get the winning edge!

See more Bolt